Working with Conan repositories

We already learned how to download and use packages from Conan Center that is the official repository for open source Conan packages. We also learned how to create our own packages and store them in the Conan local cache for reusing later. In this section we cover how you can use the Conan repositories to upload your recipes and binaries and store them for later use on another machine, project, or for sharing purposes.

First we will cover how you can setup a Conan repository locally (you can skip this part if you already have a Conan remote configured). Then we will explain how to upload packages to your own repositories and how to operate when you have multiple Conan remotes configured. Finally, we will briefly cover how you can contribute to the Conan Center central repository.

Finally, we will explain the local_recipes_index, a special type of remote that allows the use of a source folder with recipes as a Conan remote repository.