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Conan 1.23 shouldn’t break any existing 1.0 recipe or command line invocation. If it does, please submit a report on GitHub. Read more about the Conan stability commitment.

1.23.0 (10-Mar-2020)

  • Feature: New general.parallel_download=<num threads> configuration, for parallel installation of binaries, to speed up populating packages in a cache. #6632 . Docs here

  • Feature: Fixed inability to run execute test and install separately, that is, without build step. Added meson_test() method, which executes meson test (compared to ninja test in test()). Added meson_install() method, which executes meson install (compared to ninja install in install()). #6574 . Docs here

  • Feature: Update python six dependency to 1.14.0. #6507

  • Feature: Add environment variable ‘CONAN_V2_MODE’ to enable Conan v2 behavior. #6490 . Docs here

  • Feature: Implement conan graph clean-modified subcommand to be able to clean the modified state of a lockfile and re-use it later for more operations. #6465 . Docs here

  • Feature: Allow building dependency graphs when using lockfiles even if some requirements are not in the lockfiles. This can happen for example when test_package/ has other requirements, as they will not be part of the lockfile. #6457 . Docs here

  • Feature: Implement a new package-ID computation that includes transitive dependencies even when the direct dependencies have remove them, for example when depending on a header-only library that depends on a static library. #6451 . Docs here

  • Fix: inspect command can be executed without remote.json (#6558) #6559

  • Fix: Raise an error if MSBuild argument targets is not a list, instead of splitting a string passed as argument instead of a list. #6555

  • Bugfix: Check the CMP0091 policy and set CMAKE_MSVC_RUNTIME_LIBRARY accordingly to CONAN_LINK_RUNTIME if it’s set to NEW. #6626

  • Bugfix: Fix error parsing system_libs from conanbuildinfo.txt file. #6616

  • Bugfix: Environment variables from the profiles are not set in the _conaninfo.txt_ file of the packages exported with the export-pkg command. #6607

  • BugFix: Set the self.develop=True attribute for recipes when they are used with conan export-pkg, in all methods, it was previously only setting it for the package() method. #6585

  • Bugfix: set CMAKE_OSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET for iOS, watchOS and tvOS. #6566

  • Bugfix: Parse function of GCC version from command line now works with versions >=10. #6551

  • Bugfix: improve Apple frameworks lookups with CMake integration #6533

1.22.3 (05-Mar-2020)

  • Bugfix: Do not re-evaluate lockfiles nodes, only update the package reference, otherwise the build-requires are broken. #6529

  • Bugfix: Fixing locking system for metadata file so it can be accessed concurrently. #6524

1.22.2 (13-Feb-2020)

  • Bugfix: Do not re-evaluate lockfiles nodes, only update the package reference, otherwise the build-requires are broken. #6529

  • Bugfix: Fixing locking system for metadata file so it can be accessed concurrently. #6524

1.22.1 (11-Feb-2020)

  • Fix: Increase six version to allow more modern releases. #6509

  • Fix: remove GLOBAL from targets to avoid conflicts when using add_subdirectory. #6488 . Docs here

  • Fix: Avoid caching revision “0” under api V2 (revisions enabled) in the download cache. #6475 . Docs here

  • Bugfix: Manage the dirty state of the cache package folder with conan export-pkg. #6498

  • BugFix: Add system_libs to premake generator. #6495

  • Bugfix: Upload was silently skipping exceptions that could leave the packages dirty. Long uploads or large compressing times in non-terminals (piped output, like in CI systems) crashed, leaving packages dirty too, but not reporting any error. #6486

  • BugFix: Add quotes to virtualenv scripts, so they don’t crash in pure sh shells. #6265

1.22.0 (05-Feb-2020)

  • Feature: Set conan generated CMake targets as GLOBAL so that they can be used with an ALIAS for consumers. #6438 . Docs here

  • Feature: Deduce compiler.base.runtime for Intel compiler settings when using Visual Studio as the base compiler. #6424

  • Feature: Allow defining an extra user-defined properties .props file in MSBuild build helper. #6374 . Docs here

  • Feature: Force the user to read that Python 2 has been deprecated. #6336 . Docs here

  • Feature: Add opt-in scm_to_conandata for the SCM feature: Conan will store the data from the SCM attribute in the conandata.yml file (except the fields username and password). #6334 . Docs here

  • Feature: Implement a download cache, which can be shared and concurrently used among different conan user homes, selectable configuring storage.download_cache in conan.conf. #6287 . Docs here

  • Feature: Some improvements in the internal of lockfiles. Better ordering of nodes indexes. Separation of requires and build-requires. Better status field, with explicit exported, built values. #6237

  • Feature: imports functionality can import from “symbolic” names, preceded with @, like @bindirs, @libdirs, etc. This allows importing files from variable package layouts, including custom package_info() layouts (like cpp_info.bindirs = ["mybin"] can be used with src="@bindirs"), and editable package layouts #6208 . Docs here

  • Feature: Improve output messages for parallel uploads: the text of the uploaded files contains to which packages they belong and the output for CI is clearer. #6184

  • Feature: Adds vcvars_append variable (defaulting to False) to CMake and Meson build helpers constructors, so when they need to activate the Visual Studio environment via vcvars (for Ninja and NMake generators), the vcvars environment is appended at the end, giving precedence to the environment previously defined. #6000 . Docs here

  • Fix: Use CCI package reference for example command. #6463

  • Fix: Generators cmake and cmake_multi use the name defined in (reverts change from 1.21.1 as stated). #6429

  • Fix: Cleaning LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment in SCM commands for “pyinstaller” installations, as SSL can fail due to using old SSL stuff from Conan instead from git/svn. #6380

  • Fix: Recipe substitution for scm (old behavior) fixed for multiline comments in Python 3.8. #6355 . Docs here

  • Fix: Avoid warning in “detect” process with Python 3.8, due to Popen with bufsize=1 #6333

  • Fix: Propagate server error (500) in checksum_deploy. #6324

  • Fix: Fixed wrong CMake command line with -G Visual Studio 15 ARM for armv8 architectures. #6312

  • Fix: Add all the system_libs and requirements to the CMake targets constructed by the generators. It will impact header-only libraries that are consumed using targets (previously they were missing some information). #6298

  • Fix: Avoid WindowsStore tools.vcvars() management when the environment is already set. #6296

  • Fix: When the token is empty, and conan user myuser -p=mypass -r=remote is used, the user-password are send in HttpBasic so it can be used for completely protected servers that do not expose the ping endpoint. #6254

  • Fix: Add cpp_info.<config> information to cmake_find_package_multi and cmake_find_package generators. #6230 . Docs here

  • Fix: Multi-generators cannot be used without build_type setting. A failure is forced to cmake_find_package_multi and visual_studio_multi as it was in cmake_multi. #6228

  • Fix: Fix typo in error message from tools.get(). #6204

  • Fix: Raise error for symlinks in Windows that point to a different unit. #6201

  • BugFix: Avoid included profiles overwriting variables in the current profile. #6398

  • Bugfix: Lockfiles were not correctly applying locked options to packages, which produced incorrect evaluation of requirements() method. #6395

  • Bugfix: Fix broken compression of .tgz files due to Python 3.8 changing tar default schema. #6355 . Docs here

  • Bugfix: Include MacOS frameworks definitions in autotools LDFLAGS (also Meson). #6309

  • Bugfix: Apply system_libs information in autotools build helper. #6309

  • Bugfix: The environment_append() helper does not modify the argument anymore, which caused problems if the argument was reused. #6285

  • Bugfix: Include “Package ID Unknown” nodes in conan graph build-order, as they need to be processed in that order. #6251

  • Bugfix: –raw argument is ignored when searching for a specific reference. #6241

  • Bugfix: Avoid raising a version conflict error when aliases have not been resolved yet, typically for aliased build-requires that are also in the requires. #6236

  • Bugfix: conan inspect now is able to properly show name and version coming from set_name() and set_version() methods. #6214

1.21.3 (03-Mar-2020)

  • Bugfix: Fixing locking system for metadata file so it can be accessed concurrently. #6543

  • Bugfix: Manage the dirty state of the cache package folder with conan export-pkg. #6517

  • Bugfix: BugFix: Add quotes to virtualenv scripts, so they don’t crash in pure sh shells. #6516

  • Bugfix: Upload was silently skipping exceptions, which could result in packages not uploaded, but user not realizing about the error. #6515

  • BugFix: Add system_libs to premake generator. #6496

1.21.2 (31-Jan-2020)

  • Fix: Recipe substitution for scm (old behavior) fixed for multiline comments in Python 3.8 #6439

  • Bugfix: Fix broken compression of .tgz files due to Python 3.8 changing tar default schema. #6439

  • Bugfix: Append CONAN_LIBS in cmake generator to avoid overwriting user-defined libs. #6433

1.21.1 (14-Jan-2020)

  • Fix: Fix options type detection using six.string_types. #6322

  • Fix: Fix minor issues in cmake and cmake_multi generators: wrong variable used in conan_find_apple_frameworks macro. #6295

  • Fix: Generators cmake and cmake_multi use the name of the package instead of (this change is to be reverted in 1.22) #6288

  • Bugfix: Fixing readout of backslashes for virtualenv generator files so they are not interpreted as escape characters. #6320

  • Bugfix: Fix uninformative crash when gets a 403 and it is not providing an auth field. #6317

  • Bugfix: Enhance validation of the short_paths_home property to correctly handle the scenarios where it is set to a path that contains the value of the Conan cache path, but is not a subdirectory of it. #6304

  • Bugfix: Fixes vs. cpp_info.names issue in pkg_config generator #6223

1.21.0 (10-Dec-2019)

  • Feature: The generator cmake_find_package_multi generates a PackageConfigVersion.cmake file that allows using find_package with the VERSION argument. #6063 . Docs here

  • Feature: Settings support for Intel compiler. #6052 . Docs here

  • Feature: Allow setting different cpp_info name for each generator that supports that property using the new cpp_info.names[“generator_name”] property. #6033 . Docs here

  • Feature: Provide _INCLUDE_DIR variables in the cmake_find_package generator #6017

  • Feature: Information in the file is sent using matrix-params too when a package is uploaded to a server (if it has the capability). This will be the recommended way to send these properties to Artifactory (release TBD) to bypass Nginx blocking properties with periods. #6014 . Docs here

  • Feature: New tools.check_min_cppstd and tools.valid_min_cppstd to check if the cppstd version is valid for a specific package. #5997 . Docs here

  • Feature: New parameter for tools.patch to opt-in applying fuzzy patches. #5996 . Docs here

  • Feature: Environment variables for virtual environments are stored in .env files containing just the key-value pairs. It will help other processes that need to read these variables to run their own commands. #5989

  • Feature: New argument of conan upload command –parallel to upload packages using multithreading. #5856 . Docs here

  • Feature: New python_requires declared as Conanfile class attributes. Includes extension of base class, they affect the binary packageID with minor_mode default mode. They are also locked in lockfiles. #5804 . Docs here

  • Feature: Accept logging level as logging names #5772 . Docs here

  • Fix: Add the RES_DIRS as variable to the variables when using the cmake_find_package generator. #6166

  • Fix: Fix SyntaxWarning when comparing a literal with for identity in Python 3.8 #6165

  • Fix: Remove recipe linter from codebase, it is no longer a built-in feature. It has been moved to hooks. Install the hook and update your “conan.conf” to activate it. #6152 . Docs here

  • Fix: Make lockfiles invariant when the graph doesn’t change. Now 2 different lockfiles captured with the same resulting graph in 2 different instants will be identical. #6139

  • Fix: Make the compatible_packages feature to follow the --build=missing build policy. Packages that find a compatible binary will not fire a binary build with the “missing” build policy. #6134 . Docs here

  • Fix: Fix create command build policy help message to reflect correct behavior. #6131 . Docs here

  • Fix: Improved error message when sources can’t be retrieved from remote #6085

  • Fix: Raise a meaningful error when the settings.yml file is invalid #6059

  • Fix: Move the warning about mixing ‘os’ and ‘os_build’ to just before the pre_export stage #6021

  • Bugfix: Implement SystemPackageTool.installed(package_name) as described in the documentation. #6198

  • Bugfix: Remove carriage returns from build info .json file to avoid Artifactory errors in some cases when publishing the build info to the remote. #6180

  • Bugfix: Upload correct packages when specifying revisions and fail with incorrect ones. #6143

  • Bugfix: Fix different problems when using conan download with revisions. #6138

  • Bugfix: Make sure set_version() runs in the folder, not in the current folder, so relative paths are not broken if executing from a different location. #6130 . Docs here

  • Bugfix: Fix the help message for conan export-pkg command for the –options parameter. #6092

  • Bugfix: Use a context manager to change the folder during build_package to avoid propagating the directory change to other tasks. #6060

  • Bugfix: The AutoToolsBuildEnvironment build helper now uses the win_bash parameter of the constructor when calling to configure(). #6026

  • Bugfix: Conan’s virtualenvironments restore the environment to the state it was before activating them (previously it was restored to the state it was when the conan install was run). #5989

1.20.5 (3-Dec-2019)

  • Bugfix: Removing –skip-env and –multi-module arguments for conan_build_info –v2. Now the environment is not captured (will be handled by the Artifactory plugin) and recipes and packages are saved as different modules in build info. #6169 . Docs here

1.20.4 (19-Nov-2019)

  • Feature: Added traces to check_output internal call to log the called command and the output as INFO traces (can be adjusted with export CONAN_LOGGING_LEVEL=20) #6091

  • Bugfix: Using scm with auto values with a not being in the root scm folder it failed to export the right source code directory if not using –ignore-dirty and the repo was not pristine. #6098

  • Bugfix: Fix conan_build_info command when conan_sources.tgz not present in remote. #6088

1.20.3 (11-Nov-2019)

  • Bugfix: Using the scm feature with auto fields was not using correctly the freeze sources from the local user directory from the second call to conan create. #6048

  • Bugfix: Each Apple framework found using CMake find_library is stored in a different CONAN_FRAMEWORK_<name>_FOUND variable #6042

1.20.2 (6-Nov-2019)

  • Bugfix: Fix Six package version to be compatible with Astroid #6031

1.20.1 (5-Nov-2019)

  • Bugfix: Fixed authentication with an Artifactory repository without anonymous access enabled. #6022

1.20.0 (4-Nov-2019)

  • Feature: Provide CONAN_FRAMEWORKS and CONAN_FRAMEWORKS_FOUND for Apple frameworks in CMake generators and conan_find_apple_frameworks() macro helper in CMake generators. #6003 . Docs here

  • Feature: Saving profile list as a json file #5954 . Docs here

  • Feature: Improve conan_build_info command maintaining old functionality. #5950 . Docs here

  • Feature: Add –json `argument to the `config home subcommand to output the result to a JSON file. #5946 . Docs here

  • Feature: Add cpp_info.build_modules to manage build system modules like additional CMake functions in packages #5940 . Docs here

  • Feature: Add support for Clang 10. #5936

  • Feature: Store md5 and sha1 checksums of downloaded and uploaded packages in metadata.json. #5910

  • Feature: Allow the possibility to avoid x86_64 to x86 building when cross-building. #5904 . Docs here

  • Feature: Allow to specify encoding for tools.load, and tools.replace_in_files. #5902 . Docs here

  • Feature: Add support for gcc 7.4. #5898 . Docs here

  • Feature: New set_name() and set_version() member methods to dynamically obtain the name and version (at export time). #5881 . Docs here

  • Feature: New binary compatibility mode. Recipes can define in their package_id() an ordered list of binary package variants that would be binary compatible with the default one. These variants will be checked in order if the main package ID is not found (missing), and the first one will be installed and used. #5837 . Docs here

  • Feature: Support for DNF system package manager (Fedora 31+ and others) when present. #5791 . Docs here

  • Feature: Refactor Conan Upload, Download and Compress progress bars. #5763

  • Feature: Add system_deps attribute for cpp_info and deps_cpp_info. #5582 . Docs here

  • Feature: The scm feature does not replace the scm.revision=”auto” field with the commit when uncommitted changes unless --scm-dirty argument is specified. The recipe in the local cache will be kept with revision=auto. #5543 . Docs here

  • Feature: The conan upload command forbids to upload a recipe that uses the scm feature containing revision=auto or url=auto, unless –force is used. #5543 . Docs here

  • Feature: The scm feature captures the local sources in the local cache during the export, avoiding later issues of modified local sources. #5543 . Docs here

  • Fix: Deprecate argument –build-order in conan info command. #5965 . Docs here

  • Fix: Avoid doing complex conan search --query in the server, do them always in the client. #5960

  • Fix: Improved conan remove --help message for --packages #5899

  • Fix: Improved cmake compiler check message to explain the problem with different compiler versions when installing dependencies #5858

  • Fix: Adds support for transitive dependencies to b2 generator. #5812

  • Fix: Add support for recipes without settings.compiler in b2 generator. #5810

  • Fix: Add and remove out-of-tree git patches (#5320) #5761

  • Fix: Add quiet output for inspect –raw. #5702

  • Bugfix: Allow conan download for packages without user/channel #6010

  • Bugfix: Avoid erroneous case-sensitive conflict for packages without user/channel. #5981

  • Bugfix: Fix crashing when using lockfiles with a conanfile.txt instead of #5894

  • Bugfix: Fix incorrect propagation of build-requires to downstream consumers, resulting in missing dependencies in deps_cpp_info. #5886

  • Bugfix: Adds the short_paths_home property to ConanClientConfigParser to validate that it is not a subdirectory of the conan cache. #5864 . Docs here

  • Bugfix: Use imported python requires’ short_path value instead of the defined in the conanfile that imports it. #5841

  • Bugfix: Avoid repeated copies of absolute paths when using self.copy(). #5792

  • Bugfix: Downstream overrides to exact dependencies versions are always used, even if the upstream has a version range that does not satisfy the override. #5713

1.19.3 (29-Oct-2019)

  • Fix: Fixed range of pylint and astroid requirements to keep compatibility with python 2 #5987

  • Fix: Force conan search --query queries to be resolved always in the client to avoid servers failures due to unsupported syntax #5970

  • Bugfix: Use lower case in pkg-config generator when defined #5988

  • Bugfix: Fix not used in cmake find generators for dependencies #5973

  • Bugfix: Fixed bug when overriden dependencies that don’t exist and make the CMake generated code crash #5971

  • Bugfix: Fixed bug when overriden dependencies that don’t exist and make the CMake generated code crash #5945

1.19.2 (16-Oct-2019)

  • Feature: Implement to better manage shared libraries package-ID, specially when they depend on static libraries #5893 . Docs here

  • Bugfix: Allow conan install pkg/[*]@user/channel resolving to a reference, not a path. #5908

  • Bugfix: The dependency overriding mechanism was not working properly when using the same version with different build metadata (1.2.0+xyz vs 1.2.0+abc). #5903

  • Bugfix: Artifactory was returning an error on the first login attempt because the server capabilities were not assigned correctly. #5880

  • Bugfix: conan export failed if there is no user/channel and a lockfile is applied #5875

  • Bugfix: SCM component failed for url pointing to local path in Windows with backslash. #5875

  • Bugfix: Fix conan graph build-order output so it uses references including its recipe revision #5863

1.19.1 (3-Oct-2019)

  • Bugfix: Use imported python requires’ short_path value instead of the defined in the conanfile that imports it. #5849

  • Bugfix: Fix regression in visual_studio generator adding a <Lib> task. #5846 . Docs here

1.19.0 (30-Sept-2019)

  • Feature: Update settings.yml file with macOS, watchOS, tvOS, iOS version numbers #5823

  • Feature: Add clang 9 to the settings.yml file #5786 . Docs here

  • Feature: Show suggestions when typing an incorrect command conan command. #5725

  • Feature: Client support for using refresh tokens in the auth process with Artifactory. #5662

  • Feature: Add GCC 9.2 to default settings.yml file #5650 . Docs here

  • Feature: Add subcommand for enabling and disabling remotes #5623 . Docs here

  • Feature: New conan config home command for getting Conan home directory #5613 . Docs here

  • Feature: Adds name attribute to CppInfo and use in all CMake and pkg-config generators as the find scripts files names, target names, etc. #5598 . Docs here

  • Feature: Enhanced vs-generator by providing more properties that can be referenced by other projects; added library paths also to <Lib> so it’s possible to compile static libraries that reference other libs #5564

  • Feature: Better support OSX frameworks by declaring cppinfo.frameworks. #5552 . Docs here

  • Feature: Virtual environment generator for gathering only the PYTHONPATH. #5511 . Docs here

  • Fix: conan upload with a reference without user and channel and package id name/version:package_id should work #5824

  • Fix: Dropped support for python 3.4. That version is widely being dropped by the python community. Since Conan 1.19, the tests won’t be run with python 3.4 and we won’t be aware if something is not working correctly. #5820 . Docs here

  • Fix: Apply lockfile to the node before updating with downstream requirements #5771

  • Fix: Make conan new generate default options as a dictionary #5767

  • Fix: Output search result for remotes in order by version, as local search #5723

  • Fix: Excluded also ftp_proxy and all_proxy variables from the environment when proxy configuration is specified in the conan.conf file. #5697

  • Fix: Relax restriction on the future python dependency #5692

  • Fix: Call post_package hook before computing the manifest #5647

  • Fix: Show friendly message when can’t get remote path #5638

  • Fix: Detect the number of CPUs used by Docker (#5464) #5466 . Docs here

  • Bugfix: Set Ninja to use cpu_count value when building with parallel option with CMake #5832

  • Bugfix: output of references without user/channel is done with _/_, like in lockfiles. #5817

  • Bugfix: A lockfile generated from a consumer should be able to generate a build-order too. #5800

  • Bugfix: Fix system detection on Solaris. #5630

  • Bugfix: SVN uses username and password if provided #5601

  • Bugfix: Use the final package folder as the conanfile.package_folder attribute for the pre_package hook. #5600

  • BugFix: Fix crash with custom generators using install_folder #5569

1.18.5 (24-Sept-2019)

  • Bugfix: A bug in urllib3 caused bad encoded URLs causing failures when using any repository from Bintray, like conan-center. #5801

1.18.4 (12-Sept-2019)

  • Fix: package_id should be used for recipe_revision_mode #5729 . Docs here

1.18.3 (10-Sept-2019)

  • Fix: Version ranges resolution using references without user/channel #5707

1.18.2 (30-Aug-2019)

  • Feature: Add opt-out for Git shallow clone in SCM feature #5677 . Docs here

  • Fix: Use the value of argument useEnv provided by the user to the MSBuild helper also to adjust /p:UseEnv=false when the arg is False. #5609

  • Bugfix: Fixed assertion when using nested build_requires that depend on packages that are also used in the main dependency graph #5689

  • Bugfix: When Artifactory doesn’t have the anonymous access activated, the conan client wasn’t able to capture the server capabilities and therefore never used the revisions mechanism. #5688

  • Bugfix: When no user/channel is specified creating a package, upload it to a remote using None as the “folder” in the storage, instead of _. #5671

  • Bugfix: Using the version ranges mechanism Conan wasn’t able to resolve the correct reference if a library with the same name but different user/channel was found in an earlier remote. #5657

  • Bugfix: Broken cache package collection for packages without user/channel #5607

1.18.1 (8-Aug-2019)

  • Bugfix: The scm feature was trying to run a checkout after a shallow clone. #5571

1.18.0 (30-Jul-2019)

  • Feature: The “user/channel” fields are now optional. e.g: conan create . is valid if the name and version are declared in the recipe. e.g: conan create . lib/1.0@ to omit user and channel. The same for other commands. The user and channel can also be omitted while specifying requirements in the conanfiles. #5381 . Docs here

  • Feature: Output current revision from references in local cache when using a pattern #5537 . Docs here

  • Feature: New parameter --skip-auth for the conan user command to avoid trying to authenticate when the client already has credentials stored. #5532 . Docs here

  • Feature: Allow patterns in per-package settings definitions, not only the package name #5523 . Docs here

  • Feature: Search custom settings (#5378) #5521 . Docs here

  • Feature: shallow git clone #5514 . Docs here

  • Fix: Remove conan graph clean-modified command, it is automatic and no longer necessary. #5533 . Docs here

  • Fix: Incomplete references (for local files) are not printed with @None/None anymore. #5509

  • Fix: Discard empty string values in SCM including subfolder #5459

  • Bugfix: The stderr was not printed when a command failed running the tools.check_output function. #5548

  • Bugfix: Avoid dependency (mainly build-requires) being marked as skipped when another node exists in the graph that is being skipped because of being private #5547

  • Bugfix: fix processing of UTF-8 files with BOM #5506

  • Bugfix: apply http.sslVerify to the current Git command only #5470

  • Bugfix: Do not raise when accessing the metadata of editable packages #5461

  • Bugfix: Use cxxFlags instead of cppFlags in qbs generator. #5452 . Docs here

1.17.2 (25-Jul-2019)

  • Bugfix: Lock transitive python-requires in lockfiles, not only direct ones. #5531

1.17.1 (22-Jul-2019)

  • Feature: support 7.1 clang version #5492

  • Bugfix: When a profile was detected, for GCC 5.X the warning message about the default libcxx was not shown. #5524

  • Bugfix: Update python-dateutil dependency to ensure availability of dateutil.parser.isoparse #5485

  • Bugfix: Solve regression in conan info <ref> command, incorrectly reading the graph_info.json and lockfiles #5481

  • Bugfix: Trailing files left when packages are not found in conan info and install, restricted further installs with different case in Windows, without rm -rf ~/.conan/data/pkg_name #5480

  • Bugfix: The lock files mechanism now allows to update a node providing new information, like a retrieved package revision, if the “base” reference was the same. #5467

  • Bugfix: search command table output has invalid HTML code syntax #5460

1.17.0 (9-Jul-2019)

  • Feature: Better UX for no_proxy (#3943) #5438 . Docs here

  • Feature: Show warning when URLs for remotes is invalid (missing schema, host, etc). #5418

  • Feature: Implementation of lockfiles. Lockfiles store in a file all the configuration, exact versions (including revisions), necessary to achieve reproducible builds, even when using version-ranges or package revisions. #5412 . Docs here

  • Feature: Change progress bar output to tqdm to make it look better #5407

  • Feature: Define 2 new modes and helpers for the package binary ID: recipe_revision_mode and package_revision_mode, that take into account the revisions. The second one will use all the information from dependencies, resulting in fully deterministic and complete package IDs: if some dependency change, it will be necessary to build a new binary of consumers #5363 . Docs here

  • Feature: Add apple-clang 11.0 to settings.yml (#5328) #5357 . Docs here

  • Feature: SystemPackageTool platform detection (#5026) #5215 . Docs here

  • Fix: Enable the definition of revisions in conanfile.txt #5435

  • Fix: Improve resolution of version ranges for remotes #5433

  • Fix: The conan process returns 6 when a ConanInvalidConfiguration is thrown during conan info. #5421

  • Fix: Inspect missing attribute is not an error (#3953) #5419

  • Fix: Allow –build-order and –graph together for conan info (#3447) #5417

  • Fix: Handling error when reference not found using conan download #5399

  • Fix: Update Yum cache (#5370) #5387

  • Fix: Remove old folder for conan install (#5376) #5384

  • Fix: Add missing call to super constructor to VirtualEnvGenerator. #5375

  • Fix: Force forward slashes in the variable $PROFILE_DIR #5373 . Docs here

  • Fix: Accept a list for the requires attribute #5371 . Docs here

  • Fix: Remove packages when version is asterisk (#5297) #5346

  • Fix: Make conan_data visible to pylint (#5327) #5337

  • Fix: Improve the output to show the remote (or cache) that a version range is resolved to. #5336

  • Fix: Deprecated conan copy|download|upload <ref> -p=ID, use conan .... <pref> instead #5293 . Docs here

  • Fix: AutoToolsBuildEnvironment is now aware of os_target and arch_target to calculate the gnu triplet when declared. #5283

  • Fix: Better message for gcc warning of libstdc++ at default profile detection #5275

  • Bugfix: verify_ssl field in SCM being discarded when used with False value. #5441

  • Bugfix: enable retry for requests #5400

  • Bugfix: Allow creation and deletion of files in tools.patch with strip>0 #5334

  • Bugfix: Use case insensitive comparison for SHA256 checksums #5306

1.16.1 (14-Jun-2019)

  • Feature: Print nicer error messages when receive an error from Artifactory. #5326

  • Fix: Make conan config get storage.path return an absolute, resolved path #5350

  • Fix: Skipped the compiler version check in the cmake generator when a -s compiler.toolset is specified (Visual Studio). #5348

  • Fix: Constraint transitive dependency typed-ast (required by astroid) in python3.4, as they stopped releasing wheels, and it fails to build in some Windows platforms with older SDKs. #5324

  • Fix: Accept v140 and VS 15.0 for CMake generator (#5318) #5321

  • Fix: Accept only .lib and .dll as Visual extensions (#5316) #5319

  • Bugfix: Do not copy directories inside a symlinked one #5342

  • Bugfix: Conan was retrying the upload when failed with error 400 (request error). #5326

1.16.0 (4-Jun-2019)

  • Feature: The conan upload command can receive now the full package reference to upload a binary package. The -p argument is now deprecated. #5224 . Docs here

  • Feature: Add hooks pre_package_info and post_package_info #5223 . Docs here

  • Feature: New build mode –build cascade that forces building from sources any node with dependencies also built from sources. #5218 . Docs here

  • Feature: Print errors and warnings to stderr #5206

  • Feature: New conan new --template=mytemplate to initialize recipes with your own templates #5189 . Docs here

  • Feature: Allow using wildcards to remove system requirements sentinel from cache. #5176 . Docs here

  • Feature: Implement conan.conf retry and retry-wait and CONAN_RETRY and CONAN_RETRY_WAIT to configure all retries for all transfers, including upload, download, and #5174 . Docs here

  • Feature: Support yaml lists in workspace root field. #5156 . Docs here

  • Feature: Add gcc 8.3 and 9.1 new versions to default settings.yml #5112

  • Feature: Retry upload or download for error in response message (e.g. status is ‘500’) #4984

  • Fix: Do not retry file transfer operations for 401 and 403 auth and permissions errors. #5278

  • Fix: Copy symlinked folder when using merge_directories function #5237

  • Fix: Add the ability to avoid the /verbosity argument in CMake command line for MSBuild #5220 . Docs here

  • Fix: self.copy with symlinks=True does not copy symlink if the .conan directory is a symlink #5114 #5125

  • Fix: Export detected_os from tools.oss (#5101) #5102 . Docs here

  • Fix: Use revision as the SVN’s peg_revision (broken for an edge case) #5029

  • Bugfix: --update was not updating python_requires using version ranges. #5265

  • Bugfix: visual_studio generator only adds “.lib” extension for lib names without extension, otherwise (like “.a”) respect it. #5254

  • Bugfix: Fix conan search command showing revisions timestamps in a different time offset than UTC. #5232

  • Bugfix: Meson build-helper gets correct compiler flags, AutoTools build environment adds compiler.runtime flags #5222

  • Bugfix: The cmake_multi generator was not managing correctly the RelWithDebInfo and MinSizeRel build types. #5221

  • Bugfix: Check that registry file exists before removing it #5219

  • Bugfix: do not append “-T “ if generator doesn’t support it #5201

  • Bugfix: conan download always retrieve the sources, also with --recipe argument, which should only skip download binaries, not the sources. #5194

  • Bugfix: Using scm declared in a superclass failed exporting the recipe with the error ERROR: The defines more than one class level ‘scm’ attribute. #5185

  • Bugfix: Conan command returns 6 (Invalid configuration) also when the settings are restricted in the recipe #5178

  • Bugfix: Make sure that proxy “http_proxy”, “https_proxy”, “no_proxy” vars are correctly removed if custom ones are defined in the conan.conf. Also, avoid using urllib.request.getproxies(), they are broken. #5162

  • Bugfix: Use copy() for deploy generator so that permissions of files are preserved. Required if you want to use the deploy generator to deploy executables. #5136


  • Fix: Accept v140 and VS 15.0 for CMake generator (#5318) #5331

  • Fix: Constraint transitive dependency typed-ast (required by astroid) in python3.4, as they stopped releasing wheels, and it fails to build in some Windows platforms with older SDKs. #5331


  • Please, do not use this version, there was a critical error in the release process and changes from the 1.16 branch were merged.

1.15.2 (31-May-2019)

  • Bugfix: Fix bug with python-requires not being updated with --update if using version-ranges. #5266

  • Bugfix: Fix computation of ancestors performance regression #5260

1.15.1 (16-May-2019)

  • Fix: Fix regression of conan remote update --insert using the same URL it had before #5110

  • Fix: Fix migration of registry.json|txt file including reference to non existing remotes. #5103

  • Bugfix: Avoid crash of commands copy, imports, editable-add for packages using python_requires #5150

1.15.0 (6-May-2019)

  • Feature: Updated the generated in conan new to the new conan-io/hello repository #5069 . Docs here

  • Feature: The MSBuild build helper allows the parameter toolset with False value to skip the toolset adjustment. #5052 . Docs here

  • Feature: Add GCC 9 to default settings.yml #5046 . Docs here

  • Feature: You can disable broken symlinks checks when packaging using CONAN_SKIP_BROKEN_SYMLINKS_CHECK env var or config.skip_broken_symlinks_check=1 #4991 . Docs here

  • Feature: New deploy generator to export files from a dependency graph to an installation folder #4972 . Docs here

  • Feature: Create tools.Version with _limited_ capabilities #4963 . Docs here

  • Feature: Default filename for workspaces: conanws.yml (used in install command) #4941 . Docs here

  • Feature: Add install folder to command ‘conan workspace install’ #4940 . Docs here

  • Feature: Add compiler.cppstd setting (mark cppstd as deprecated) #4917 . Docs here

  • Feature: Add a –raw argument to conan inspect command to get an output only with the value of the requested attributes #4903 . Docs here

  • Feature: tools.get() and tools.unzip() now handle also .gz compressed files #4883 . Docs here

  • Feature: Add argument –force to command profile new to overwrite existing one #4880 . Docs here

  • Feature: Get commit message #4877 . Docs here

  • Fix: Remove sudo from Travis CI template #5073 . Docs here

  • Fix: Handle quoted path and libraries in the premake generator #5051

  • Fix: A simple addition to ensure right compiler version is found on windows. #5041

  • Fix: Include CMAKE_MODULE_PATH for CMake find_dependency (#4956) #5021

  • Fix: Add default_package_id_mode in the default conan.conf (#4947) #5005 . Docs here

  • Fix: Use back slashes for visual_studio generator instead of forward slashes #5003

  • Fix: Adding subparsers.required = True makes both Py2 and Py3 print an error when no arguments are entered in commands that have subarguments #4902

  • Fix: Example bare package recipe excludes from copy #4892

  • Fix: More meaningful error message when a remote communication fails to try to download a binary package. #4888

  • Bugfix: conan upload --force force also the upload of package binaries, not only recipes #5088

  • BugFix: MSYS 3.x detection #5078

  • Bugfix: Don’t crash when an editable declare a build_folder in the layout, but not used in a workspace #5070

  • Bugfix: Made compatible the cmake_find_package_multi generator with CMake < 3.9 #5042

  • Bugfix: Fix broken local development flow (conan source, conan build, conan package, conan export-pkg) with recipes with python-requires #4979

  • Bugfix: ‘tar_extract’ function was failing if there was a linked folder in the working dir that matches one inside the tar file. Now we use the destination_dir as base directory to check this condition. #4965

  • Bugfix: Remove package folder in conan create even when using --keep-build #4918

1.14.5 (30-Apr-2019)

  • Bugfix: Uncompressing a tgz package with a broken symlink failed while touching the destination file. #5065

  • Bugfix: The symlinks compressed in a tgz had invalid nonzero size. #5064

  • Bugfix: Fixing exception of transitive build-requires mixed with normal requires #5056

1.14.4 (25-Apr-2019)

  • Bugfix: Fixed error while using Visual Studio 2019 with Ninja generator. #5028

  • Bugfix: Fixed error while using Visual Studio 2019 with Ninja generator. #5025

  • Bugfix: Solved errors in concurrent uploads of same recipe #5014

  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug that intermittently raised ERROR: ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘file_sums’ when uploading a recipe. #5012

  • Bugfix: Bug in cmake_find_package_multi caused CMake to find incorrect modules in CMake modules paths when only Config files should be taken into account. #4995

  • Bugfix: Fix skipping binaries because of transitive private requirements #4987

  • Bugfix: Fix broken local development flow (conan source, conan build, conan package, conan export-pkg) with recipes with python-requires #4983

1.14.3 (11-Apr-2019)

  • Bugfix: build-requires and private requirements that resolve to a dependency that is already in the graph won’t span a new node, nor will be build-requires or private. They can conflict too. #4937

1.14.2 (11-Apr-2019)

  • Bugfix: Run a full metadata migration in the cache to avoid old null revisions in package metadata #4934

1.14.1 (1-Apr-2019)

  • Fix: Print a message for unhandled Conan errors building the API and collaborators #4869

  • Bugfix: Client does not require credentials for anonymous downloads from remotes. #4872

  • Bugfix: Fix a migration problem of conan config install for Conan versions 1.9 and older #4870

  • Feature: Now Conan will crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women! (April’s fools)

1.14.0 (28-Mar-2019)

  • Feature: support new architectures s390 and s390x #4810 . Docs here

  • Feature: –build parameter now applies fnmatching onto the whole reference, allowing to control rebuilding in a much broader way. #4787 . Docs here

  • Feature: Add config variable general.error_on_override and environment variable CONAN_ERROR_ON_OVERRIDE (defaulting to False) to configure if an overridden requirement should raise an error when overridden from downstream consumers. #4771 . Docs here

  • Feature: Allow to specify revision_mode for each recipe, values accepted are scm or hash (default) #4767 . Docs here

  • Feature: Sort library list name when calling tools.collect_libs #4761 . Docs here

  • Feature: Add cmake_find_package_multi generator. #4714 . Docs here

  • Feature: Implement --source-folder and --target-folder to conan config install command to select subfolder to install from the source origin, and also the destination folder within the cache. #4709 . Docs here

  • Feature: Implement --update argument for python-requires too. #4660

  • Fix: Apply environment variables from profile and from requirements to conan export-pkg #4852

  • Fix: Do not run export_sources automatically for python_requires #4838

  • Fix: Show the correct profile name when detect a new one (#4818) #4824

  • Fix: Allow using reference object in workspaces in templates for out of source builds #4812 . Docs here

  • Fix: Look for vswhere in PATH when using tools.vswhere() #4805

  • Fix: SystemPackageTools doesn’t run sudo when it’s not found (#4470) #4774 . Docs here

  • Fix: Show warning if repo is not pristine and using SCM mode to set the revisions #4764

  • Fix: avoid double call to package() method #4748 . Docs here

  • Fix: The cmake_paths generator now declares the CONAN_XXX_ROOT variables in case some exported cmake module file like XXXConfig.cmake has been patched with the cmake.patch_config_paths() to replace absolute paths to the local cache. #4719 . Docs here

  • Fix: Do not distribute the tests in the python package nor in the installers. #4713

  • Fix: add support for CMake generator platform #4708 . Docs here

  • Fix: Fix corrupted packages with missing conanmanifest.txt files #4662

  • Fix: Include information about all the configurations in the JSON generator #4657 . Docs here

  • Bugfix: Fixed authentication management when a server returns 401 uploading a file. #4857

  • Bugfix: Fixed recipe revision detection when some error output or unexpected output was printed to the stdout running the git command. #4854

  • Bugfix: The error output was piped to stdout causing issues while running git commands, especially during the detection of the scm revision #4853

  • Bugfix: conan export-pkg should never resolve build-requires #4851

  • bugfix: The –build pattern was case sensitive depending on the os file system, now it is always case sensitive, following the conan search behavior. #4842

  • Bugfix: Fix metadata not being updated for conan export-pkg when using --package-folder #4834

  • Bugfix: –build parameter now is always case-sensitive, previously it depended to the file system type. #4787 . Docs here

  • Bugfix: Raise an error if source files cannot be correctly copied to build folder because of long paths in Windows. #4766

  • Bugfix: Use the same interface in conan_basic_setup() for the cmake_multi generator #4721 . Docs here

1.13.3 (27-Mar-2019)

  • Bugfix: Revision computation failed when a git repo was present but without commits #4830

1.13.2 (21-Mar-2019)

  • Bugfix: Installing a reference with “update” and “build outdated” options raised an exception. #4790

  • Bugfix: Solved bug with build-requires transitive build-requires #4783

  • Bugfix: Fixed workspace crash when no layout was specified #4783

  • Bugfix: Do not generate multiple add_subdirectories() for workspaces build-requires #4783

1.13.1 (15-Mar-2019)

  • Bugfix: Fix computation of graph when transitive diamonds are processed. #4737

1.13.0 (07-Mar-2019)

  • Feature: Added with_login parameter to tools.run_in_windows_bash() #4673 . Docs here

  • Feature: The deb and windows Conan installers now use Python 3. #4663

  • Feature: Allow configuring in conan.conf a different default package_id mode. #4644 . Docs here

  • Feature: Apply Jinja2 to layout files before parsing them #4596 . Docs here

  • Feature: Accept a PackageReference for the command conan get (argument -p is accepted, but hidden) #4494 . Docs here

  • Feature: Re-implement Workspaces based on Editable packages. #4481 . Docs here

  • Feature: Removed old “compatibility” mode of revisions. #4462 . Docs here

  • Fix: When revisions enabled, add the revision to the json output of the info/install commands. #4667

  • Fix: JSON output for multi_config now works in install and create commands #4656

  • Fix: Deprecate ‘cppflags’ in favor of ‘cxxflags’ in class CppInfo #4611 . Docs here

  • Fix: Return empty list if env variable is an empty string #4594

  • Fix: conan profile list will now recursively list profiles. #4591

  • Fix: Instance of ‘TestConan’ has no ‘install_folder’ member when exporting recipe #4585

  • Fix: SCM replacement with comments below it #4580

  • Fix: Remove package references associated to a remote in registry.json when that remote is deleted #4568

  • Fix: Fixed issue with Artifactory when the anonymous user is enabled, causing the uploads to fail without requesting the user and password. #4526

  • Fix: Do not allow an alias to override an existing package #4495

  • Fix: Do not display the warning when there are files in the package folder (#4438). #4464

  • Fix: Renamed the conan link command to conan editable to put packages into editable mode. #4481 . Docs here

  • Bugfix: Solve problem with loading recipe python files in Python 3.7 because of module.__file__ = None #4669

  • Bugfix: Do not attempt to upload non-existing packages, due to empty short_paths folders, or to explicit upload -p=id command. #4615

  • Bugfix: Fix LIB overwrite in virtualbuildenv generator #4583

  • Bugfix: Avoid str( crash when the value is None. #4571 . Docs here

  • Bugfix: Build-requires expand over the closure of the package they apply to, so they can create conflicts too. Previously, those conflicts were silently skipped, and builds would use an undetermined version and configuration of dependencies. #4514

  • Bugfix: meson build type actually reflects recipe shared option #4489

  • Bugfix: Fixed several bugs related to revisions. #4462 . Docs here

  • Bugfix: Fixed several bugs related to the package metadata.json #4462 . Docs here

1.12.3 (18-Feb-2019)

  • Fix: Fix potential downgrade from future 1.13 to 1.12 #4547

  • Fix: Remove output warnings in MSBuild helper. #4518

  • Fix: Revert default cmake generator on Windows (#4265) #4509 . Docs here

  • Bugfix: Fixed problem with conanfile.txt [imports] sections using the ‘@’ character. #4539 . Docs here

  • Bugfix: Fix search packages function when remote is called all #4502

1.12.2 (8-Feb-2019)

  • Bugfix: Regression in MSBuild helper, incorrectly ignoring the conan_build.props file because of using a relative path instead of absolute one. #4488

1.12.1 (5-Feb-2019)

  • Bugfix: GraphInfo parsing of existing graph_info.json files raises KeyError over “root”. #4458

  • Bugfix: Transitive Editable packages fail to install #4448

1.12.0 (30-Jan-2019)

  • Feature: Add JSON output to ‘info’ command #4359 . Docs here

  • Feature: Remove system requirements conan folders (not installed binaries) from cache #4354 . Docs here

  • Feature: Updated with code style #4348

  • Feature: Updated OS versions for apple products #4345

  • Feature: add environment variable CONAN_CACHE_NO_LOCKS to simplify debugging #4309 . Docs here

  • Feature: The commands conan install, conan info, conan create and conan export-pkg now can receive multiple profile arguments. The applied profile will be the composition of them, prioritizing the latest applied. #4308 . Docs here

  • Feature: Added get_tag() methods to tools.Git() and tools.SVN() helpers. #4306 . Docs here

  • Feature: Package reference is now accepted as an argument in conan install --build #4305 . Docs here

  • Feature: define environment variables for CTest #4299 . Docs here

  • Feature: Added a configuration entry at the conan.conf file to be able to specify a custom CMake executable. #4298 . Docs here

  • Feature: Skip “” and “LICENSE.txt” during the installation of a custom config via conan config install. #4259 . Docs here

  • Feature: allow to specify MSBuild verbosity level #4251 . Docs here

  • Feature: add definitions to MSBuild build helper (and tools.build_sln_command()) #4239 . Docs here

  • Feature: Generate deterministic short paths on Windows #4238

  • Feature: The tools.environment_append() now accepts unsetting variables by means of appending such variable with a value equal to None. #4224 . Docs here

  • Feature: Enable a new reference argument in conan install <path> <reference>, where reference can be a partial reference too (identical to what is passed to conan create or conan export. This allows defining all pkg,version,user,channel fields of the recipe for the local flow. #4197 . Docs here

  • Feature: Added support for new architecture ppc32 #4195 . Docs here

  • Feature: Added support for new architecture armv8.3 #4195 . Docs here

  • Feature: Added support for new architecture armv8_32 #4195 . Docs here

  • Feature: Add experimental support for packages in editable mode #4181 . Docs here

  • Fix: Conditionally expand list-like environment variables in virtualenv generator #4396

  • Fix: get_cross_building_settings for MSYS #4390

  • Fix: Implemented retrial of output to stdout stream when the OS (Windows) is holding it and producing IOError for output #4375

  • Fix: Validate CONAN_CPU_COUNT and output user-friendly message for invalid values #4372

  • Fix: Map cpp_info.cppflags to CONAN_CXXFLAGS in make generator. #4349 . Docs here

  • Fix: Use *_DIRS instead of *_PATHS ending for varaibles generated by the make generator: INCLUDE_DIRS, LIB_DIRS, BIN_DIRS, BUILD_DIRS and RES_DIRS #4349 . Docs here

  • Fix: Bumped requirement of pyOpenSSL on OSX to >=16.0.0, <19.0.0 #4333

  • Fix: Fixed a bug in the migration of the server storage to the revisions layout. #4325

  • Fix: ensure tools.environment_append doesn’t raise trying to unset variables #4324 . Docs here

  • Fix: Improve error message when a server (like a proxy), returns 200-OK for a conan api call, but with an unexpected message. #4317

  • Fix: ensure is_windows, detect_windows_subsystem, uname work under MSYS/Cygwin #4313

  • Fix: uname shouldn’t use -o flag, which is GNU extention #4311

  • Fix: get_branch() method of tools.SVN() helper now returns only the branch name, not the tag when present. #4306 . Docs here

  • Fix: Conan client now always include the X-Checksum-Sha1 header in the file uploads, not only when checking if the file is already there with a remote supporting checksum deploy (Artifactory) #4303

  • Fix: SCM optimization related to scm_folder.txt is taken into account only for packages under development. #4301

  • Fix: Update premake generator, rename conanbuildinfo.premake -> conanbuildinfo.premake.lua, conan_cppdefines -> conan_defines #4296 . Docs here

  • Fix: Using yaml.safe_load instead of load #4285

  • Fix: Fixes default CMake generator on Windows to use MinGW Makefiles. #4281 . Docs here

  • Fix: Visual Studio toolset is passed from settings to the MSBuild helper #4250 . Docs here

  • Fix: Handle corner cases related to SCM with local sources optimization #4249

  • Fix: Allow referring to projects created by b2 generator for dependencies with absolute paths. #4211

  • Fix: Credentials are removed from SCM url attribute if Conan is automatically resolving it. #4207 . Docs here

  • Fix: Remove client/server versions check on every request. Return server capabilities only in ping endpoint. #4205

  • Fix: Updated contributing guidelines to the new workflow #4173

  • Bugfix: Fixes config install when copying hooks #4412

  • BugFix: Meson generator was failing in case of package_folder == None (test_package using Meson) #4391

  • BugFix: Prepend environment variables are applied twice in conanfile #4380

  • Bugfix: Caching of several internal loaders broke the conan_api usage #4362

  • Bugfix: Removing usage of FileNotFoundError which is Py3 only #4361

  • Bugfix: Custom generator allow to use imports #4358 . Docs here

  • Bugfix: conanbuildinfo.cmake won’t fail if project() LANGUAGE is None, but the user defines CONAN_DISABLE_CHECK_COMPILER. #4276

  • Bugfix: Fix version ranges containing spaces and not separated by commas. #4273

  • Bugfix: When running consecutively Conan python API calls to create the default profile object became modified and cached between calls. #4256

  • Bugfix: Fixes a bug in the CMake build helper about how flags are appended #4227

  • Bugfix: Apply the environment to the local conan package command #4204

  • Bugfix: b2 generator was failing when package recipe didn’t use compiler setting #4202

1.11.2 (8-Jan-2019)

  • Bugfix: The migrated data in the server from a version previous to Conan 1.10.0 was not migrated creating the needed indexes. This fixes the migration and creates the index on the fly for fixing broken migrations. Also the server doesn’t try to migrate while running but warns the user to run conan server –migrate after doing a backup of the data, avoiding issues when running the production servers like gunicorn where the process doesn’t accept input from the user. #4229

1.11.1 (20-Dec-2018)

  • BugFix: Fix conan config install requester for zip file download #4172

1.11.0 (19-Dec-2018)

  • Feature: Store verify_ssl argument in conan config install #4158 . Docs here

  • Feature: Tox launcher to run the test suite. #4151

  • Feature: Allow --graph=file.html html output using local vis.min.js and vis.min.css resources if they are found in the local cache (can be deployed via conan config install) #4133 . Docs here

  • Feature: Improve client DEBUG traces with better and more complete messages. #4128

  • Feature: Server prints the configuration used at startup to help debugging issues. #4128

  • Feature: Allow hooks to be stored in folders #4106 . Docs here

  • Feature: Remove files containing Macos meta-data (files beginning by ._) #4103 . Docs here

  • Feature: Allow arguments in git clone for conan config install #4083 . Docs here

  • Feature: Display the version-ranges resolutions in a cleaner way. #4065

  • Feature: allow conan export . version@user/channel and conan create . version@user/channel #4062 . Docs here

  • Fix: cmake_find_package generator not forwarding all dependency properties #4125

  • Fix: Recent updates in python break ConfigParser with % in values, like in path names containing % (jenkins) #4122

  • Fix: The property file that the MSBuild() is now generated in the build_folder instead of a temporary folder to allow more reproducible builds. #4113 . Docs here

  • Fix: Fixed the check of the return code from Artifactory when using the checksum deploy feature. #4100

  • Fix: Evaluate always SCM attribute before exporting the recipe #4088 . Docs here

  • Fix: Reordered Python imports #4064

  • Bugfix: In ftp_download function there is extra call to ftp.login() with empty args. This causes ftp lib to login again with empty credentials and throwing exception because authentication is required by server. #4092

  • Bugfix: Take into account os_build and arch_build for search queries. #4061

1.10.2 (17-Dec-2018)

  • Bugfix: Fixed bad URL schema in ApiV2 that could cause URLs collisions #4138

1.10.1 (11-Dec-2018)

  • Fix: Handle some corner cases of python_requires #4099

  • Bugfix: Add v1_only argument in Conan server class #4096

  • Bugfix: Handle invalid use of python_requires when imported like conans.python_requires #4090

1.10.0 (4-Dec-2018)

  • Feature: Add include_prerelease and loose option to version range expression #3898

  • Feature: Merged “revisions” feature code in develop branch, still disabled by default until it gets stabilized. #3055

  • Feature: CMake global variable to disable Conan output CONAN_CMAKE_SILENT_OUTPUT #4042

  • Feature: Added new make generator. #4003

  • Feature: Deploy a conan snapshot package to for every develop commit. #4000

  • Fix: Using the scm feature when Conan is not able to read the gitignored files (local optimization mechanism) print a warning to improve the debug information but not crash. #4045

  • Fix: The tools.get tool (download + unzip) now supports all the arguments of the download tool. e.g: verify, retry, retry_wait etc. #4041

  • Fix: Improve make generator test #4018

  • Fix: Add space and dot in conan new --help #3999

  • Fix: Resolve aliased packages in python_requires #3957

  • Bugfix: Better checks of package reference pkg/version@user/channel, avoids bugs for conanfile in 4 nested folders and conan install path/to/the/file #4044

  • Bugfix: Running Windows subsystem scripts crashed when the PATH environment variable passed as a list. #4039

  • Bugfix: Fix removal of with conan source command and the removal of source folder in the local cache when something fails #4033

  • Bugfix: A conan install with a reference failed when running in the operating system root folder because python tried to create the directory even when nothing is going to be written. #4012

  • Bugfix: Fix qbs generator mixing sharedlinkflags and exelinkflags #3980

  • Bugfix: compiler_args generated “mytool.lib.lib” for Visual Studio libraries that were defined with the .lib extension in the self.cpp_info.libs field of package_info(). #3976

1.9.2 (20-Nov-2018)

  • Bugfix: SVN API changes are relevant since version 1.9 #3954

  • Bugfix: Fixed bug in vcvars_dict tool when using filter_known_paths argument. #3941

1.9.1 (08-Nov-2018)

  • Fix: Fix regression introduced in 1.7, setting amd64_x86 when no arch_build is defined. #3918

  • Fix: Do not look for binaries in other remotes than the recipe, if it is defined. #3890

  • Bugfix: sudo --askpass breaks CentOS 6 package installation. The sudo version on CentOS 6 is 1.8.6. The option of askpass for sudo version 1.8.7 or older is sudo -A. #3885

1.9.0 (30-October-2018)

  • Feature: Support for srcdirs in package_info(). Packages can package sources, and specify their location, which will be propagated to consumers. Includes support for CMake generator. #3857

  • Feature: Added remote_name and remote_url to upload json output. #3850

  • Feature: Add environment variable CONAN_USE_ALWAYS_SHORT_PATHS to let the consumer override short_paths behavior from recipes #3846

  • Feature: Added --json output to conan export_pkg command #3809

  • Feature: Add conan remote clean subcommand #3767

  • Feature: New premake generator incorporated to the Conan code base from the external generator at #3751

  • Feature: New conan remote list_pref/add_pref/remove_pref/update_pref commands added to manage the new Registry entries for binary packages. #3726

  • Feature: Add cpp_info data to json output of install and create commands at package level. #3717

  • Feature: Now the default templates of the conan new command use the docker images from the conanio organization: #3710

  • Feature: Added topics attribute to the ConanFile to specify topics (a.k.a tags, a.k.a keywords) to the recipe. #3702

  • Feature: Internal refactor to the remote registry to manage a json file. Also improved internal interface. #3676

  • Feature: Implement reuse of sources (exports_sources) in recipes used as python_requires(). #3661

  • Feature: Added support for Clang >=8 and the new versioning schema, where only the major and the patch is used. #3643

  • Fix: Renamed Plugins as Hooks #3867

  • Fix: Adds GCC 8.2 to default settings.yml #3865

  • Fix: Hidden confusing messages download conaninfo.txt when requesting the server to check package manifests. #3861

  • Fix: The MSBuild() build helper doesn’t adjust the compiler flags for the build_type anymore because they are adjusted by the project itself. #3860

  • Fix: Add neon as linux distro for SystemPackageTools #3845

  • Fix: remove error that was raised for custom compiler & compiler version, while checking cppstd setting. #3844

  • Fix: do not allow wildcards in command conan download <ref-without-wildcards> #3843

  • Fix: do not populate arch nor arch_build in autodetected profile if platform.machine returns an empty string. #3841

  • Fix: The registry won’t remove a reference to a remote removed recipe or package. #3838

  • Fix: Internal improvements of the ConanFile loader #3837

  • Fix: environment variables are passed verbatim to generators. #3836

  • Fix: Implement dirty checks in the cache build folder, so failed builds are not packaged when there is a build_id() method. #3834

  • Fix: vcvars is also called in the CMake() build helper when clang compiler is used, not only with Visual Studio`compiler. `#3832

  • Fix: Ignore empty line when parsing output inside SVN::excluded_files function. #3830

  • Fix: Bump version of tqdm requirement to >=4.28.0 #3823

  • Fix: Handling corrupted lock files in cache #3816

  • Fix: Implement download concurrency checks, to allow simultaneous download of the same package (as header-only) while installing different configurations that depend on that package. #3806

  • Fix: vcvars is also called in the CMake() build helper when using Ninja or NMake generators. #3803

  • Fix: Fixed link_flags management in MSBuild build helper #3791

  • Fix: Allow providing --profile argument (and settings, options, env, too) to conan export-pkg, so it is able to correctly compute the binary package_id in case the information captured in the installed conaninfo.txt in previous conan install does not contain all information to reconstruct the graph. #3768

  • Fix: Upgrade dependency of tqdm to >=4.27: solves issue with weakref assertion. #3763

  • Fix: Use XML output to retrieve information from SVN command line if its client version is less than 1.8 (command --show-item is not available). #3757

  • Fix: SVN v1.7 does not have -r argument in svn status, so functionality SVN::is_pristine won’t be available. #3757

  • Fix: Add --askpass argument to sudo if it is not an interactive terminal #3727

  • Fix: The remote used to download a binary package is now stored, so any update for the specific binary will come from the right remote. #3726

  • Fix: Use XML output from SVN command line interface to compute if the repository is pristine. #3653

  • Fix: Updated templates of the conan new command with the latest conan package tools changes. #3651

  • Fix: Improve error messages if conanfile was not found #3554

  • BugFix: Fix conflicting multiple local imports for python_requires #3876

  • Bugfix: do not ask for the username if it is already given when login into a remote. #3839

  • Bugfix: yum update needs user’s confirmation, which breaks system update in CentOS non-interactive terminal. #3747

1.8.4 (19-October-2018)

  • Feature: Increase debugging information when an error uploading a recipe with different timestamp occurs. #3801

  • Fix: Changed tqdm dependency to a temporarily forked removing the “man” directory write permissions issue installing the pip package. #3802

  • Fix: Removed ndg-httpsclient and pyasn dependencies from OSX requirements file because they shouldn’t be necessary. #3802

1.8.3 (17-October-2018)

  • Feature: New attributes default_user and default_channel that can be declared in a conanfile to specify the user and channel for conan local methods when neither CONAN_USERNAME and CONAN_CHANNEL environment variables exist. #3758

  • Bugfix: AST parsing of with shebang and encoding header lines was failing in python 2. This fix also allows non-ascii chars in if proper encoding is declared. #3750

1.8.2 (10-October-2018)

  • Fix: Fix misleading warning message in tools.collect_libs() #3718

  • BugFix: Fixed wrong naming of --sbindir and --libexecdir in AutoTools build helper. #3715

1.8.1 (10-October-2018)

  • Fix: Remove warnings related to python_requires(), both in linter and due to Python2. #3706

  • Fix: Use share folder for DATAROOTDIR in CMake and AutoTools build helpers. #3705

  • Fix: Disabled apiv2 until the new protocol becomes stable. #3703

1.8.0 (9-October-2018)

  • Feature: Allow conan config install to install configuration from a folder and not only from compressed files. #3680

  • Feature: The environment variable CONAN_DEFAULT_PROFILE_PATH allows the user to define the path (existing) to the default profile that will be used by Conan. #3675

  • Feature: New conan inspect command that provides individual attributes of a recipe, like name, version, or options. Work with -r=remote repos too, and is able to produce --json output. #3634

  • Feature: Validate parameter for ConanFileReference objects to avoid unnecessary checks #3623

  • Feature: The environment variable CONAN_DEFAULT_PROFILE_PATH allows the user to define the path (absolute and existing) to the default profile that will be used by Conan. #3615

  • Feature: Warning message printed if Conan cannot deduce an architecture of a GNU triplet. #3603

  • Feature: The AutotoolsBuildEnvironment and CMake build helpers now adjust default for the GNU standard installation directories: bindir, sbin, libexec, includedir, oldincludedir, datarootdir #3599

  • Feature: Added use_default_install_dirs in AutotoolsBuildEnvironment.configure() to opt-out from the defaulted installation dirs. #3599

  • Feature: Clean repeated entries in the PATH when vcvars is run, mitigating the max size of the env var issues. #3598

  • Feature: Allow vcvars to run if clang-cl compiler is detected. #3574

  • Feature: Added python 2 deprecation message in the output of the conan commands. #3567

  • Feature: The conan install command now prints information about the applied configuration. #3561

  • Feature: New naming convention for conanfile reserved/public/private attributes. #3560

  • Feature: Experimental support for Conan plugins. #3555

  • Feature: Progress bars for files unzipping. #3545

  • Feature: Improved graph propagation performance from O(n2) to O(n). #3528

  • Feature: Added ConanInvalidConfiguration as the standard way to indicate that a specific configuration is not valid for the current package. e.g library not compatible with Windows. #3517

  • Feature: Added libtool() function to the tools.XCRun() tool to locate the system libtool. #3515

  • Feature: The tool tools.collect_libs() now search into each folder declared in self.cpp_info.libdirs. #3503

  • Feature: Added definition CMAKE_OSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET to the CMake build helper following the os.version setting for Macos. #3486

  • Feature: The upload of files now uses the conanmanifest.txt file to know if a file has to be uploaded or not. It avoids issues associated with the metadata of the files permissions contained in the tgz files. #3480

  • Feature: The default_options in a can be specified now as a dictionary. #3477

  • Feature: The command conan config install now support relative paths. #3468

  • Feature: Added a definition CONAN_IN_LOCAL_CACHE to the CMake() build helper. #3450

  • Feature: Improved AptTool at SystemPackageTool adding a function add_repository to add new apt repositories. #3445

  • Feature: Experimental and initial support for the REST apiv2 that will allow transfers in one step and revisions in the future. #3442

  • Feature: Improve the output of a conan install command printing dependencies when a binary is not found. #3438

  • Feature: New b2 generator. It replaces the old incomplete boost_build generator that is now deprecated. #3416

  • Feature: New tool.replace_path_in_file to replace Windows paths in a file doing case-insensitive comparison and indistinct path separators comparison: “/” == “\” #3399

  • Feature: [Experimental] Add SCM support for SVN. #3192

  • Fix: None option value was not being propagated upstream in the dependency graph #3684

  • Fix: Apply system_requirements() always on install, in case the folder was removed. #3647

  • Fix: Included bottle package in the development requirements #3646

  • Fix: More complete architecture list in the detection of the gnu triplet and the detection of the build machine architecture. #3581

  • Fix: Avoid downloading the manifest of the recipe twice for uploads. Making this download quiet, without output. #3552

  • Fix: Fixed Git scm class avoiding to replace any character in the get_branch() function. #3496

  • Fix: Removed login username syntax checks that were no longer necessary. #3464

  • Fix: Removed bad duplicated messages about dependency overriding when using conan alias. #3456

  • Fix: Improve conan info help message. #3415

  • Fix: The generator files are only written in disk if the content of the generated file changes. #3412

  • Fix: Improved error message when parsing a bad conanfile reference. #3410

  • Fix: Paths are replaced correctly on Windows when using CMake().patch_config_files(). #3399

  • Fix: Fixed AptTool at SystemPackageTool to improve the detection of an installed package. #3033

  • BugFix: Fixes python_requires overwritten when using more than one of them in a recipe #3628

  • BugFix: Fix output overlap of decompress progress and plugins #3622

  • Bugfix: Check if the system_requirements() have to be executed even when the package is retrieved from the local cache. #3616

  • Bugfix: All API calls are now logged into the CONAN_TRACE_FILE log file. #3613

  • Bugfix: Renamed os (reserved symbol) parameter to os_ in the get_gnu_triplet tool. #3603

  • Bugfix: conan get command now works correctly with enabled short paths. #3600

  • Bugfix: Fixed scm replacement of the variable when exporting a conanfile. #3576

  • Bugfix: apiv2 was retrying the downloads even when a 404 error was raised. #3562

  • Bugfix: Fixed export_sources excluded patterns containing symlinks. #3537

  • Bugfix: Fixed bug with transitive private dependencies. #3525

  • Bugfix: get_cased_path crashed when the path didn’t exist. #3516

  • BugFix: Fixed failures when Conan walk directories with files containing not ASCCI characters in the file name. #3505

  • Bugfix: The scm feature now looks for the repo root even when the is in a subfolder. #3479

  • Bugfix: Fixed OSInfo.bash_path() when there is no windows_subsystem. #3455

  • Bugfix: AutotoolsBuildEnvironment was not defaulting the output library directory causing broken consumption of packages when rebuilding from sources in different Linux distros using lib64 default. Read more here. #3388

1.7.4 (18-September-2018)

  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug in apiv2.

  • Fix: Disabled apiv2 by default until it gets more stability.

1.7.3 (6-September-2018)

  • Bugfix: Uncontrolled exception was raised while printing the output of an error downloading a file.

  • Bugfix: Fixed *:option pattern for conanfile consumers.

1.7.2 (4-September-2018)

  • Bugfix: Reverted default options initialization to empty string with varname=.

  • Bugfix: Fixed conan build command with –test and –install arguments.

1.7.1 (31-August-2018)

  • Fix: Trailing sentences in Conan help command.

  • Fix: Removed hardcoded -c init.templateDir= argument in git clone for conan config install, in favor of a new --args parameter that allows custom arguments.

  • Fix: SCM can now handle nested subfolders.

  • BugFix: Fix conan export-pkg unnecessarily checking remotes.

1.7.0 (29-August-2018)

  • Feature: Support for C++20 in CMake > 3.12.

  • Feature: Included support for Python 3.7 in all platforms.

  • Feature: [Experimental] New python_requires function that allows you to reuse Python code by “requiring” it in Conan packages, even to extend the ConanFile class. See: Python requires: reusing python code in recipes

  • Feature: CMake method patch_config_paths replaces absolute paths to a Conan package’s dependencies as well as to the Conan package itself.

  • Feature: MSBuild and VisualStudioBuildEnvironment build helpers adjust the /MP flag to build code in parallel using multiple cores.

  • Feature: Added a print_errors parameter to tools.PkgConfig() helper.

  • Feature: Added --query argument to conan upload.

  • Feature: virtualenv/virtualbuildenv/virtualrunenv generators now create bash scripts in Windows for use in subsystems.

  • Feature: Improved resolution speed for version ranges through caching of remote requests.

  • Feature: Improved the result of tools.vcvars_dict(only_diff=True) including a “list” return type that can be used with tools.environment_append().

  • Fix: AutoToolsBuildEnvironment build helper now keeps the PKG_CONFIG_PATHS variable previously set in the environment.

  • Fix: The SCM feature keeps the .git folder during the copy of a local directory to the local cache.

  • Fix: The SCM feature now correctly excludes the folders ignored by Git during the copy of a local directory to the local cache.

  • Fix: Conan messages now spell “overridden” correctly.

  • Fix: MSBuild build helper arguments using quotes.

  • Fix: vcvars_command and MSBuild build helper use the amd64_x86 parameter when Visual Studio > 12 and when cross building for x86.

  • Fix: Disabled -c init.TemplateDir in conan config install from a Git repository.

  • Fix: Clang compiler check in cmake generator.

  • Fix: Detection of Zypper package tool on latest versions of openSUSE.

  • Fix: Improved help output of some commands.

  • BugFix: qmake generator hyphen.

  • Bugfix: Git submodules are now initialized from repo HEAD after checking out the referenced revision when using the scm attribute.

  • BugFix: Declaration default_options without value, e.g. default_options = "config=". Now it will throw an exception.

  • BugFix: Deactivate script in virtualenv generator causes PS1 to go unset.

  • BugFix: Apply general scope options to a consumer ConanFile first.

  • BugFix: Fixed detection of a valid repository for Git in the SCM feature.

1.6.1 (27-July-2018)

  • Bugfix: conan info --build-order was showing duplicated nodes for build-requires and private dependencies.

  • Fix: Fixed failure with the alias packages when the name of the package (excluded the version) was different from the aliased package. Now it is limited in the conan alias command.

1.6.0 (19-July-2018)

  • Feature: Added a new, run_environment=True) argument, that automatically applies PATH, LD_LIBRARY_PATH and DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variables from the dependencies, to the execution of the current command.

  • Feature: Added a new tools.run_environment() method as a shortcut to using tools.environment_append and RunEnvironment() together.

  • Feature: Added a new, ignore_errors=True) argument that represses launching an exception if the commands fails, so user can capture the return code.

  • Feature: Improved tools.Git to allow capturing the current branch and enabling the export of a package whose version is based on the branch and commit.

  • Feature: The json generator now outputs settings and options

  • Feature: conan remote list --raw prints remote information in a format valid for remotes.txt, so it can be used for conan config install

  • Feature: Visual Studio generator creates the conanbuildinfo.props file using the $(USERPROFILE) macro.

  • Feature: Added a filename parameter to tools.get() in case it cannot be deduced from the URL.

  • Feature: Propagated keep_permissions and pattern parameters from tools.get() to tools.unzip().

  • Feature: Added XZ extensions to unzip(). This will only work in Python 3 with lzma support enabled, otherwise, and error is produced.

  • Feature: Added FRAMEWORK_SEARCH_PATHS var to the Xcode generator to support packaging Apple Frameworks. Read more here.

  • Feature: Added conan build --test and a should_configure attribute to control the test stage. Read more here.

  • Feature: New tools to convert between files with LF and CRLF line endings: tools.unix2dos() and tools.dos2unix().

  • Feature: Added conan config install [url] --type=git to force cloning of a Git repo for http://... git urls.

  • Feature: Improved output information when a package is missing in a remote to show which package requires the missing one.

  • Feature: Improved the management of an upload interruption to avoid uploads of incomplete tarballs.

  • Feature: Added new LLVM toolsets to the base settings.yml (Visual Studio).

  • Feature: Created a plugin for pylint with the previous Conan checks (run in the export) enabling usage of the plugin in IDEs and command line to check if recipes are correct.

  • Feature: Improved the deb installer to guarantee that it runs correctly in Debian 9 and other distros.

  • Fix: Fixed conan search -q and conan remove -q to not return packages that don’t have the setting specified in the query.

  • Fix: Fixed SystemPackageTool when calling to update with sudo is not enabled and mode=verify.

  • Fix: Removed pyinstaller shared libraries from the linker environment for any Conan subprocess.

  • BugFix: The YumTool now calls yum update instead of yum check-update.

  • Bugfix: Solved a bug in which using --manifest parameter with conan create caused the deletion of information in the dependency graph.

  • Bugfix: Solved bug in which the build method of the Version model was not showing the version build field correctly .

  • Bugfix: Fixed a Conan crash caused by a dependency tree containing transitive private nodes.

1.5.2 (5-July-2018)

  • Bugfix: Fixed bug with pre-1.0 packages with sources.

  • Bugfix: Fixed regression in private requirements.

1.5.1 (29-June-2018)

  • Bugfix: Sources in the local cache weren’t removed when using scm pointing to the local source directory, causing changes in local sources not applied to the conan create process.

  • Bugfix: Fixed bug causing duplication of build requires in the dependency graph.

1.5.0 (27-June-2018)

  • Feature: conan search <pkg-ref> -r=all now is able to search for binaries too in all remotes

  • Feature: Dependency graph improvements: build_requires are represented in the graph (visible in conan info`, also in the HTML graph). conan install and conan info commands shows extended information of the binaries status (represented in colors in HTML graph). The dependencies declaration order in recipes is respected (as long as it doesn’t break the dependency graph order).

  • Feature: improved remote management, it is possible to get binaries from different remotes.

  • Feature: conan user command is now able to show authenticated users.

  • Feature: Added conan user --json json output to the command.

  • Feature: New pattern argument to tools.unzip() and tools.untargz functions, that allow efficient extraction of certain files only.

  • Feature : Added Manjaro support for SystemPackageTools.

  • Feature: Added Macos version subsetting in the default settings.yml file, to account for the “min OSX version” configuration.

  • Feature: SCM helper argument to recursively clone submodules

  • Feature: SCM helper management of subfolder, allows using exports and exports_sources, manage symlinks, and do not copy files that are .gitignored. Also, works better in the local development flow.

  • Feature: Modifies user agent header to output the Conan client version and the Python version. Example: Conan/1.5.0 (Python 2.7.1)

  • Fix: The CMake() helper now doesn’t require a compiler input to deduce the default generator.

  • Fix: conan search <pattern> now works consistently in local cache and remotes.

  • Fix: Proxy related environment variables are removed if conan.conf declares proxy configuration.

  • Fix: Fixed the parsing of invalid JSON when Microsoft vswhere tool outputs invalid non utf-8 text.

  • Fix: Applying winsdk and vcvars_ver to MSBuild and vcvars_command for VS 14 too.

  • Fix: Workspaces now support build_requires.

  • Fix: CMake() helper now defines by default CMAKE_EXPORT_NO_PACKAGE_REGISTRY.

  • Fix: Settings constraints declared in recipes now don’t error for single strings (instead of a list with a string element).

  • Fix: cmake_minimum_required() is now before project() in templates and examples.

  • Fix: CONAN_SYSREQUIRES_MODE=Disabled now doesn’t try to update the system packages registry.

  • Bugfix: Fixed SCM origin path of windows folder (with backslashes).

  • Bugfix: Fixed SCM dictionary order when doing replacement.

  • Bugfix: Fixed auto-detection of apple-clang 10.0.

  • Bugfix: Fixed bug when doing a conan search without registry file (just before installation).

1.4.5 (22-June-2018)

  • Bugfix: The package_id recipe method was being called twice causing issues with info objects being populated with wrong information.

1.4.4 (11-June-2018)

  • Bugfix: Fix link order with private requirements.

  • Bugfix: Removed duplicate -std flag in CMake < 3 or when the standard is not yet supported by CMAKE_CXX_STANDARD.

  • Bugfix: Check scm attribute to avoid breaking recipes with already defined one.

  • Feature: Conan workspaces.

1.4.3 (6-June-2018)

  • Bugfix: Added system libraries to the cmake_find_package generator.

  • Fix: Added SIGTERM signal handler to quit safely.

  • Bugfix: Fixed miss-detection of gcc 1 when no gcc was on a Linux machine.

1.4.2 (4-June-2018)

  • Bugfix: Fixed multi-config packages.

  • Bugfix: Fixed cppstd management with CMake and 20 standard version.

1.4.1 (31-May-2018)

  • Bugfix: Solved issue with symlinks making recipes to fail with self.copy.

  • Bugfix: Fixed c++20 standard usage with modern compilers and the creation of the settings.yml containing the settings values.

  • Bugfix: Fixed error with cased directory names in Windows.

  • BugFix: Modified confusing warning message in the SCM tool when the remote couldn’t be detected.

1.4.0 (30-May-2018)

  • Feature: Added scm conanfile attribute, to easily clone/checkout from remote repositories and to capture the remote and commit in the exported recipe when the recipe and the sources lives in the same repository. Read more in “Recipe and sources in a different repo” and “Recipe and sources in the same repo”.

  • Feature: Added cmake_paths generator to create a file setting CMAKE_MODULE_PATH and CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH to the packages folders. It can be used as a CMake toolchain to perform a transparent CMake usage, without include any line of cmake code related to Conan. Read more here.

  • Feature: Added cmake_find_package generator that generates one FindXXX.cmake file per each dependency both with classic CMake approach and modern using transitive CMake targets. Read more here.

  • Feature: Added conan search --json json output to the command.

  • Feature: CMake build helper now sets PKG_CONFIG_PATH automatically and receives new parameter pkg_config_paths to override it.

  • Feature: CMake build helper doesn’t require to specify “arch” nor “compiler” anymore when the generator is “Unix Makefiles”.

  • Feature: Introduced default settings for GCC 8, Clang 7.

  • Feature: Introduced support for c++ language standard c++20.

  • Feature: Auto-managed fPIC option in AutoTools build helper.

  • Feature: tools.vcvars_command() and tools.vcvars_dict() now take vcvars_ver and winsdk_version as parameters.

  • Feature: tools.vcvars_dict() gets only the env vars set by vcvars with new parameter only_diff=True.

  • Feature: Generator virtualbuildenv now sets Visual Studio env vars via tool.vcvars_dict().

  • Feature: New tools for Apple development including XCRun wrapper.

  • Fix: Message “Package ‘1’ created” in package commands with short_paths=True now shows package ID.

  • Fix: tools.vcvars_dict() failing to create dictionary due to newlines in vcvars command output.

  • Bugfix: tools.which() returning directories instead of only files.

  • Bugfix: Inconsistent local cache when developing a recipe with short_paths=True.

  • Bugfix: Fixed reusing MSBuild() helper object for multi-configuration packages.

  • Bugfix: Fixed authentication using env vars such as CONAN_PASSWORD when CONAN_NON_INTERACTIVE=True.

  • Bugfix: Fixed Android api_level was not used to adjust CMAKE_SYSTEM_VERSION.

  • Bugfix: Fixed MSBuild() build helper creating empty XML node for runtime when the setting was not declared.

  • Bugfix: Fixed default_options not supporting = in value when specified as tuple.

  • Bugfix: AutoToolsBuildEnvironment build helper’s pkg_config_paths parameter now sets paths relative to the install folder or absolute ones if provided.

1.3.3 (10-May-2018)

  • Bugfix: Fixed encoding issues writing to files and calculating md5 sums.

1.3.2 (7-May-2018)

  • Bugfix: Fixed broken run_in_windows_bash due to wrong argument.

  • Bugfix: Fixed VisualStudioBuildEnvironment when toolset was not defined.

  • Bugfix: Fixed md5 computation of conan .tgz files for recipe, exported sources and packages due to file ordering and flags.

  • Bugfix: Fixed conan download -p=wrong_id command

  • Fix: Added apple-clang 9.1

1.3.1 (3-May-2018)

  • Bugfix: Fixed regression with AutoToolsBuildEnvironment build helper that raised exception with not supported architectures during the calculation of the GNU triplet.

  • Bugfix: Fixed pkg_config generator, previously crashing when there was no library directories in the requirements.

  • Bugfix: Fixed with win_bash=True quoting the paths correctly.

  • Bugfix: Recovered parameter “append” to the function.

  • Bugfix: Added support (documented but missing) to delete options in package_id() method using del<option>

1.3.0 (30-April-2018)

  • Feature: Added new build types to default settings.yml: RelWithDebInfo and MinSizeRel. Compiler flags will be automatically defined in build helpers that do not understand them (MSBuild, AutotoolsBuildEnvironment)

  • Feature: Improved package integrity. Interrupted downloads or builds shouldn’t leave corrupted packages.

  • Feature: Added conan upload --json json output to the command.

  • Feature: new conan remove --locks to clear cache locks. Useful when killing conan.

  • Feature: New CircleCI template scripts can be generated with the conan new command.

  • Feature: The CMake() build helper manages the fPIC flag automatically based on the options fPIC and shared when present.

  • Feature: Allowing requiring color output with CONAN_COLOR_DISPLAY=1 environment variable. If CONAN_COLOR_DISPLAY is not set rely on tty detection for colored output.

  • Feature: New conan remote rename and conan add --force commands to handle remotes.

  • Feature: Added parameter use_env to the MSBuild().build() build helper method to control the /p:UseEnv msbuild argument.

  • Feature: Timeout for downloading files from remotes is now configurable (defaulted to 60 seconds)

  • Feature: Improved Autotools build helper with new parameters and automatic set of --prefix to self.package_folder.

  • Feature: Added new tool to compose GNU like triplets for cross-building: tools.get_gnu_triplet()

  • Fix: Use International Units for download/upload transfer sizes (Mb, Kb, etc).

  • Fix: Removed duplicated paths in cmake_multi generated files.

  • Fix: Removed false positive linter warning for local imports.

  • Fix: Improved command line help for positional arguments

  • Fix -ks alias for --keep-source argument in conan create and conan export.

  • Fix: removed confusing warnings when self.copy() doesn’t copy files in the package() method.

  • Fix: None is now a possible value for settings with nested subsettings in settings.yml.

  • Fix: if vcvars_command is called and Visual is not found, raise an error instead of warning.

  • Bugfix: self.env_info.paths and self.env_info.PATHS both map now to PATHS env-var.

  • Bugfix: Local flow was not correctly recovering state for option values.

  • Bugfix: Windows NTFS permissions failed in case USERDOMAIN env-var was not defined.

  • Bugfix: Fixed generator pkg_config when there are absolute paths (not use prefix)

  • Bugfix: Fixed parsing of settings values with "=" character in conaninfo.txt files.

  • Bugfix: Fixed misdetection of MSYS environments (generation of default profile)

  • Bugfix: Fixed string escaping in CMake files for preprocessor definitions.

  • Bugfix: upload --no-overwrite failed when the remote package didn’t exist.

  • Bugfix: Don’t raise an error if detect_windows_subsystem doesn’t detect a subsystem.

1.2.3 (10-Apr-2017)

  • Bugfix: Removed invalid version field from scons generator.

1.2.1 (3-Apr-2018)

  • Feature: Support for apple-clang 9.1

  • Bugfix: compiler_args generator manage correctly the flag for the cppstd setting.

  • Bugfix: Replaced exception with a warning message (recommending the six module) when using StringIO class from the io module.

1.2.0 (28-Mar-2018)

  • Feature: The command conan build has new --configure, --build, --install arguments to control the different stages of the build() method.

  • Feature: The command conan export-pkg now has a --package-folder that can be used to export an exact copy of the provided folder, irrespective of the package() method. It assumes the package has been locally created with a previous conan package or with a conan build using a cmake.install() or equivalent feature.

  • Feature: New json generator, generates a json file with machine readable information from dependencies.

  • Feature: Improved proxies configuration with no_proxy_match configuration variable.

  • Feature: New conan upload parameter --no-overwrite to forbid the overwriting of recipe/packages if they have changed.

  • Feature: Exports are now copied to source_folder when doing conan source.

  • Feature: tools.vcvars() context manager has no effect if platform is different from Windows.

  • Feature: conan download has new optional argument --recipe to download only the recipe of a package.

  • Feature: Added CONAN_NON_INTERACTIVE environment variable to disable interactive prompts.

  • Feature: Improved MSbuild() build helper using vcvars() and generating property file to adjust the runtime automatically. New method get_command() with the call to msbuild tool. Deprecates tools.build_sln_command() and tools.msvc_build_command().

  • Feature: Support for clang 6.0 correctly managing cppstd flags.

  • Feature: Added configuration to specify a client certificate to connect to SSL server.

  • Feature: Improved ycm generator to show json dependencies.

  • Feature: Experimental --json parameter for conan install and conan create to generate a JSON file with install information.

  • Fix: conan install --build does not absorb more than one parameter.

  • Fix: Made conanfile templates generated with conan new PEP8 compliant.

  • Fix: conan search output improved when there are no packages for the given reference.

  • Fix: Made conan download also retrieve sources.

  • Fix: Pylint now runs as an external process.

  • Fix: Made self.user and available in test_package.

  • Fix: Made files writable after a deploy() or imports() when CONAN_READ_ONLY_CACHE`/general.read_only_cache environment/config variable is True.

  • Fix: Linter showing warnings with cpp_info object in deploy() method.

  • Fix: Disabled linter for Conan pyinstaller as it was not able to find the python modules.

  • Fix: conan user -r=remote_name showed all users for all remotes, not the one given.

  • BugFix: Python reuse code failing to import module in package_info().

  • BugFix: Added escapes for backslashes in cmake generator.

  • BugFix: conan config install now raises error if git clone fails.

  • BugFix: Alias resolution not working in diamond shaped dependency trees.

  • BugFix: Fixed builds with Cygwin/MSYS2 failing in Windows with self.short_paths=True and NTFS file systems due to ACL permissions.

  • BugFix: Failed to adjust architecture when running Conan platform detection in ARM devices.

  • BugFix: Output to StringIO failing in Python 2.

  • BugFix: conan profile update not working to update [env] section.

  • BugFix: conan search not creating default remotes when running it as the very first command after Conan installation.

  • BugFix: Package folder was not cleaned after the installation and download of a package had failed.

1.1.1 (5-Mar-2018)

  • Feature: build_sln_command() and msvc_build_command() receive a new optional parameter platforms to match the definition of the .sln Visual Studio project architecture. (Typically Win32 vs x86 problem).

  • Bugfix: Flags for Visual Studio command (cl.exe) using “-” instead of “/” to avoid problems in builds using AutoTools scripts with Visual Studio compiler.

  • Bugfix: Visual Studio runtime flags adjusted correctly in AutoToolsBuildEnvironment() build helper

  • Bugfix: AutoToolsBuildEnvironment() build helper now adjust the correct build flag, not using eabi suffix, for architecture x86.

1.1.0 (27-Feb-2018)

  • Feature: New conan create --keep-build option that allows re-packaging from conan local cache, without re-building.

  • Feature: conan search <pattern> -r=all now searches in all defined remotes.

  • Feature: Added setting cppstd to manage the C++ standard. Also improved build helpers to adjust the standard automatically when the user activates the setting. AutoToolsBuildEnvironment(), CMake(), MSBuild() and VisualStudioBuildEnvironment().

  • Feature: New compiler_args generator, for directly calling the compiler from command line, for multiple compilers: VS, gcc, clang.

  • Feature: Defined sysrequires_mode variable (CONAN_SYSREQUIRES_MODE env-var) with values enabled, verify, disabled to control the installation of system dependencies via SystemPackageTool typically used in system_requirements().

  • Feature: automatically apply pythonpath environment variable for dependencies containing python code to be reused to recipe source(), build(), package() methods.

  • Feature: CMake new patch_config_paths() methods that will replace absolute paths to conan package path variables, so cmake find scripts are relocatable.

  • Feature: new --test-build-folder command line argument to define the location of the test_package build folder, and new conan.conf temp_test_folder and environment variable CONAN_TEMP_TEST_FOLDER, that if set to True will automatically clean the test_package build folder after running.

  • Feature: Conan manages relative urls for upload/download to allow access the server from different configured networks or in domain subdirectories.

  • Feature: Added CONAN_SKIP_VS_PROJECTS_UPGRADE environment variable to skip the upgrade of Visual Studio project when using tools.build_sln_command() [DEPRECATED], the msvc_build_command and the MSBuild() build helper.

  • Feature: Improved detection of Visual Studio installations, possible to prioritize between multiple installed Visual tools with the CONAN_VS_INSTALLATION_PREFERENCE env-var and vs_installation_preference conan.conf variable.

  • Feature: Added keep_path parameter to self.copy() within the imports() method.

  • Feature: Added [build_requires] section to conanfile.txt.

  • Feature: Added new conan help <command> command, as an alternative to --help.

  • Feature: Added target parameter to AutoToolsBuildEnvironment.make method, allowing to select build target on running make

  • Feature: The CONAN_MAKE_PROGRAM environment variable now it is used by the CMake() build helper to set a custom make program.

  • Feature: Added --verify-ssl optional parameter to conan config install to allow self-signed SSL certificates in download.

  • Feature: tools.get_env() helper method to automatically convert environment variables to python types.

  • Fix: Added a visible warning about libcxx compatibility and the detected one for the default profile.

  • Fix: Wrong detection of compiler in OSX for gcc frontend to clang.

  • Fix: Disabled conanbuildinfo.cmake compiler checks for unknown compilers.

  • Fix: visual_studio generator added missing ResourceCompile information.

  • Fix: Don’t output password from URL for conan config install command.

  • Fix: Signals exit with error code instead of 0.

  • Fix: Added package versions to generated SCons file.

  • Fix: Error message when package was not found in remotes has been improved.

  • Fix: conan profile help message.

  • Fix: Use gcc architecture flags -m32, -m64 for MinGW as well.

  • Fix: CMake() helper do not require settings if CONAN_CMAKE_GENERATOR is defined.

  • Fix: improved output of package remote origins.

  • Fix: Profiles files use same structure as conan profile show command.

  • Fix: conanpath.bat file is removed after conan Windows installer uninstall.

  • Fix: Do not add GCC-style flags -m32, -m64, -g, -s to MSVC when using AutoToolsBuildEnvironment

  • Fix: “Can’t find a binary package” message now includes the Package ID.

  • Fix: added clang 5.0 and gcc 7.3 to default settings.yml.

  • Bugfix: build_id() logic does not apply unless the build_id is effectively changed.

  • Bugfix: self.install_folder was not correctly set in all necessary cases.

  • Bugfix: --update option does not ignore local packages for version-ranges.

  • Bugfix: Set self.develop=True for export-pkg command.

  • Bugfix: Server HTTP responses were incorrectly captured, not showing errors for some server errors.

  • Bugfix: Fixed config section update for sequential calls over the python API.

  • Bugfix: Fixed wrong self.develop set to False for conan create with test_package.

  • Deprecation: Removed conan-transit from default remotes registry.

1.0.4 (30-January-2018)

  • Bugfix: Fixed default profile defined in conan.conf that includes another profile

  • Bugfix: added missing management of sysroot in conanbuildinfo.txt affecting conan build and test_package.

  • Bugfix: Fixed warning in conan source because of incorrect management of settings.

  • Bugfix: Fixed priority order of environment variables defined in included profiles

  • Bugfix: NMake error for parallel builds from the CMake build helper have been fixed

  • Bugfix: Fixed options pattern not applied to root node (-o *:shared=True not working for consuming package)

  • Bugfix: Fixed shadowed options by package name (-o *:shared=True -o Pkg:other=False was not applying shared value to Pkg)

  • Fix: Using filter_known_paths=False as default to vcvars_dict() helper.

  • Fix: Fixed wrong package name for output messages regarding build-requires

  • Fix: Added correct metadata to conan.exe when generated via pyinstaller

1.0.3 (22-January-2018)

  • Bugfix: Correct load of stored settings in conaninfo.txt (for conan build) when configure() remove some setting.

  • Bugfix: Correct use of unix paths in Windows subsystems (msys, cygwin) when needed.

  • Fix: fixed wrong message for conan alias --help.

  • Fix: Normalized all arguments to --xxx-folder in command line help.

1.0.2 (16-January-2018)

  • Fix: Adding a warning message for simultaneous use of os and os_build settings.

  • Fix: Do not raise error from conanbuildinfo.cmake for Intel MSVC toolsets.

  • Fix: Added more architectures to default settings.yml arch_build setting.

  • Fix: using --xxx-folder in command line help messages.

  • Bugfix: using quotes for Windows bash path with spaces.

  • Bugfix: vcvars/vcvars_dict not including windows and windows/system32 directories in the path.

1.0.1 (12-January-2018)

  • Fix: conan new does not generate cross-building (like os_build) settings by default. They make only sense for dev-tools used as build_requires

  • Fix: conaninfo.txt file does not dump settings with None values

1.0.0 (10-January-2018)

  • Bugfix: Fixed bug from remove_from_path due to Windows path backslash

  • Bugfix: Compiler detection in conanbuildinfo.cmake for Visual Studio using toolchains like LLVM (Clang)

  • Bugfix: Added quotes to bash path.

1.0.0-beta5 (8-January-2018)

  • Fix: Errors from remotes different to a 404 will raise an error. Disconnected remotes have to be removed from remotes or use explicit remote with -r myremote

  • Fix: cross-building message when building different architecture in same OS

  • Fix: conan profile show now shows profile with same syntax as profile files

  • Fix: generated test code in conan new templates will not run example app if cross building.

  • Fix: conan export-pkg uses the folder as the default --source-folder.

  • Bugfix: conan download didn’t download recipe if there are no binaries. Force recipe download.

  • Bugfix: Fixed blocked when stderr outputs large tests, due to full pipe.

1.0.0-beta4 (4-January-2018)

  • Feature: run_in_windows_bash accepts a dict of environment variables to be prioritized inside the bash shell, mainly intended to control the priority of the tools in the path. Use with vcvars context manager and vcvars_dict, that returns the PATH environment variable only with the Visual Studio related directories

  • Fix: Adding all values to arch_target

  • Fix: conan new templates now use new os_build and arch_build settings

  • Fix: Updated CMake helper to account for os_build and arch_build new settings

  • Fix: Automatic creation of default profile when it is needed by another one (like include(default))

  • BugFix: Failed installation (non existing package) was leaving lock files in the cache, reporting a package for conan search.

  • BugFix: Environment variables are now applied to build_requirements() for conan install ..

  • BugFix: Dependency graph was raising conflicts for diamonds with alias packages.

  • BugFix: Fixed conan export-pkg after a conan install when recipe has options.

1.0.0-beta3 (28-December-2017)

  • Fix: Upgraded pylint and astroid to latest

  • Fix: Fixed build_requires with transitive dependencies to other build_requires

  • Fix: Improved pyinstaller creation of executable, to allow for py3-64 bits (windows)

  • Deprecation: removed all --some_argument, use instead --some-argument in command line.

1.0.0-beta2 (23-December-2017)

  • Feature: New command line UI. Most commands use now the path to the package recipe, like conan export . user/testing or conan create folder/ user/channel.

  • Feature: Better cross-compiling. New settings model for os_build, arch_build, os_target, arch_target.

  • Feature: Better Windows OSS ecosystem, with utilities and settings model for MSYS, Cygwin, Mingw, WSL

  • Feature: package() will not warn of not copied files for known use cases.

  • Feature: reduce the scope of definition of cpp_info, env_info, user_info attributes to package_info() method, to avoid unexpected errors.

  • Feature: extended the use of addressing folder and conanfiles with different names for source, package and export-pkg commands

  • Feature: added support for Zypper system package tool

  • Fix: Fixed application of build requires from profiles that didn’t apply to requires in recipes

  • Fix: Improved “test package” message in output log

  • Fix: updated CI templates generated with conan new

  • Deprecation: Removed self.copy_headers and family for the package() method

  • Deprecation: Removed self.conanfile_directory attribute.


This is a beta release, shouldn’t be installed unless you do it explicitly

$ pip install conan==1.0.0b2 –upgrade

Breaking changes

  • The new command line UI breaks command line tools and integration. Most cases, just add a . to the command.

  • Removed self.copy_headers, self.copy_libs, methods for package(). Use self.copy() instead.

  • Removed self.conanfile_directory attribute. Use self.source_folder, self.build_folder, etc. instead

0.30.3 (15-December-2017)

  • Reverted CMake() and Meson() build helpers to keep old behavior.

  • Forced Astroid dependency to < 1.6 because of py3 issues.

0.30.2 (14-December-2017)

  • Fix: CMake() and Meson() build helpers and relative directories regression.

  • Fix: ycm generator, removed the access of cpp_info to generators, keeping the access to deps_cpp_info.

0.30.1 (12-December-2017)

  • Feature: Introduced major versions for gcc (5, 6, 7) as defaults settings for OSS packages, as minors are compatible by default

  • Feature: VisualStudioBuildEnvironment has added more compilation and link flags.

  • Feature: new MSBuild() build helper that wraps the call to msvc_build_command() with the correct application of environment variables with the improved VisualStudioBuildEnvironment

  • Feature: CMake and Meson build helpers got a new cache_build_dir argument for configure(cache_build_dir=None) that will be used to define a build directory while the package is being built in local cache, but not when built locally

  • Feature: conanfiles got a new apply_env attribute, defaulted to True. If false, the environment variables from dependencies will not be automatically applied. Useful if you don’t want some dependency adding itself to the PATH by default, for example

  • Feature: allow recipes to use and run python code installed with conan config install.

  • Feature: conanbuildinfo.cmake now has KEEP_RPATHS as argument to keep the RPATHS, as opposed to old SKIP_RPATH which was confusing. Also, it uses set(CMAKE_INSTALL_NAME_DIR “”) to keep the old behavior even for CMake >= 3.9

  • Feature: conan info is able to get profile information from the previous install, instead of requiring it as input again

  • Feature: tools.unix_path support MSYS, Cygwin, WSL path flavors

  • Feature: added destination folder argument to tools.get() function

  • Feature: SystemPackageTool for apt-get now uses --no-install-recommends automatically.

  • Feature: visual_studio_multi generator now uses toolsets instead of IDE version to identify files.

  • Fix: generators failures print traces to help debugging

  • Fix: typos in generator names, or non-existing generator now raise an Error instead of a warning

  • Fix: short_paths feature is active by default in Windows. If you want to opt-out, you can use CONAN_USER_HOME_SHORT=None

  • Fix: SystemPackageTool doesn’t use sudo in Windows

  • BugFix: Not using parallel builds for Visual<10 in CMake build helper.

  • Deprecation: conanfile_directory` shouldn't be used anymore in recipes. Use ``source_folder, build_folder, etc.


Breaking changes

  • scopes have been completely removed. You can use environment variables, or the conanfile.develop or conanfile.in_local_cache attributes instead.

  • Command test_package has been removed. Use conan create` instead, and conan test` for just running package tests.

  • werror behavior is now by default. Dependencies conflicts will now error, and have to be fixed.

  • short_paths feature is again active by default in Windows, even with Py3.6 and system LongPathsEnabled.

  • ConfigureEnvironment and GCC build helpers have been completely removed

0.29.2 (2-December-2017)

0.29.1 (23-November-2017)

  • Support for OSX High Sierra

  • Reverted concurrency locks to counters, removed psutil dependency

  • Implemented migration for settings.yml (for new VS toolsets)

  • Fixed encoding issues in conan_server

0.29.0 (21-November-2017)

  • Feature: Support for WindowsStore (WinRT, UWP)

  • Feature: Support for Visual Studio Toolsets.

  • Feature: New boost-build generator for generic bjam (not only Boost)

  • Feature: new tools.PkgConfig helper to parse pkg-config (.pc) files.

  • Feature: Added self.develop conanfile variable. It is true for conan create packages and for local development.

  • Feature: Added self.keep_imports to avoid removal of imported files in the build() method. Convenient for re-packaging.

  • Feature: Autodetected MSYS2 for SystemPackageTool

  • Feature: AutoToolsBuildEnvironment now auto-loads pkg_config_path (to use with pkg_config generator)

  • Feature: Changed search for profiles. Profiles not found in the default profiles folder, will be searched for locally. Use ./myprofile to force local search only.

  • Feature: Parallel builds for Visual Studio (previously it was only parallel compilation within builds)

  • Feature: implemented syntax to check options with if "something" in self.options.myoption

  • Fix: Fixed CMake dependency graph when using TARGETS, that produced wrong link order for transitive dependencies.

  • Fix: Trying to download the exports_sources is not longer done if such attribute is not defined

  • Fix: Added output directories in cmake generator for RelWithDebInfo and MinSizeRel configs

  • Fix: Locks for concurrent access to local cache now use process IDs (PIDs) to handle interruptions and inconsistent states. Also, adding messages when locking.

  • Fix: Not remove the .zip file after a conan config install if such file is local

  • Fix: Fixed CMake.test() for the Ninja generator

  • Fix: Do not create local conaninfo.txt file for conan install <pkg-ref> commands.

  • Fix: Solved issue with multiple repetitions of the same command line argument

  • BugFix: Don’t rebuild conan created (with conan-create) packages when build_policy="always"

  • BugFix: conan copy was always copying binaries, now can copy only recipes

  • BugFix: A bug in download was causing appends instead of overwriting for repeated downloads.

  • Development: Large restructuring of files (new cmd and build folders)

  • Deprecation: Removed old CMake helper methods (only valid constructor is CMake(self))

  • Deprecation: Removed old conan_info() method, that was superseded by package_id()


Breaking changes

  • CMAKE_LIBRARY_OUTPUT_DIRECTORY definition has been introduced in conan_basic_setup(), it will send shared libraries .so to the lib folder in Linux systems. Right now it was undefined.

  • Profile search logic has slightly changed. For -pr=myprofile, such profile will be searched both in the default folder and in the local one if not existing. Use -pr=./myprofile to force local search only.

  • The conan copy command has been fixed. To copy all binaries, it is necessary to explicit --all, as other commands do.

  • The only valid use of CMake helper is CMake(self) syntax.

  • If using conan_info(), replace it with package_id().

  • Removed environment variable CONAN_CMAKE_TOOLSET, now the toolset can be specified as a subsetting of Visual Studio compiler or specified in the build helpers.

0.28.1 (31-October-2017)

  • BugFix: Downloading ( of files with content-encoding=gzip were raising an exception because the downloaded content length didn’t match the http header content-length

0.28.0 (26-October-2017)

This is a big release, with many important and core changes. Also with a huge number of community contributions, thanks very much!

  • Feature: Major revamp of most conan commands, making command line arguments homogeneous. Much better development flow adapting to user layouts, with install-folder, source-folder, build-folder, package-folder.

  • Feature: new deploy() method, useful for installing binaries from conan packages

  • Feature: Implemented some concurrency support for the conan local cache. Parallel conan install and conan create for different configurations should be possible.

  • Feature: options now allow patterns in command line: -o *:myoption=myvalue applies to all packages

  • Feature: new pc generator that generates files from dependencies for pkg-config

  • Feature: new Meson helper, similar to CMake for Meson build system. Works well with pc generator.

  • Feature: Support for read-only cache with CONAN_READ_ONLY_CACHE environment variable

  • Feature: new visual_studio_multi generator to load Debug/Release, 32/64 configs at once

  • Feature: new tools.which helper to locate executables

  • Feature: new conan --help layout

  • Feature: allow to override compiler version in vcvars_command

  • Feature: conan user interactive (and not exposed) password input for empty -p argument

  • Feature: Support for PacManTool for system_requirements() for ArchLinux

  • Feature: Define VS toolset in CMake constructor and from environment variable CONAN_CMAKE_TOOLSET

  • Feature: conan create now accepts werror argument

  • Feature: AutoToolsBuildEnvironment can use CONAN_MAKE_PROGRAM env-var to define make program

  • Feature: added xcode9 for apple-clang 9.0, clang 5 to default settings.yml

  • Feature: deactivation of short_paths in Windows 10 with Py3.6 and long path support is automatic

  • Feature: show unzip progress by percentage, not by file (do not clutters output)

  • Feature: do not use sudo for system requirements if already running as root

  • Feature: able to use headers/auth

  • Feature: conan does not longer generate bytecode from recipes (no more .pyc, and more efficient)

  • Feature: add parallel argument to build_sln_command for VS

  • Feature: Show warning if vs150comntools is an invalid path

  • Feature: tools.get() now has arguments for hash checking

  • Fix: upload pattern now accepts Pkg/*

  • Fix: improved downloader, make more robust, better streaming

  • Fix: tools.patch now support adding/removal of files

  • Fix: The default profile is no longer taken as a base and merged with user profile. Use explicit include(default) instead.

  • Fix: properly manage x86 as cross building with autotools

  • Fix: tools.unzip removed unnecessary long-paths check in Windows

  • Fix: package_info() is no longer executed at install for the consumer

  • BugFix: source folder was not being correctly removed when recipe was updated

  • BugFix: fixed CMAKE_C_FLAGS_DEBUG definition in cmake generator

  • BugFix: CMAKE_SYSTEM_NAME is now Darwin for iOS, watchOS and tvOS

  • BugFix: xcode generator fixed handling of compiler flags

  • BugFix: pyinstaller hidden import that broke .deb installer

  • BugFix: conan profile list when local files matched profile names


Breaking changes

This is an important release towards stabilizing conan and moving out of beta. Some breaking changes have been done, but mostly to command line arguments, so they should be easy to fix. Package recipes or existing packages shouldn’t break. Please update, it is very important to ease the transition of future stable releases. Do not hesitate to ask questions, or for help if you need it. This is a possibly not complete list of things to take into account:

  • The command conan install doesn’t accept cwd anymore, to change the directory where the generator files are written, use the --install-folder parameter.

  • The command conan install doesn’t accept --all anymore. Use conan download <ref> instead.

  • The command conan build now requires the path to the (optional before)

  • The command conan package not longer re-package a package in the local cache, now it only operates in a user local folder. The recommended way to re-package a package is using conan build and then conan export-pkg.

  • Removed conan package_files in favor of a new command conan export-pkg. It requires a local recipe with a package() method.

  • The command conan source no longer operates in the local cache. now it only operates in a user local folder. If you used conan source with a reference to workaround the concurrency, now it natively supported, you can remove the command call and trust concurrent install processes.

  • The command conan imports doesn’t accept -d, --dest anymore, use --imports-folder parameter instead.

  • If you specify a profile in a conan command, like conan create or conan install the base profile ~/.conan/profiles/default won’t be applied. Use explicit include to keep the old behavior.

0.27.0 (20-September-2017)

  • Feature: conan config install <url> new command. Will install remotes, profiles, settings, conan.conf and other files into the local conan installation. Perfect to synchronize configuration among teams

  • Feature: improved traceback printing when errors are raised for more context. Configurable via env

  • Feature: filtering out non existing directories in cpp_info (include, lib, etc), so some build systems don’t complain about them.

  • Feature: Added include directories to ResourceCompiler and to MIDL compiler in visual_studio generator

  • Feature: new visual_studio_legacy generator for Visual Studio 2008

  • Feature: show path where manifests are locally stored

  • Feature: replace_in_file now raises error if replacement is not done (opt-out parameter)

  • Feature: enabled in conan.conf [proxies] section no_proxy=url1,url2 configuration (to skip proxying for those URLs), as well as http=None and https=None to explicitly disable them.

  • Feature: new conanfile self.in_local_cache attribute for conditional logic to apply in user folders local commands

  • Feature: CONAN_USER_HOME_SHORT=None can disable the usage of short_paths in Windows, for modern Windows that enable long paths at the system level

  • Feature: if "arm" in self.settings.arch is now a valid check (without casting to str(self.settings.arch))

  • Feature: added cwd`` argument to conan source local method.

  • Fix: unzip crashed for 0 Bytes zip files

  • Fix: collect_libs moved to the tools module

  • Bugfix: fixed wrong regex in deps_cpp_info causing issues with dots and dashes in package names

  • Development: Several internal refactorings (tools module, installer), testing (using VS2015 as default, removing VS 12 in testing). Conditional CI in travis for faster builds in developers, downgrading to CMake 3.7 in appveyor

  • Deprecation: dev_requires have been removed (it was not documented, but accessible via the requires(dev=True) parameter. Superseded by build_requires.

  • Deprecation: sources tgz files for exported sources no longer contain “.c_src” subfolder. Packages created with 0.27 will be incompatible with conan < 0.25

0.26.1 (05-September-2017)

  • Feature: added apple-clang 9.0 to default settings.

  • Fix: conan copy command now supports symlinks.

  • Fix: fixed removal of “export_source” folder when files have no permissions

  • Bugfix: fixed parsing of conanbuildinfo.txt with package names containing dots.

0.26.0 (31-August-2017)

  • Feature: conan profile command has implemented update, new, remove subcommands, with detect``, to allow creation, edition and management of profiles.

  • Feature: conan package_files command now can call recipe package() method if build_folder`` or source_folder`` arguments are defined

  • Feature: graph loading algorithm improved to avoid repeating nodes. Results in much faster times for dense graphs, and avoids duplications of private requirements.

  • Feature: authentication based on environment variables. Allows very long processes without tokens being expired.

  • Feature: Definition of Visual Studio runtime setting MD or MDd is now automatic based on build type, not necessary to default in profile.

  • Feature: Capturing SystemExit to return user error codes to the system with sys.exit(code)

  • Feature: Added SKIP_RPATH argument to cmake conan_basic_setup() function

  • Feature: Optimized uploads, now uploads will be skipped if there are no changes, irrespective of timestamp

  • Feature: Automatic detection of VS 15-2017, via both a vs150comntools variable, and using vswhere.exe

  • Feature: Added NO_OUTPUT_DIRS argument to cmake conan_basic_setup() function

  • Feature: Add support for Chocolatey system package manager for Windows.

  • Feature: Improved in conan user home and path storage configuration, better error checks.

  • Feature: export command is now able to export recipes without name or version, specifying the full reference.

  • Feature: Added new default settings, Arduino, gcc-7.2

  • Feature: Add conan settings to cmake generated file

  • Feature: new tools.replace_prefix_in_pc_file() function to help with .pc files.

  • Feature: Adding support for system package tool pkgutil on Solaris

  • Feature: conan remote update now allows --insert argument to change remote order

  • Feature: Add verbose definition to CMake helper.

  • Fix: conan package working locally failed if not specified build_folder

  • Fix: Search when using wildcards for version like Pkg/*@user/channel

  • Fix: Change current working directory to the one before loading it, so relative python imports or code work.

  • Fix: package_files command now works with short_paths too.

  • Fix: adding missing require of tested package in test_package/conanfile build() method

  • Fix: path joining in vcvars_command for custom VS paths defined via env-vars

  • Fix: better managing string escaping in CMake variables

  • Fix: ExecutablePath assignment has been removed from the visual_studio generator.

  • Fix: removing export_source folder containing exported code, fix issues with read-only files and keeps cache consistency better.

  • Fix: Accept 100 return code from yum check-update

  • Fix: importing *.so files from the conan new generated test templates

  • Fix: progress bars display when download/uploads are not multipart (reported size 0)

  • Bugfix: fixed wrong OSX DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH variable for virtual environments

  • Bugfix: FileCopier had a bug that affected self.copy() commands, changing base reference directory.

0.25.1 (20-July-2017)

  • Bugfix: Build requires are now applied correctly to test_package projects.

  • Fix: Fixed search command to print an error when –table parameter is used without a reference.

  • Fix: install() method of the CMake() helper, allows parallel building, change build folder and custom parameters.

  • Fix: Controlled errors in migration, print warning if conan is not able to remove a package directory.

0.25.0 (19-July-2017)


This release introduces a new layout for the local cache, with dedicated export_source folder to store the source code exported with exports_sources feature, which is much cleaner than the old .c_src subfolder. A migration is included to remove from the local cache packages with the old layout.

  • Feature: new conan create command that supersedes test_package for creating and testing package. It works even without the test_package folder, and have improved management for user, channel. The test_package recipe no longer defines requires

  • Feature: new conan get command that display (with syntax highlight) package recipes, and any other file from conan: recipes, conaninfo.txt, manifests, etc.

  • Feature: new conan alias command that creates a special package recipe, that works like an alias or a proxy to other package, allowing easy definition and transparent management of “using the latest minor” and similar policies. Those special alias packages do not appear in the dependency graph.

  • Feature: new conan search --table=file.html command that will output an html file with a graphical representation of available binaries

  • Feature: created default profile, that replace the [settings_default] in conan.conf and augments it, allowing to define more things like env-vars, options, build_requires, etc.

  • Feature: new self.user_info member that can be used in package_info() to define custom user variables, that will be translated to general purpose variables by generators.

  • Feature: conan remove learned the --outdated argument, to remove those binary packages that are outdated from the recipe, both from local cache and remotes

  • Feature: conan search learned the --outdated argument, to show only those binary packages that are outdated from the recipe, both from local cache and remotes

  • Feature: Automatic management CMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE in CMake helper for cross-building.

  • Feature: created conan_api, a python API interface to conan functionality.

  • Feature: new cmake.install() method of CMake helper.

  • Feature: short_paths feature now applies also to exports_sources

  • Feature: SystemPackageTool now supports FreeBSD system packages

  • Feature: build_requires now manage options too, also default options in package recipes

  • Feature: conan build learned new --package_folder argument, useful if the build system perform the packaging

  • Feature: CMake helper now defines by default CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX pointing to the current package_folder, so cmake.install() can transparently execute the packaging.

  • Feature: improved command UX with cwd`` arguments to allow define the current directory for the command

  • Feature: improved VisualStudioBuildEnvironment

  • Feature: transfers now show size (MB, KB) of download/uploaded files, and current status of transfer.

  • Feature: conan new now has arguments to generate CI scripts for Gitlab CI.

  • Feature: Added MinRelSize and RelWithDebInfo management in CMake helper.

  • Fix: make mkdir, rmdir, relative_dirs available for import from conans module.

  • Fix: improved detection of Visual Studio default under cygwin environment.

  • Fix: package_files now allows symlinks

  • Fix: Windows installer now includes conan_build_info tool.

  • Fix: appending environment variables instead of overwriting them when they come from different origins: upstream dependencies and profiles.

  • Fix: made opt-in the check of package integrity before uploads, it was taking too much time, and provide little value for most users.

  • Fix: Package recipe linter removed some false positives

  • Fix: default settings from conan.conf do not fail for constrained settings in recipes.

  • Fix: Allowing to define package remote with conan remote add_ref before download/upload.

  • Fix: removed duplicated BUILD_SHARED_LIBS in test_package

  • Fix: add “rhel” to list of distros using yum.

  • Bugfix: allowing relative paths in exports and exports_sources fields

  • Bugfix: allow custom user generators with underscore

0.24.0 (15-June-2017)

  • Feature: conan new new arguments to generate Travis-CI and Appveyor files for Continuous Integration

  • Feature: Profile files with include() and variable declaration

  • Feature: Added RelWithDebInfo/MinRelSize to cmake generators

  • Feature: Improved linter, removing false positives due to dynamic conanfile attributes

  • Feature: Added tools.ftp_download() function for FTP retrieval

  • Feature: Managing symlinks between folders.

  • Feature: conan remote add command learned new insert`` option to add remotes in specific order.

  • Feature: support multi-config in the SCons generator

  • Feature: support for gcc 7.1+ detection

  • Feature: tools now are using global requests and output instances. Proxies will work for

  • Feature: json`` parameter added to conan info` command to create a JSON with the build_order.

  • Fix: update default repos, now pointing to Bintray.

  • Fix: printing outdated from recipe also for remotes

  • Fix: Fix required slash in configure_dir of AutoToolsBuildEnvironment

  • Fix: command new with very short names, now errors earlier.

  • Fix: better error detection for incorrect letter case.

  • Fix: Improved some cmake robustness using quotes to avoid cmake errors

  • BugFix: Fixed incorrect firing of building due to build`` patterns error

  • BugFix: Fixed bug with options incorrectly applied to build_requires and crashing

  • Refactor: internal refactorings toward having a python api to conan functionality

0.23.1 (05-June-2017)

  • BugFix: Fixed bug while packaging symlinked folders in build folder, and target not being packaged.

  • Relaxed OSX requirement of pyopenssl to <18

0.23.0 (01-June-2017)

  • Feature: new build_requires field and build_requirements() in package recipes

  • Feature: improved commands (source, build, package, package_files) and workflows for local development of packages in user folders.

  • Feature: implemented no_copy_source attribute in recipes to avoid the copy of source code from “source” to “build folder”. Created new self.source_folder, self.build_folder, self.package_folder for recipes to use.

  • Feature: improved qmake generator with multi-config support, resource directories

  • Feature: improved exception capture and formatting for all recipe user methods exceptions

  • Feature: new tools.sha256() method

  • Feature: folder symlinks working now for packages and upload/download

  • Feature: added set_find_paths() to cmake-multi, to set CMake FindXXX.cmake paths. This will work only for single-config build-systems.

  • Feature: using environment variables for configure(), requirements() and test() methods

  • Feature: added a pylintrc environment variable in conan.conf to define a PYLINTRC file with custom style definitions (like indents).

  • Feature: fixed vcvars architecture setting

  • Fix: Make cacert.pem folder use CONAN_USER_HOME if existing

  • Fix: fixed options=a=b option definition

  • Fix: package_files command allows force`` argument to overwrite existing instead of failing

  • BugFix: Package names with underscore when parsing conanbuildinfo.txt

0.22.3 (03-May-2017)

  • Fix: Fixed CMake generator (in targets mode) with linker/exe flags like –framework XXX containing spaces.

0.22.2 (20-April-2017)

  • Fix: Fixed regression with usernames starting with non-alphabetical characters, introduced by 0.22.0

0.22.1 (18-April-2017)

  • Fix: “-” symbol available again in usernames.

  • Fix: Added future requirement to solve an error with pyinstaller generating the Windows installer.

0.22.0 (18-April-2017)

  • Feature: [build_requires] can now be declared in profiles and apply them to build packages. Those requirements are only installed if the package is required to build from sources, and do not affect its package ID hash, and it is not necessary to define them in the package recipe. Ideal for testing libraries, cross compiling toolchains (like Android), development tools, etc.

  • Feature: Much improved support for cross-building. Support for cross-building to Android provided, with toolchains installable via build_requires.

  • Feature: New package_files command, that is able to create binary packages directly from user files, without needing to define build() or package() methods in the the recipes.

  • Feature: command conan new with a new bare`` option that will create a minimal package recipe, usable with the package_files command.

  • Feature: Improved CMake helper, with test() method, automatic setting of BUILD_SHARED_LIBS, better management of variables, support for parallel compilation in MSVC (via /MP)

  • Feature: new tools.msvc_build_command() helper that both sets the Visual vcvars and calls Visual to build the solution. Also vcvars_command is improved to return non-empty string even if vcvars is set, for easier concatenation.

  • Feature: Added package recipe linter, warning for potential errors and also about Python 3 incompatibilities when running from Python 2. Enabled by default can be opt-out.

  • Feature: Improvements in HTML output of conan info --graph.

  • Feature: allow custom path to bash, as configuration and environment variable.

  • Fix: Not issuing an unused variable warning in CMake for the CONAN_EXPORTED variable

  • Fix: added new mips architectures and latest compiler versions to default settings.yml

  • Fix: Unified username allowed patterns to those used in package references.

  • Fix: hardcoded vs15 version in tools.vcvars

  • BugFix: Clean crash and improved error messages when manifests mismatch exists in conan upload.

0.21.2 (04-April-2017)

  • Bugfix: virtualenv generator quoting environment variables in Windows.

0.21.1 (23-March-2017)

  • BugFix: Fixed missing dependencies in AutoToolsBuildEnvironment

  • BugFix: Escaping single quotes in html graph of conan info --graph=file.html.

  • BugFix: Fixed loading of auth plugins in conan_server

  • BugFix: Fixed visual_studio generator creating XML with dots.

0.21.0 (21-March-2017)

  • Feature: conan info --graph or graph=file.html`` will generate a dependency graph representation in dot or html formats.

  • Feature: Added better support and tests for Solaris Sparc.

  • Feature: custom authenticators are now possible in conan_server` with plugins.

  • Feature: extended conan info command with path information and filter by packages.

  • Feature: enabled conditional binary packages removal with conan remove with query syntax

  • Feature: enabled generation and validation of manifests from test_package.

  • Feature: allowing options definitions in profiles

  • Feature: new RunEnvironment helper, that makes easier to run binaries from dependent packages

  • Feature: new virtualrunenv generator that activates environment variable for execution of binaries from installed packages, without requiring imports of shared libraries.

  • Feature: adding new version modes for ABI compatibility definition in package_id().

  • Feature: Extended conan new command with new option for exports_sources example recipe.

  • Feature: CMake helper defining parallel builds for gcc-like compilers via jN``, allowing user definition with environment variable and in conan.conf.

  • Feature: conan profile` command now show profiles in alphabetical order.

  • Feature: extended visual_studio generator with more information and binary paths for execution with DLLs paths.

  • Feature: Allowing relative paths with $PROFILE_DIR place holder in profiles

  • Fix: using only file checksums to decide for modified recipe in remote, for possible concurrent builds & uploads.

  • Fix: Improved build`` modes management, with better checks and allowing multiple definitions and mixtures of conditions

  • Fix: Replaced warning for non-matching OS to one message stating the cross-build

  • Fix: local conan source` command (working in user folder) now properly executes the equivalent of exports functionality

  • Fix: Setting command line arguments to cmake command as CMake flags, while using the TARGETS approach. Otherwise, arch flags like -m32 -m64 for gcc were not applied.

  • BugFix: fixed conan imports destination folder issue.

  • BugFix: Allowing environment variables with spaces

  • BugFix: fix for CMake with targets usage of multiple flags.

  • BugFix: Fixed crash of cmake_multi generator for “multi-config” packages.

0.20.3 (06-March-2017)

  • Fix: Added opt-out for CMAKE_SYSTEM_NAME automatically added when cross-building, causing users providing their own cross-build to fail

  • BugFix: Corrected usage of CONAN_CFLAGS instead of CONAN_C_FLAGS in cmake targets

0.20.2 (02-March-2017)

  • Fix: Regression of visual_studio``generator using ``%(ExecutablePath) instead of $(ExecutablePath)

  • Fix: Regression for build=outdated –build=Pkg`` install pattern

0.20.1 (01-March-2017)

  • Fix: Disabled the use of cached settings and options from installed conaninfo.txt

  • Fix: Revert the use of quotes in cmake generator for flags.

  • Fix: Allow comments in

  • Fix: Added missing commit for CMake new helpers

0.20.0 (27-February-2017)

NOTE: It is important that if you upgrade to this version, all the clients connected to the same remote, should upgrade too. Packages created with conan>=0.20.0 might not be usable with conan older conan clients.

  • Feature: Largely improved management of environment variables, declaration in package_info(), definition in profiles, in command line, per package, propagation to consumers.

  • Feature: New build helpers AutotoolsBuildEnvironment, VisualStudioBuildEnvironment, which deprecate ConfigureEnvironment, with much better usage of environment variables

  • Feature: New virtualbuildenv generator that will generate a composable environment with build information from installed dependencies.

  • Feature: New build_id() recipe method that allows to define logic to build once, and package multiple times without building. E.g.: build once both debug and release artifacts, then package separately.

  • Feature: Multi-config packages. Now packages can provide multi-configuration packages, like both debug/release artifacts in the same package, with self.cpp_info.debug.libs = [...] syntax. Not restricted to debug/release, can be used for other purposes.

  • Feature: new conan config command to manage, edit, display conan.conf entries

  • Feature: Improvements to CMake build helper, now it has configure() and build() methods for common operations.

  • Feature: Improvements to SystemPackageTool with detection of installed packages, improved implementation, installation of multi-name packages.

  • Feature: Unzip with tools.unzip maintaining permissions (Linux, OSX)

  • Feature: conan info command now allows profiles too

  • Feature: new tools unix_path(), escape_windows_cmd(), run_in_windows_bash(), useful for autotools projects in Win/MinGW/Msys

  • Feature: new context manager tools.chdir, to temporarily change directory.

  • Feature: CMake using CMAKE_SYSTEM_NAME for cross-compiling.

  • Feature: Artifactory build-info extraction from traces

  • Feature: Attach custom headers to artifacts uploads with an file.

  • Feature: allow and copy symlinks while conan export

  • Fix: removing quotes in some cmake variables that were generating incorrect builds

  • Fix: providing better error messages for non existing binaries, with links to the docs

  • Fix: improved error messages if tools.patch failed

  • Fix: adding resdirs to cpp_info propagated information, and cmake variables, for directories containing resources and other data.

  • Fix: printing error messages if a build`` policy doesn’t match any package

  • Fix: managing VS2017 by tools. Still the manual definition of vs150comntools required.

  • Bug fix: crashes when not supported characters were dumped to terminal by logger

  • Bug fix: wrong executable path in Visual Studio generator

0.19.3 (27-February-2017)

  • Fix: backward compatibility for new environment variables. New features to be introduced in 0.20 will produce that conaninfo.txt will not be correctly parsed, and then package would be “missing”. This will happen for packages created with 0.20, and consumed with older than 0.19.3

NOTE: It is important that you upgrade at least to this version if you are using remotes with packages that might be created with latest conan releases (like

0.19.2 (15-February-2017)

  • Bug fix: Fixed bug with remotes behind proxies

  • Bug fix: Fixed bug with exports_sources feature and nested folders

0.19.1 (02-February-2017)

  • Bug fix: Fixed issue with conan copy` followed by conan upload` due to the new exports_sources feature.

0.19.0 (31-January-2017)

  • Feature: exports_sources allows to snapshot sources (like exports) but retrieve them strictly when necessary, to build from sources. This can largely improve install times for package recipes containing sources

  • Feature: new configurable tracer able to create structured logs of conan actions: commands, API calls, etc

  • Feature: new logger for actions, able to log information from builds and other commands to files, that can afterwards be packaged together with the binaries.

  • Feature: support for Solaris SunOS

  • Feature: Version helper improved with patch, pre, build capabilities to handle 1.3.4-alpha2+build1 versions

  • Feature: compress level of tgz is now configurable via CONAN_COMPRESSION_LEVEL environment variable, default 9. Reducing it can lead to faster compression times, at the expense of slightly bigger archives

  • Feature: Add powershell support for virtualenv generator in Windows

  • Feature: Improved system_requirements() raising errors when failing, retrying if not successful, being able to execute in user space for local recipes

  • Feature: new cmake helper macro conan_target_link_libraries().

  • Feature: new cmake CONAN_EXPORTED variable, can be used in CMakeLists.txt to differentiate building in the local conan cache as package and building in user space

  • Fix: improving the caching of options from conan install in conaninfo.txt and precedence.

  • Fix: conan definition of cmake output dirs has been disabled for cmake_multi generator

  • Fix: imports() now uses environment variables at “conan install” (but not at “conan imports” yet)

  • Fix: conan_info() method has been renamed to package_id(). Backward compatibility is maintained, but it is strongly encouraged to use the new name.

  • Fix: conan_find_libraries now use the NO_CMAKE_FIND_ROOT_PATH parameter for avoiding issue while cross-compiling

  • Fix: disallowing duplicate URLs in remotes, better error management

  • Fix: improved error message for wildcard uploads not matching any package

  • Fix: remove deprecated platform.linux_distribution(), using new “distro” package

  • Bugfix: fixed management of VerifySSL parameter for remotes

  • Bugfix: fixed misdetection of compiler version in conanbuildinfo.cmake for apple-clang

  • Bugfix: fixed trailing slash in remotes URLs producing crashes

  • Refactor: A big refactor has been do to options. Nested options are no longer supported, and option.suboption will be managed as a single string option.

This has been a huge release with contributors of 11 developers. Thanks very much to all of them!

0.18.1 (11-January-2017)

  • Bug Fix: Handling of transitive private dependencies in modern cmake targets

  • Bug Fix: Missing quotes in CMake macro for modern cmake targets

  • Bug Fix: Handling LINK_FLAGS in cmake modern targets

  • Bug Fix: Environment variables no propagating to test project with test_package command

0.18.0 (3-January-2017)

  • Feature: uploads and downloads with retries on failures. This helps to avoid having to fully rebuild on CI when a network transfer fails

  • Feature: added SCons generator

  • Feature: support for Python 3.6, with several fixes. Added Python 3.6 to CI.

  • Feature: show package dates in conan info command

  • Feature: new cmake_multi generator for multi-configuration IDEs like Visual Studio and Xcode

  • Feature: support for Visual Studio 2017, VS-15

  • Feature: FreeBSD now passes test suite

  • Feature: conan upload showing error messages or URL of remote

  • Feature: wildcard or pattern upload. Useful to upload multiple packages to a remote.

  • Feature: allow defining settings as environment variables. Useful for use cases like dockerized builds.

  • Feature: improved help`` messages

  • Feature: cmake helper tools to launch conan directly from cmake

  • Added code coverage for code repository

  • Fix: badges when containing dash

  • Fix: manifests errors due to generated .pyc files

  • Bug Fix: unicode error messages crashes

  • Bug Fix: duplicated build of same binary package for private dependencies

  • Bug Fix: duplicated requirement if using version-ranges and requirements() method.

0.17.2 (21-December-2016)

  • Bug Fix: ConfigureEnvironment helper ignoring libcxx setting. #791

0.17.1 (15-December-2016)

  • Bug Fix: conan install –all generating corrupted packages. Thanks to @yogeva

  • Improved case sensitive folder management.

  • Fix: appveyor links in README.

0.17.0 (13-December-2016)

  • Feature: support for modern cmake with cmake INTERFACE IMPORTED targets defined per package

  • Feature: support for more advanced queries in search.

  • Feature: new profile list|show command, able to list or show details of profiles

  • Feature: adding preliminary support for FreeBSD

  • Feature: added new description field, to document package contents.

  • Feature: generation of imports manifest and conan imports --undo functionality to remove imported files

  • Feature: optional SSL certificate verification for remotes, to allow self signed certificates

  • Feature: allowing custom paths in profiles, so profiles can be easily shared in teams, just inside the source repository or elsewhere.

  • Feature: fields user and channel now available in conan recipes. That allows to declare requirements for the same user/channel as the current package.

  • Feature: improved package web, adding description.

  • Fix: allow to modify cmake generator in CMake helper class.

  • Fix: added strip parameter to tools.patch() utility

  • Fix: removed unused dependency to Boto

  • Fix: wrong line endings in Windows for conan.conf

  • Fix: proper automatic use of txt and env generators in test_package

  • Bug fix: solved problem when uploading python packages that generated .pyc at execution

  • Bug fix: crash when duplicate requires were declared in conanfile

  • Bug fix: crash with existing imported files with symlinks

  • Bug fix: options missing in “copy install command to clipboard” in web

0.16.1 (05-December-2016)

  • Solved bug with test_package with arguments, like scopes.

0.16.0 (19-November-2016)

Upgrade: The build=outdated`` feature had a change in the hash computation, it might report outdated binaries from recipes. You can re-build the binaries or ignore it (if you haven’t changed your recipes without re-generating binaries)

  • Feature: version ranges. Conan now supports defining requirements with version range expressions like Pkg/[>1.2,<1.9||1.0.1]@user/channel. Check the version ranges reference for details

  • Feature: decoupled imports from normal install. Now conan install --no-imports skips the imports section.

  • Feature: new conan imports command that will execute the imports section without running install

  • Feature: overriding settings per package. Now it is possible to specify individual settings for each package. This can be specified both in the command line and in profiles

  • Feature: environment variables definition in the command line, global and per package. This allows to define specific environment variables as the compiler (CC, CXX) for a specific package. These environment variables can also be defined in profiles. Check profiles reference

  • Feature: Now conan files copies handle symlinks, so files are not duplicated. This will save some space and improve download speed in some large packages. To enable it, use self.copy(..., links=True)

  • Fix: Enabling correct use of MSYS in Windows, by using the Windows C:/... path instead of the MSYS ones

  • Fix: Several fixes in conan search, both local and in remotes

  • Fix: Manifests line endings and order fix, and hash computation fixed (it had wrong ordering)

  • Fix: Removed http->https redirection in conan_server that produced some issues for SSL reversed proxies

  • Fix: Taking into account “ANY” definition of settings and options

  • Fix: Improved some error messages and failures to encode OS errors with unicode characters

  • Update: added new arch ppc64 to default settings

  • Update: updated python-requests library version

  • Fix: Using generator() instead of compiler to decide on cmake multi-configuration for Ninja+cl builds

  • Improved and completed documentation

0.15.0 (08-November-2016)

Upgrade: If you were using the short_paths feature in Windows for packages with long paths, please reset your local cache. You could manually remove packages or just run conan remove "*"

  • Feature: New build=outdated`` functionality, that allows to build the binary packages for those dependencies whose recipe has been changed, or if the binary is not existing. Each binary package stores a hash of the recipe to know if they have to be regenerated (are outdated). This information is also provided in the conan search <ref>` command. Useful for package creators and CI.

  • Feature: Extended the short_paths feature for Windows path limit to the package folder, so package with very long paths, typically in headers in nested folder hierarchies are supported.

  • Feature: New tool.build_sln_command() helper to build() Microsoft Visual Studio solution (.sln) projects

  • Feature: Extended the source and package command, so together with build they can be fully executed in a user folder, as a convenience for package creation and testing.

  • Feature: Extending the scope of tools.pythonpath to work in local commands too

  • Improved the parsing of profiles and better error messages

  • Not adding -s compiler flag for clang, as it doesn’t use it.

  • Automatic generation of conanenv.txt in local cache, warnings if using local commands and no conanbuildinfo.txt and no conanenv.txt are present to cache the information form install

  • Fix: Fixed bug when using empty initial requirements (requires = "")

  • Fix: Added glob hidden import to pyinstaller

  • Fix: Fixed minor bugs with short_paths as local search not listing packages

  • Fix: Fixed problem with virtual envs in Windows with paths separator (using / instead of )

  • Fix: Fixed parsing of conanbuildinfo.txt, so the root folder for each dependency is available in local commands too

  • Fix: Fixed bug in test_package with the test project using the requirements() method.

0.14.1 (20-October-2016)

  • Fixed bug with short_paths feature in windows.

  • Improved error messages for non-valid profile test files.

  • Remove downloaded tgz package files from remotes after decompress them.

  • Fixes bug with install –all and short_paths

0.14.0 (20-October-2016)

  • Feature: Added profiles, as user predefined settings and environment variables (as CC and CXX for compiler paths). They are stored in files in the conan cache, so they can be easily edited, added, and shared. Use them with conan install --profile=name

  • Feature: short_paths feature for Windows now also handle long paths for the final package, in case that a user library has a very long final name, with nested subfolders.

  • Feature: Added tools.cpu_count() as a helper to retrieve the number of cores, so it can be used in concurrent builds

  • Feature: Detects cycles in the dependency graph, and raise error instead of exhausting recursion limits

  • Feature: Conan learned the werror`` option that will raise error and stop installation under some cases treated as warnings otherwise: Duplicated dependencies, or dependencies conflicts

  • Feature: New env generator that generates a text file with the environment variables defined by dependencies, so it can be stored. Such file is parsed by conan build to be able to use such environment variables for self.deps_env_info too, in the same way it uses the txt generator to load variables for self.deps_cpp_info.

  • Fix: Do not print progress bars when output is a file

  • Fix: Improved the local conan search, using options too in the query conan search -q option=value

  • Fix: Boto dependency updated to 2.43.0 (necessary for ArchLinux)

  • Fix: Simplified the conan package command, removing unused and confusing options, and more informative messages about errors and utility of this command.

  • Fix: More fixes and improvements on ConfigureEnvironment, mainly for Windows

  • Fix: Conan now does not generate a conanbuildinfo.txt file when doing conan install <PkgRef>.

  • Bug fix: Files of a package recipe are “touched” to update their timestamps to current time when retrieved, otherwise some build systems as Ninja can have problems with them.

  • Bug fix: qmake generator now uses quotes to handle paths with spaces

  • Bug fix: Fixed OSInfo to return the short distro name instead of the long one.

  • Bug fix: fixed transitivity of private dependencies

0.13.3 (13-October-2016)

This minor solves some problems with ConfigureEnvironment, mainly for Windows, but also fixes other things:

  • Fixed concatenation problems in Windows for several environment variables. Fixed problems with path with spaces

  • A batch file is created in Windows to be called, as if defined structures doesn’t seem to work in the command line.

  • The vcvars_command from tools now checks the Visual Studio environment variable, if it is already set, it will check it with the current project settings, throwing an error if not matching, returning an empty command if matches.

  • Added a compile_flags property to ConfigureEnvironment, to be passed in the command line to the compiler, but not as environment variables

  • Added defines to environment for nix systems, it was not being handled before

  • Added new tests, compiling simple projects and diamond dependencies with cmake, cl (msvc), gcc (gcc in linux, mingw in win) and clang (OSX), for a better coverage of the ConfigureEnvironment functionality.

  • Fixed wrong CPP_INCLUDE_PATH, it is now CPLUS_INCLUDE_PATH

0.13.0 (03-October-2016)

IMPORTANT UPGRADE ISSUE: There was a small error in the computation of binary packages IDs, that has been addressed by conan 0.13. It affects to third level (and higher) binary packages, i.e. A and B in A->B->C->D, which binaries must be regenerated for the new hashes. If you don’t plan to provide support for older conan releases (<=0.12), which would be reasonable, you should remove all binaries first (conan remove -p, works both locally and remotely), then re-build your binaries.


  • Streaming from/to disk for all uploads/downloads. Previously, this was done for memory, but conan started to have issues for huge packages (>many hundreds MBs), that sometimes could be alleviated using Python 64 bits distros. This issues should be alleviated now

  • New security system that allows capturing and checking the package recipes and binaries manifests into user folders (project or any other folder). That ensures that packages cannot be replaced, hacked, forged, changed or wrongly edited, either locally or in any remote server, without notice.

  • Possible to handle and reuse python code in recipes. Actually, conan can be used as a package manager for python, by adding the package path to env_info.PYTHONPATH. Useful if you want to reuse common python code between different package recipes.

  • Avoiding re-compress the tgz for packages after uploads if it didn’t change.

  • New command conan source that executes the source() method of a given conanfile. Very useful for CI, if desired to run in parallel the construction of different binaries.

  • New propagation of cpp_info, so it now allows for capturing binary packages libraries with new collect_libs() helper, and access to created binaries to compute the package_info() in general.

  • Command test_package now allows the update`` option, to automatically update dependencies.

  • Added new architectures for ppc64le and detection for AArch64

  • New methods for defining requires effect over binary packages ID (hash) in conan_info()

  • Many bugs fixes: error in with python 3, restore correct prompt in virtualenvs, bug if removing an option in config_options(), bug…

This release has contributions from @tru, @raulbocanegra, @tivek, @mathieu, and the feedback of many other conan users, thanks very much to all of them!

0.12.0 (13-September-2016)

  • Major changes to search api and commands. Decoupled the search of package recipes, from the search of binary packages.

  • Fixed bug that didn’t allow to export or upload packages with settings restrictions if the restrictions didn’t match the host settings

  • Allowing disabling color output with CONAN_COLOR_DISPLAY=0 environment variable, or to configure color schema for light console backgrounds with CONAN_COLOR_DARK=1 environment variable

  • Imports can use absolute paths, and files copied from local conan cache to those paths will not be removed when conan install. Can be used as a way to install machine-wise things (outside conan local cache)

  • More robust handling of failing transfers (network disconnect), and inconsistent status after such

  • Large internal refactor for storage managers. Improved implementations and decoupling between server and client

  • Fixed slow conan remove for caches with many packages due to slow deletion of empty folders

  • Always allowing explicit options scopes, - o Package:option=value as well as the implicit -o option=value for current Package, for consistency

  • Fixed some bugs in client-server auth process.

  • Allow to extract .tar files in tools.unzip()

  • Some helpers for conan_info(), as and removal of settings and options

0.11.1 (31-August-2016)

  • New error reporting for failures in conanfiles, including line number and offending line, much easier for package creators

  • Removed message requesting to create an account in for other remotes

  • Removed localhost:9300 remote that was added by default mostly for demo purposes. Clarified in docs.

  • Fixed usernames case-sensitivity in conan_server, due to ConfigParser it was forcing lowercase

  • Handling unicode characters in remote responses, fixed crash

  • Added new compilers gcc 6.2, clang 8.0 to the default settings.yml

  • Bumped cryptography, boto and other conan dependencies, mostly for ArchLinux compatibility and new OSX security changes

0.11.0 (3-August-2016)

  • New solution for the path length limit in Windows, more robust and complete. Package just have to declare an attribute short_paths=True and everything will be managed. The old approach is deprecated and totally removed, so no shorts_paths.conf file is necessary. It should fix also the issues with uploads/retrievals.

  • New virtualenv generator that generates activate and deactivate scripts that set environment variables in the current shell. It is very useful, for example to install tools (like CMake, MinGW) with conan packages, so multiple versions can be installed in the same machine, and switch between them just by activating such virtual environments. Packages for MinGW and CMake are already available as a demo

  • ConfigureEnvironment takes into account environment variables, defined in packages in new env_info, which is similar to cpp_info but for environment information (like paths).

  • New per-package build_policy, which can be set to always or missing, so it is not necessary to create packages or specify the build`` parameter in command line. Useful for example in header only libraries or to create packages that always get the latest code from a branch in a github repository.

  • Command conan test_package` now executes by default a conan export with smarter package reference deduction. It is introduced as opt-out behavior.

  • Conan :command`export` command avoids copying test_package/build temporary files in case of export=*

  • Now, package_info() allows absolute paths in includedir, libdirs and bindirs, so wrapper packages can be defined that use system or manually installed libraries.

  • LDFLAGS in ConfigureEnvironment management of OSX frameworks.

  • Options allow the ANY value, so such option would accept any value. For example a commit of a git repository, useful to create packages that can build any specific commit of a git repo.

  • Added gcc 5.4 to the default settings, as well as MinGW options (Exceptions, threads…)

  • Command conan info learned a new option to output the packages from a project dependency tree that should be rebuilt in case of a modification of a certain package. It outputs a machine readable ordered list of packages to be built in that order. Useful for CI systems.

  • Better management of incomplete, dirty or failed source directories (e.g. in case of a user interrupting with Ctrl+C a git clone inside the source() method.

  • Added tools for easier detection of different OS versions and distributions, as well as command wrappers to install system packages (apt, yum). They use sudo via a new environment variable CONAN_SYSREQUIRES_SUDO, so using sudo is opt-in/out, for users with different sudo needs. Useful for system_requirements()

  • Deprecated the config() method (still works, for backwards compatibility), but has been replaced by a config_options() to modify options based on settings, and a configure() method for most use cases. This removes a nasty behavior of having the config() method called twice with side effects.

  • Now, running a conan install MyLib/0.1@user/channel to directly install packages without any consuming project, is also able to generate files with the -g option. Useful for installing tool packages (MinGW, CMake) and generate virtualenvs.

  • Many small fixes and improvements: detect compiler bug in Py3, search was crashing for remotes, conan new failed if the package name had a dash, etc.

  • Improved some internal duplications of code, refactored many tests.

This has been a big release. Practically 100% of the released features are thanks to active users feedback and contributions. Thanks very much again to all of them!

0.10.0 (29-June-2016)

  • conan new command, that creates conan package templates, with a test_package package test (-t option), also for header only packages (-i option)

  • Definition of scopes. There is a default dev scope for the user project, but any other scope (test, profile…) can be defined and used in packages. They can be used to fire extra processes (as running tests), but they do not affect the package binaries, and are not included in the package IDs (hash).

  • Definition of dev_requires. Those are requirements that are only retrieved when the package is in dev scope, otherwise they are not. They do not affect the binary packages. Typical use cases would be test libraries or build scripts.

  • Allow shorter paths for specific packages, which can be necessary to build packages with very long path names (e.g. Qt) in Windows.

  • Support for bzip2 and gzip decompression in tools

  • Added package_folder attribute to conanfile, so the package() method can for example call cmake install to create the package.

  • Added CONAN_CMAKE_GENERATOR environment variable that allows to override the CMake default generator. That can be useful to build with Ninja instead of the default Unix Makefiles

  • Improved ConfigureEnvironment with include paths in CFLAGS and CPPFLAGS, and fixed bug.

  • New conan user --clean option, to completely remove all user data for all remotes.

  • Allowed to raise Exceptions in config() method, so it is easier for package creators to raise under non-supported configurations

  • Fixed many small bugs and other small improvements

As always, thanks very much to all contributors and users providing feedback.

0.9.2 (11-May-2016)

  • Fixed download bug that made it specially slow to download, even crash. Thanks to github @melmdk for fixing it.

  • Fixed cmake check of CLang, it was being skipped

  • Improved performance. Check for updates has been removed from install, made it opt-in in conan info command, as it was very slow, seriously affecting performance of large projects.

  • Improved internal representation of graph, also improves performance for large projects.

  • Fixed bug in conan install --update.

0.9 (3-May-2016)

  • Python 3 “experimental” support. Now the main conan codebase is Python 2 and 3 compatible. Python 2 still the reference platform, Python 3 stable support in next releases.

  • Create and share your own custom generators for any build system or tool. With “generator packages”, you can write a generator just as any other package, upload it, modify and version it, etc. Require them by reference, as any other package, and pull it into your projects dynamically.

  • Premake4 initial experimental support via a generator package.

  • Very large re-write of the documentation. New “creating packages” sections with in-source and out-source explicit examples. Please read it! :)

  • Improved conan test. Renamed test to test_package both for the command and the folder, but backwards compatibility remains. Custom folder name also possible. Adapted test layout might require minor changes to your package test, automatic warnings added for your convenience.

  • Upgraded pyinstaller to generate binary OS installers from 2.X to 3.1

  • conan search now has command line options:, less verbose, verbose, extra verbose

  • Added variable with full list of dependencies in conanbuildinfo.cmake

  • Several minor bugfixes (check github issues)

  • Improved conan user to manage user login to multiple remotes

0.8.4 (28-Mar-2016)

  • Fixed linker problems with the new apple-clang 7.3 due to libraries with no timestamp set.

  • Added apple-clang 7.3 to default settings

  • Fixed default libcxx for apple-clang in auto detection of base conan.conf

0.8 (15-Mar-2016)

  • New conan remote command to manage remotes. Redesigned remotes architecture, now allows to work with several remotes in a more consistent, powerful and “git-like” way. New remotes registry keeps track of the remote of every installed package, and this information is shown in conan info command too. Also, it keeps different user logins for different remotes, to improve support in corporate environments running in-house servers.

  • New update functionality. Now it is possible to conan install --update to update packages that became obsolete because new ones were uploaded to the corresponding remote. Conan commands as install and info show information about the status of the local packages compared with the remote ones. In this way, using latest versions during development is much more natural.

  • Added new compiler.libcxx setting in order to support the different c++ standard libraries. It can take libstdc++, libstdc++11 or libc++ values to take into account different standard libraries for modern gcc and clang compilers. It is also possible to remove not needed settings, like this one in pure C projects, with the new syntax: del self.settings.compiler.libcxx

  • Conan virtual environment: Define a custom conan directory with CONAN_USER_HOME env variable, and have a per project or per workspace storage for your dependencies. So you can isolate your dependencies and even bundle them within your project, by just setting the CONAN_USER_HOME variable to your <project>/deps folder, for example. This also improves support for continuous integration CI systems, in which many builds from different users could be run in parallel.

  • Better conanfile download method. More stable and now checks (opt-out) the ssl certificates.

  • Lots of improvements: Increased library name length limit, Improved and cleaner output messages.

  • Fixed several minor bugs: removing empty folders, case sensitive exports, arm settings detection.

  • Introduced the concept of “package recipe” that refers to and exported files.

  • Improved settings display in web, with new “copy install command to clipboard” to assist in installing packages discovered in web.

  • The macOS installer, problematic with latest macOS releases, has been deprecated in favor of homebrew and pip install procedures.

0.7 (5-Feb-2016)

  • Custom conanfile names are allowed for developing. With file`` option you can define the file you want to use, allowing for .conaninfo.txt or having multiple, besides the standard which is used for sharing the package. Inheritance is allowed, e.g. might extend/inherit from

  • New conan copy command that can be used to copy/rename packages, promote them between channels, forking other users packages.

  • New all`` and package`` options for conan install that allows to download one, several, or all package configurations for a given reference.

  • Added patch() tool to easily patch sources if necessary.

  • New qmake and qbs generators

  • Upload of conanfile exported files is also tgz’d, allowing fast upload/downloads of full sources if desired, avoiding retrieval of sources from externals sources.

  • conan info command improved showing info of current project too

  • Output of run() can be redirected to buffer string for processing, or even removed.

  • Added proxy configuration to conan.conf for users behinds proxies.

  • Large improvements in commands output, prefixed with package reference, and much clear.

  • Updated settings for more versions of gcc and new arm architectures

  • Treat dependencies includes as SYSTEM in cmake, so no warnings are raised

  • Deleting source folder after conan export so no manual removal is needed

  • Normalizing to CRLF generated user files in Win

  • Better detection and checks for compilers as VS, apple-clang

  • Fixed CMAKE_SHARED_LINKER_FLAGS typo in cmake files

  • Large internal refactor in generators

0.6 (11-Jan-2016)

  • New cmake variables in cmake generator to make FindPackage work better thanks to the underlaying FindLibrary. Now many FindXXX.cmake work “as-is” and the package creator does not have to create a custom override, and consumers can use packages transparently with the originals FindXXX.cmakes

  • New “conan info” command that shows the full dependency graph and details (license, author, url, dependants, dependencies) for each dependency.

  • New environment helper with a ConfigureEnvironment class, that is able to translate conan information to autotools configure environment definition

  • Relative importing from conanfiles now is possible. So if you have common functionality between different packages, you can reuse those python files by importing them from the Note that export=”…” might be necessary, as packages as to be self-contained.

  • Added YouCompleteMe generator for vim auto-completion of dependencies.

  • New “conanfile_directory” property that points to the file in which the is located. This helps if using the “build” method to build your own project as a project, not a package, to be able to use any workflow, out-of-source builds, etc.

  • Many edits and improvements in help, docs, output messages for many commands.

  • All cmake syntax in modern lowercase

  • Fixed several minor bugs: gcc detection failure when gcc not installed, missing import, copying source->build failing when symlinks

0.5 (18-Dec-2015)

  • New cmake functionality allows package creators to provide cmake finders, so that package consumers can use their CMakeLists.txt with typical FindXXX.cmake files, without any change to them. CMake CONAN_CMAKE_MODULES_PATH added, so that package creators can provide any additional cmake scripts for consumers.

  • Now it is possible to generate out-of-source and multiple configuration installations for the same project, so you can switch between them without having to conan install again. Check the new workflows

  • New qmake generator (thanks @dragly)

  • Improved removal/deletion of folders with shutil.rmtree, so conan remove commands and other processes requiring deletion of folders do not fail due to permissions and require manual deletion. This is an improvement, especially in Win.

  • Created pip package, so conan can be installed via: pip install conan

  • Released pyinstaller code for the creation of binaries from conan python source code. Distros package creators can create packages for the conan apps easily from those binaries.

  • Added md5, sha1, sha256 helpers in tools, so external downloads from files source() can be checked.

  • Added latest gcc versions to default settings.yml

  • Added CI support for conan development: travis-ci, appveyor

  • Improved human-readability for download progress, help messages.

  • Minor bug fixes