Python requires: reusing python code in recipes [EXPERIMENTAL]


This is an experimental feature subject to breaking changes in future releases.

The python_requires() feature allows to extend the recipes reusing Python code from other easily, even for inheritance approaches. The code to be reused will be in a recipe, and will be managed as any other Conan package.

Let’s create for example some reusable base class:

from conans import ConanFile

class MyBase(ConanFile):
    def source(self):"My cool source!")
    def build(self):"My cool build!")
    def package(self):"My cool package!")
    def package_info(self):"My cool package_info!")

With this conanfile, we can export it to the local cache to make it available, and also upload to our remote:

$ conan export . MyBase/0.1@user/channel
$ conan upload MyBase/0.1@user/channel -r=myremote

It is not necessary to “create” any package binaries, or to upload --all, because there are no binaries for this recipe.

Now, using the python_requires() we can write a new package recipe like:

from conans import python_requires

base = python_requires("MyBase/0.1@user/channel")

class PkgTest(base.MyBase):

If we run a conan create, of this recipe, we can see how it is effectively reusing the above code:

$ conan create . Pkg/0.1@user/channel

Pkg/0.1@lasote/testing: Installing package
    Pkg/0.1@lasote/testing from local cache - Cache
Python requires
    Pkg/0.1@lasote/testing:5ab84d6acfe1f23c4fae0ab88f26e3a396351ac9 - Build
Pkg/0.1@lasote/testing: Configuring sources
Pkg/0.1@lasote/testing: My cool source!
Pkg/0.1@lasote/testing: Calling build()
Pkg/0.1@lasote/testing: My cool build!
Pkg/0.1@lasote/testing: Calling package()
Pkg/0.1@lasote/testing: My cool package!
Pkg/0.1@lasote/testing: My cool package_info!

It is not compulsory to extend the reused MyBase class, it is possible to reuse just functions too:

from conans import ConanFile

def my_build(settings):
    # doing custom stuff based on settings

class MyBase(ConanFile):
$ conan export . MyBuild/0.1@user/channel
$ conan upload MyBuild/0.1@user/channel -r=myremote
from conans import ConanFile, python_requires

base = python_requires("MyBuild/0.1@user/channel")

class PkgTest(ConanFile):
    def build(self):

Version ranges are possible with the version ranges notation [], similar to regular requirements. Multiple python_requires() are also possible
from conans import python_requires

base = python_requires("MyBase/[~0.1]@user/channel")
other = python_requires("Other/1.2@user/channel")

class Pkg(base.MyBase):
    def source(self):

It is possible to structure the code in different files too:
from conans import ConanFile
import mydata # reuse the strings from here
class MyConanfileBase(ConanFile):
    exports = "*.py"
    def source(self):
src = "My cool source!"
build = "My cool build!"
pkg = "My cool package!"
info = "My cool package_info!"

This would be created with the same conan export and consumed with the same base = python_requires("MyBase/0.1@user/channel") as above.

There are a few important considerations regarding python_requires():

  • They are required at every step of the conan commands. If you are creating a package that python_requires("MyBase/..."), the MyBase package should be already available in the local cache or to be downloaded from the remotes. Otherwise, conan will raise a “missing package” error.

  • They do not affect the package binary ID (hash). Depending on different version, or different channel of such python_requires() do not change the package IDs as the normal dependencies do.

  • They are imported only once. The python code that is reused is imported only once, the first time it is required. Subsequent requirements of that conan recipe will reuse the previously imported module. Global initialization at parsing time and global state are discouraged.

  • They are transitive. One recipe using python_requires() can be also consumed with a python_requires() from another package recipe.

  • They are not automatically updated with the --update argument from remotes.

  • Different packages can require different versions in their python_requires(). They are private to each recipe, so they do not conflict with each other, but it is the responsibility of the user to keep consistency.

  • They are not overridden from downstream consumers. Again, as they are private, they are not affected by other packages, even consumers