Docker runner


This feature is experimental and subject to breaking changes. See the Conan stability section for more information.

How to use a docker runner

To run Conan inside a docker container you need to define a [runner] section in your host profile using the following fields:

  • type (mandatory): define the runner we want to use, in this case docker.

  • dockerfile (optional, default None): absolute path to a Dockerfile in case you want to build a docker image.

  • image (optional, default conan-runner-default): docker image name you want to download from a docker registry or the name of the built image in case you define a dockerfile path.

  • cache (optional, default clean): how docker container uses (or not) the host’s Conan cache.

    • clean: use an empty cache.

    • copy: copy the host cache inside the container using the conan cache save/restore command.

    • shared: mount the host’s Conan cache as a shared volume.

  • remove (optional, default false): true or false. Remove the container after running the Conan command.

  • configfile (optional, default None): Absolute path to a configuration file with extra parameters (see extra configuration section for more info).


The runner profile section doesn’t affect the package id.

Extra configuration

If you need more control over the build and execution of the container, you can define more parameters inside a configfile yaml.

image: image_name # The image to build or run.
    dockerfile: /dockerfile/path # Dockerfile path.
    build_context: /build/context/path # Path within the build context to the Dockerfile.
    build_args: # A dictionary of build arguments
        foo: bar
    cacheFrom: # A list of images used for build cache resolution
        - image_1
    name: container_name # The name for this container.
    containerEnv: # Environment variables to set inside the container.
        env_var_1: env_value
    containerUser: user_name # Username or UID to run commands as inside the container.
    privileged: False # Run as privileged
    capAdd: # Add kernel capabilities.
        - SYS_ADMIN
        - MKNOD
    securityOpt: # A list of string values to customize labels for MLS systems, such as SELinux.
        - opt_1
    mount: # A dictionary to configure volumes mounted inside the container.
        /home/user1/: # The host path or a volume name
            bind: /mnt/vol2 # The path to mount the volume inside the container
            mode: rw # rw to mount the volume read/write, or ro to mount it read-only.

How to run a conan create in a runner


The docker runner feature is only supported by conan create command. The conan install --build command is not supported.

In the following links you can find some examples about how to use a conan docker runner: