General changes

Host and Build profiles

Use always build and host profiles.

Conan 1.x uses one profile by default, to start using two profiles, please do the following:

  • Pass -pr:b=default in the command line to most commands.

  • Or set the variable core:default_build_profile=default at the global.conf file to apply it always, automatically.

Do not use os_build, arch_build anywhere in your recipes or code.

  • Revisions

Conan 2.0 uses revisions by default and the local cache 2.0 will store multiple recipe and package revisions for your Conan packages (Conan 1.X supports only one revision). To start working with revisions enabled in Conan 1.X, please enable them in your Conan configuration:

$ conan config set general.revisions_enabled=True

Lowercase references

Move all your packages to lowercase. Uppercase package names (or versions/user/channel) will not be allowed in 2.0.

Default Package ID mode

Work in progress

Compatible packages

Do not use compatible_packages definition inside package_id(). Instead, use the new compatibility() method.


Work in progress


  • Hooks folder has been updated to ~/.conan2/extensions/hook;

  • Any hook file must be named with hook_ as prefix and .py as suffix;

  • Only ConanFile is passed as parameter;

  • Pre and Post Download are no longer supported in Conan 2.x

  • Added Pre and Post Generator

Environment Variables

Work in progress