Command wrapper

The extension plugin is a Python script that receives the command line argument provided by recipe calls, and allows intercepting them and returning a new one.

This plugin must be located in the extensions/plugins cache folder, and can be installed with the conan config install command.

For example:

def cmd_wrapper(cmd):
    return 'echo "{}"'.format(cmd)

Would just intercept the commands and display them to terminal, which means that all commmands in all recipes will not execute, but just be echoed.

A more common use case would be the injection of a parallelization tools over some commands, which could look like:

def cmd_wrapper(cmd):
    # lets paralellize only CMake invocations
    if cmd.startswith("cmake"):
        return 'parallel-build "{}"  --parallel-argument'.format(cmd)
    # otherwise return same command, not modified
    return cmd