Linting the recipe


If you have an IDE that supports Python and may do linting automatically, there are false warnings caused by the fact that Conan dynamically populates some fields of the recipe based on context.

Conan provides a plugin which makes pylint aware of these dynamic fields and their types. To use it when running pylint outside Conan, just add the following to your .pylintrc file:



There is also a recipe_linter hook in the official hooks repository that can be activated to run automatic linter checks on the recipes when they are exported to the conan cache (export, create and export-pkg commands). Since Conan 1.47, it has also being added a checker for Conan 2.x deprecated imports like from conans import xxxxx (you should use from conan import xxxxx instead) as part of the recipe_linter hook.

Read the hook documentation for details. You could also write your own custom linter hook to provide your own recipe quality checks.