The deploy generator makes a bulk copy of the packages folders of all dependencies in a graph. It can be used to deploy binaries from the local cache to the user space:

$ conan install OpenSSL/1.0.2r@conan/stable -g deploy
Installing package: OpenSSL/1.0.2r@conan/stable
Generator deploy created deploy_manifest.txt

Files form dependencies are deployed under a folder with the name of the dependency.

$ ls -R
OpenSSL/  conanbuildinfo.txt  deploy_manifest.txt  zlib/

LICENSE  include/  lib/


aes.h       blowfish.h  cms.h       des_old.h  ebcdic.h  evp.h       md4.h      ocsp.h         pkcs12.h  ripemd.h     srtp.h   symhacks.h   whrlpool.h
applink.c   bn.h        comp.h      dh.h       ec.h      hmac.h      md5.h      opensslconf.h  pkcs7.h   rsa.h        ssl.h    tls1.h       x509.h
asn1.h      buffer.h    conf.h      dsa.h      ecdh.h    idea.h      mdc2.h     opensslv.h     pqueue.h  safestack.h  ssl2.h   ts.h         x509_vfy.h
asn1_mac.h  camellia.h  conf_api.h  dso.h      ecdsa.h   krb5_asn.h  modes.h    ossl_typ.h     rand.h    seed.h       ssl23.h  txt_db.h     x509v3.h
asn1t.h     cast.h      crypto.h    dtls1.h    engine.h  kssl.h      obj_mac.h  pem.h          rc2.h     sha.h        ssl3.h   ui.h
bio.h       cmac.h      des.h       e_os2.h    err.h     lhash.h     objects.h  pem2.h         rc4.h     srp.h        stack.h  ui_compat.h

libeay32.lib  ssleay32.lib

FindZLIB.cmake  include/  lib/  licenses/  zlib.pc

zconf.h  zlib.h

pkgconfig/  zlib.lib



The generated deploy_manifest.txt file is a manifest file with a list of all the files deployed and hash of the contents for each of them.


You can use the parameter --install-folder in the conan install to output the contents of the packages to a specific folder.