YouCompleteMe (vim)

If you are a vim user, you may also be a user of YouCompleteMe.

With this generator, you can create the necessary files for your project dependencies, so YouCompleteMe will show symbols from your Conan installed dependencies for your project. You only have to add the ycm generator to your conanfile:


It will generate a and a conan_ycm_flags.json file in your folder. Those files will be overwritten each time you run conan install.

In order to make YouCompleteMe work, copy/move to your project base folder (usually the one containing your conanfile) and rename it to

You can (and probably should) edit this file to add your project specific configuration. If your base folder is different from your build folder, link the conan_ycm_flags.json from your build folder to your base folder.

# from your base folder
$ cp build/
$ ln -s build/conan_ycm_flags.json conan_ycm_flags.json