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Artifactory Build Info


The support of Artifactory Build Info via extension commands is not covered by the Conan stability commitment.

The Artifactory build info is a recollection of the metadata of a build. This json-formatted file includes all the details about the build broken down into segments like version history, artifacts, project modules, dependencies, and everything that was required to create the build.

Build infos are identified with a build name and a build number, similar to how many CI services identify the builds. They are conveniently stored in Artifactory to keep track of the build metadata to later perform different operations.

Conan does not offer built-in support for the build info format. However, we have developed some custom commands at at the extensions repository using the feature, that provides support to create and manage the build info files.

How to install the build info extension commands

Using the dedicated repository for Conan extensions https://github.com/conan-io/conan-extensions, it is as easy as:

$ conan config install https://github.com/conan-io/conan-extensions.git -sf=extensions/commands/art -tf=extensions/commands/art

Generating a Build Info

A Build Info can be generated from a create or install command:

$ conan create . --format json -s build_type=Release > create_release.json

Then upload the created package to your repository:

$ conan upload ... -c -r ...

Now, using the JSON output from the create/install commands, a build info file can be generated:

$ conan art:build-info create create_release.json mybuildname_release 1 <repo> --server my_artifactory --with-dependencies > mybuildname_release.json

And then uploaded to Artifactory:

$ conan art:build-info upload mybuildname_aggregated.json --server my_artifactory

For more reference, see the full example at https://github.com/conan-io/conan-extensions/tree/main/extensions/commands/art#how-to-manage-build-infos-in-artifactory

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