conan imports

$ conan imports [-h] [-if INSTALL_FOLDER] [-imf IMPORT_FOLDER] [-u] path

Calls your local or conanfile.txt ‘imports’ method.

It requires to have been previously installed and have a conanbuildinfo.txt generated file in the –install-folder (defaulted to current directory).

positional arguments:
  path                  Path to a folder containing a or to a
                        recipe file e.g., my_folder/ With --undo
                        option, this parameter is the folder containing the
                        conan_imports_manifest.txt file generated in a
                        previous execution. e.g.: conan imports
                        ./imported_files --undo

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -if INSTALL_FOLDER, --install-folder INSTALL_FOLDER
                        Directory containing the conaninfo.txt and
                        conanbuildinfo.txt files (from previous 'conan
                        install'). Defaulted to --build-folder
  -imf IMPORT_FOLDER, --import-folder IMPORT_FOLDER
                        Directory to copy the artifacts to. By default it will
                        be the current directory
  -u, --undo            Undo imports. Remove imported files

The imports() method might use settings, options and environment variables from the specified profile and dependencies information from the declared deps_XXX_info objects in the conanfile requirements.

All that information is saved automatically in the conaninfo.txt and conanbuildinfo.txt files respectively, when you run conan install. Those files have to be located in the specified --install-folder.


  • Import files from a current conanfile in current directory:

    $ conan install . --no-imports # Creates the conanbuildinfo.txt
    $ conan imports .
  • Remove the copied files (undo the import):

    $ conan imports . --undo