For a more detailed description of the major changes that Conan 2.0 brings, compared with Conan 1.X, please read What’s new in Conan 2.0

2.0.0-beta8 (12-Jan-2023)

  • Feature: Add unix_path_package_info_legacy function for those cases in which it is used in package_info in recipes that require compatibility with Conan 1.x. In Conan 2, path conversions should not be performed in the package_info method. #12886
  • Feature: New serialization json and printing for conan list. #12883
  • Feature: Add requirements to conan new cmake_{lib,exe} #12875
  • Feature: Allow --no-remotes to force temporal disabling of remotes #12808
  • Feature: Add barebones template option to conan new. #12802
  • Feature: Avoid requesting package configuration if PkgID is passed. #12801
  • Feature: Implemented conan list *#latest and conan list *:*#latest. Basically, this command can show the latest RREVs and PREVs for all the matching references. #12781
  • Feature: Allow chaining of self.output write methods #12780
  • Fix: Make graph info filters to work on json output too #12836
  • Bugfix: Fix bug to pass a valid GNU triplet when using AutotoolsToolchain and cross-building on Windows. #12881
  • Bugfix: Ordering if same but different versions. #12801

2.0.0-beta7 (22-Dec-2022)

  • Feature: Raise an error when a generator is both defined in generators attribute and instantiated in generate() method #12722
  • Feature: test_requires improvements, including allowing it in conanfile.txt #12699
  • Feature: Improve errors for when required_conan_version has spaces between the operator and the version #12695
  • Feature: ConanAPI cleanup and organization #12666

2.0.0-beta6 (02-Dec-2022)

  • Feature: Use --confirm to not request confirmation when removing instead of --force #12636
  • Feature: Simplify loading conaninfo.txt for search results #12616
  • Feature: Renamed ConanAPIV2 to ConanAPI #12615
  • Feature: Refactor ConanAPI #12615
  • Feature: Improve conan cache path command #12554
  • Feature: Improve #latest and pattern selection from remove/upload/download #12572
  • Feature: Add build_modules to provided deprecated warning to allow migration from 1.x #12578
  • Feature: Lockfiles alias support #12525

2.0.0-beta5 (11-Nov-2022)

  • Feature: Improvements in the remotes management and API #12468
  • Feature: Implement env_info and user_info as fake attributes in Conan 2.0 #12351
  • Feature: Improve settings.rm_safe() #12379
  • Feature: New RecipeReference equality #12506
  • Feature: Simplifying compress and uncompress of .tgz files #12378
  • Feature: conan source command does not require a default profile #12475
  • Feature: Created a proper LockfileAPI, with detailed methods (update, save, etc), instead of several loose methods #12502
  • Feature: The conan export can also produce lockfiles, necessary for users doing a 2 step (export + install–build) process #12502
  • Feature: Drop compat_app #12484
  • Fix: Fix transitive propagation of transitive_headers=True #12508
  • Fix: Fix transitive propagation of transitive_libs=False for static libraries #12508
  • Fix: Fix test_package for python_requires #12508

2.0.0-beta4 (11-Oct-2022)

  • Feature: Do not allow doing conan create/export with uncommitted changes using revision_mode=scm #12267
  • Feature: Simplify conan inspect command, removing path subcommand #12263
  • Feature: Add –deploy argument to graph info command #12243
  • Feature: Pass graph object to deployers instead of ConanFile #12243
  • Feature: Add included_files method to #12246
  • Feature: Improve detection of clang libcxx #12251
  • Feature: Remove old profile variables system in favor of Jinja2 syntax in profiles #12152
  • Fix: Update command to follow Conan 2.0 conventions about CLI output #12235
  • Fix: Fix aggregation of test trait in diamonds #12080

2.0.0-beta3 (12-Sept-2022)

  • Feature: Decouple test_package from create. #12046
  • Feature: Warn if special chars in exported refs. #12053
  • Feature: Improvements in MSBuildDeps traits. #12032
  • Feature: Added support for CLICOLOR_FORCE env var, that will activate the colors in the output if the value is declared and different to 0. #12028
  • Fix: Call source() just once for all configurations. #12050
  • Fix: Fix deployers not creating output_folder. #11977
  • Fix: Fix build_id() removal of require. #12019
  • Fix: If Conan fails to load a custom command now it fails with a useful error message. #11720
  • Bugfix: If the ‘os’ is not specified in the build profile and a recipe, in Windows, wanted to run a command. #11728

2.0.0-beta2 (27-Jul-2022)

  • Feature: Add traits support in MSBuildDeps. #11680
  • Feature: Add traits support in XcodeDeps. #11615
  • Feature: Let dependency define package_id modes. #
  • Feature: Add conan.conanrc file to setup the conan user home. #11675
  • Feature: Add core.cache:storage_path to declare the absolute path where you want to store the Conan packages. #11672
  • Feature: Add tools for checking max cppstd version. #11610
  • Feature: Add a post_build_fail hook that is called when a build fails. #11593
  • Feature: Add pre_generate and post_generate hook, covering the generation of files around the generate() method call. #11593
  • Feature: Brought conan config list command back and other conf improvements. #11575
  • Feature: Added two new arguments for all commands -v for controlling the verbosity of the output and –logger to output the contents in a json log format for log processors. #11522

2.0.0-beta1 (20-Jun-2022)

  • Feature: New graph model to better support C and C++ binaries relationships, compilation, and linkage.
  • Feature: New documented public Python API, for user automation
  • Feature: New build system integrations, more flexible and powerful, and providing transparent integration when possible, like CMakeDeps and CMakeToolchain
  • Feature: New custom user commands, that can be built using the public PythonAPI and can be shared and installed with conan config install
  • Feature: New CLI interface, with cleaner commands and more structured output
  • Feature: New deployers mechanism to copy artifacts from the cache to user folders, and consume those copies while building.
  • Feature: Improved package_id computation, taking into account the new more detailed graph model.
  • Feature: Added extension mechanism to allow users to define binary compatibility globally.
  • Feature: Simpler and more powerful lockfiles to provide reproducibility over time.
  • Feature: Better configuration with [conf] and better environment management with the new tools.
  • Feature: Conan cache now can store multiple revisions simultaneously.
  • Feature: New extensions plugins to implement profile checking, package signing, and build commands wrapping.
  • Feature: Used the package immutability for an improved update, install and upload flows.