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You can use Gitlab CI cloud or local service to automatically build and test your project in Linux/OSX/Windows environments. It is free for OSS projects, and offers an easy integration with Gitlab, so builds can be automatically fired in Gitlab CI after a git push to Gitlab.

You can use Gitlab CI both for:

  • Building and testing your project, which manages dependencies with Conan, and probably a conanfile.txt file
  • Building and testing conan binary packages for a given conan package recipe (with a

Building and testing your project

We are going to use the Google Test example now, with Gitlab CI support to run the tests.

Clone the project from github:

$ git clone

Create a .gitlab-ci.yml file and paste this code in it:

image: lasote/conangcc63

    # Upgrade Conan version
    - sudo pip install --upgrade conan
    # Automatic detection of your arch, compiler, etc.
    - conan user

    # Download dependencies, build, test and create package
    - conan test_package

Gitlab CI will install the conan tool and will execute the conan install command. Then, the script section creates the build folder, compiles the project with cmake and runs the tests.

Creating and testing conan package binaries

You can use Gitlab CI to automate the building of binary packages, which will be created in the cloud after pushing to Gitlab. You can probably setup your own way, but it is recommended to use conan tools for package creators