android_abi(conanfile, context='host')

Returns Android-NDK ABI

  • conanfile – ConanFile instance

  • context – either “host”, “build” or “target”


Android-NDK ABI

This function might not be necessary when using Conan built-in integrations, as they already manage it, but can be useful if developing your own build system integration.

android_abi() function returns the Android standard ABI name based on Conan settings.arch value, something like:

def android_abi(conanfile, context="host"):
  return {
        "armv5el": "armeabi",
        "armv5hf": "armeabi",
        "armv5": "armeabi",
        "armv6": "armeabi-v6",
        "armv7": "armeabi-v7a",
        "armv7hf": "armeabi-v7a",
        "armv8": "arm64-v8a",

As it can be seen, the default is the “host” ABI, but it is possible to select also the “build” or “target” ones if necessary.

from import android_abi

class Pkg(ConanFile):
    def generate(self)
        abi = android_abi(self)