Return Codes

The Conan client returns different exit codes for every command depending on the situation:


Return code: 0

Execution terminated successfully

General error

Return code: 1

Execution terminated with a general error, normally caused by a ConanException.

Migration error

Return code: 2

Execution terminated with an error migrating configuration files to new format.

User Ctrl+C

Return code: 3

Execution terminated due to manually stopping the process with Ctrl+C key combination.

User Ctrl+Break

Return code: 4

Execution terminated due to manually stopping the profess with Ctrl+Break key combination.


Return code: 5

Execution terminated due to SIGTERM signal.

Invalid configuration

Return code: 6

Execution terminated due to an exception caused by a ConanInvalidConfiguration. This exit code can be considered a success as it is expected for configurations not supported by the recipe.