Other important Conan features


It is possible to reuse code from other recipes using the python_requires feature.

If you maintain many recipes for different packages that share some common logic and you don’t want to repeat the code in every recipe, you can put that common code in a Conan conanfile.py, upload it to your server, and have other recipe conanfiles do a python_requires = "mypythoncode/version" to depend on it and reuse it.

Packages lists

It is possible to manage a list of packages, recipes and binaries together with the “packages-list” feature. Several commands like upload, download, and remove allow receiving a list of packages file as an input, and they can do their operations over that list. A typical use case is to “upload to the server the packages that have been built in the last conan create”, which can be done with:

$ conan create . --format=json > build.json
$ conan list --graph=build.json --graph-binaries=build --format=json > pkglist.json
$ conan upload --list=pkglist.json -r=myremote -c

See the examples in this section.