Package signing


The package signing plugin is in preview. See the Conan stability section for more information.

This plugin, which must be located in the cache extensions/plugins/sign/ file contains 2 methods:

  • The sign(ref, artifacts_folder, signature_folder, **kwargs) executes for every recipe and package that is to be uploaded to a server. The ref is the full reference to the artifact, it can be either a recipe reference or a package reference. The artifacts_folder is the folder containing the files to be uploaded, typically the, conan_package.tgz, conanmanifest.txt, etc. The signature_folder contains the folder in which the generated files should be written.

  • The verify(ref, artifacts_folder, signature_folder, files, **kwargs) executes when a package is installed from a server, receives the same arguments as above and should be used to verify the integrity or correctness of the signatures. The files is an iterable of downloaded files, because this function can be called twice when a package is being installed: first, the recipe is installed, and verify() will be called with the recipe files, that is, conandata.yml, etc. But also, when a package is being built from sources, it is possible that the recipe exported conan_sources.tgz file is also downloaded, and the verify() function will be called again, now this time with the files argument containing conan_sources.tgz only.

Example of a package signer that puts the artifact filenames in a file called signature.asc when the package is uploaded and assert that the downloaded artifacts are in the downloaded signature.asc:

import os

def sign(ref, artifacts_folder, signature_folder, **kwargs):
    print("Signing ref: ", ref)
    print("Signing folder: ", artifacts_folder)
    files = []
    for f in sorted(os.listdir(artifacts_folder)):
        if os.path.isfile(os.path.join(artifacts_folder, f)):
    signature = os.path.join(signature_folder, "signature.asc")
    open(signature, "w").write("\n".join(files))

def verify(ref, artifacts_folder, signature_folder, files, **kwargs):
    print("Verifying ref: ", ref)
    print("Verifying folder: ", artifacts_folder)
    signature = os.path.join(signature_folder, "signature.asc")
    contents = open(signature).read()
    print("verifying contents", contents)
    for f in files:
        print("VERIFYING ", f)
        if os.path.isfile(os.path.join(artifacts_folder, f)):
            assert f in contents

Note that the **kwargs argument is important to avoid future changes adding new arguments that would otherwise break the plugin, please make sure to add it to your methods.