Use Conan as other language package managerΒΆ

Conan is a generic package manager. In the getting started section we saw how to use conan and manage a C/C++ library, like POCO.

But conan just provided some tools, related with C/C++ (like some generators and the cpp_info), to offer a better user experience. The general basis of Conan can be used with other programming languages.

Obviously, this does not try to compete with other python package managers. Conan is a C and C++ package manager, focused on C and C++ developers. But when we realized that this was possible, we thought it was a good way to showcase the power, simplicity and versatility of conan as a package manager.

And of course, if you are doing C/C++ and occasionally you need some python in your workflow, as in the conan package recipes themselves, or for some other tooling, you might find this functionality useful. Enjoy!