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Conan provides different tools to integrate with Xcode IDE, providing all the necessary information about the dependencies, build options and also to build projects created with Xcode in recipes. They can be imported from conan.tools.apple. The most relevant tools are:

  • XcodeDeps: the dependency information generator for Xcode. It will generate multiple .xcconfig configuration files, that can be used by consumers using xcodebuild in the command line or adding them to the Xcode IDE.

  • XcodeToolchain: the toolchain generator for Xcode. It will generate .xcconfig configuration files that can be added to Xcode projects. This generator translates the current package configuration, settings, and options, into Xcode .xcconfig files syntax.

  • XcodeBuild build helper is a wrapper around the command line invocation of Xcode. It will abstract the calls like xcodebuild -project app.xcodeproj -configuration <config> -arch <arch> ...

For the full list of tools under conan.tools.apple please check the reference section.

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