This section describe the Conan built-in commands, like conan install or conan search.

It is also possible to create user custom commands, visit custom commands reference and these custom command examples

Consumer commands:

  • conan cache: Return the path of recipes and packages in the cache
  • conan config: Manage Conan configuration (remotes, settings, plugins, etc)
  • conan graph: Obtain information about the dependency graph without fetching binaries
  • conan inspect: Inspect a to return the public fields
  • conan install: Install dependencies
  • conan list: List recipes, revisions and packages in the local cache or in remotes
  • conan lock: Create and manage lockfiles
  • conan profile: Display and manage profile files
  • conan remove: Remove packages from the local cache or from remotes
  • conan remote: Add, remove, login/logout and manage remote server
  • conan search: Search packages matching a name
  • conan version: Give information about the Conan client version

Creator commands:

Command formatters

Almost all the commands have the parameter --format xxxx which is used to apply an output conversion. The command formatters help users see the command output in a different way that could fit better with their needs. Here, there are only some of the most important ones whose details are worthy of having a separate section.