Welcome to Conan C/C++ Package Manager Documentation

Conan is a software package manager which is intended for C and C++ developers.

Conan is universal and portable. It works in all operating systems including Windows, Linux, OSX, FreeBSD, Solaris, and others, and it can target any platform, including desktop, server, and cross-building for embedded and bare metal devices. It integrates with other tools like Docker, MinGW, WSL, and with all build systems such as CMake, MSBuild, Makefiles, Meson, SCons. It can even integrate with any proprietary build systems.

Conan is completely free and open source and fully decentralized. It has native integration with JFrog Artifactory, including the free Artifactory Community Edition for Conan, enabling developers to host their own private packages on their own server. The ConanCenter central repository contains hundreds of popular open source libraries packages, with many pre-compiled binaries for mainstream compiler versions.

Conan can manage any number of different binaries for different build configurations, including different architectures, compilers, compiler versions, runtimes, C++ standard library, etc. When binaries are not available for one configuration, they can be built from sources on-demand. Conan can create, upload and download binaries with the same commands and flows on every platform, saving lots of time in development and continuous integration. The binary compatibility can even be configured and customized on a per-package basis.

Conan has a very large and active community, especially in Github repositories and Slack #conan channel. This community also creates and maintains packages in ConanCenter. Conan is used in production by thousands of companies, and consequently, it has a commitment to stability, with no breaking changes across all Conan 1.X versions.