Consuming packages

This section shows how to build your projects using Conan to manage your dependencies. We will begin with a basic example of a C project that uses CMake and depends on the zlib library. This project will use a conanfile.txt file to declare its dependencies.

We will also cover how you can not only use ‘regular’ libraries with Conan but also manage tools you may need to use while building: like CMake, msys2, MinGW, etc.

Then, we will explain different Conan concepts like settings and options and how you can use them to build your projects for different configurations like Debug, Release, with static or shared libraries, etc.

Also, we will explain how to transition from the conanfile.txt file we used in the first example to a more powerful

After that, we will introduce the concept of Conan build and host profiles and explain how you can use them to cross-compile your application to different platforms.

Then, in the “Introduction to versioning” we will learn about using different versions, defining requirements with version ranges, the concept of revisions and a brief introduction to lockfiles to achieve reproducibility of the dependency graph.