System package manager

The Conan packages can be deployed using a system package manager. Usually this process is done by creating a folder structure with the needed files and bundling all of them into the file format specific to the system package manager of choice, like .rpm or .deb. This method is very convenient for deployment and distribution as it is natively integrated in the system. However, there are some limitations:

  • It might require to create a specific package for each of supported distro, or at least use the lowest version (see concerns about glibc below), see the section Customizing settings, which explains how to customize Conan settings to model different Linux distributions in order to create different packages for them.

  • If you want to target different distros, then you need to create one package per supported distro (likely one for Ubuntu, one for Arch Linux, etc.), and formats or guidelines for each distro might differ significantly

Check out the sections makeself, AppImage, Flatpak and Snap for information on how to create distribution-agnostic packages.