This section presents some conference talks and presentations regarding Conan. While they can be very informative and educational, please note that some of them might be outdated. Always use the documentation and reference as the source of truth, not the videos.

  • ACCU 2022: Advanced Dependencies Model in Conan 2.0 C, C++ Package Manager by Diego Rodriguez-Losada

    Conan 2.0 introduces a new dependencies model with requirements “traits” like visibility, definition and propagation of headers and libraries independently, and more that allow modeling all these advanced use cases. This talk will present this new model, and apply it to solve different advanced use cases, with real life examples

  • CppCon 2022: What’s New in Conan 2.0 C/C++ Package Manager - Diego Rodriguez-Losada

    During the years since Conan 1.0 was released, we have continued to learn from the C++ ecosystem as we watched it grow; learning many lessons, challenges and trends in the industry from the feedback from tens of thousands of conversations with users and customers, including many of the largest C++ related companies in the world. This talk summarizes some of these lessons and how they have been used to create the new major version of Conan.

  • Using std::cpp: Why you shouldn’t write your own C++ package manager Luis Caro Campos JFrog

    This talk will provide a quick overview of how Conan deals with intrinsic C++ complexities: Headers vs binary symbols Shared and static library Symbol visibilityBinary compatibility: is there a one-size fits all approach to modeling it? Build-time dependency resolution is only half the battle, what about runtime dependencies?

  • Meeting C++ 2023: CMake and Conan: past, present and future - Diego Rodriguez-Losada

  • Meeting C++ online book & tool fair: Conan 2.0 demo - Chris McArthur