conan upload

$ conan upload [-h] [-p PACKAGE] [-q QUERY] [-r REMOTE] [--all]
               [--skip-upload] [--force] [--check] [-c] [--retry RETRY]
               [--retry-wait RETRY_WAIT] [-no [{all,recipe}]] [-j JSON]

Uploads a recipe and binary packages to a remote.

If no remote is specified, the first configured remote (by default conan-center, use ‘conan remote list’ to list the remotes) will be used.

positional arguments:
  pattern_or_reference  Pattern, recipe reference or package reference e.g.,
                        'boost/*', 'MyPackage/1.2@user/channel', 'MyPackage/1.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -p PACKAGE, --package PACKAGE
                        Package ID [DEPRECATED: use full reference instead]
  -q QUERY, --query QUERY
                        Only upload packages matching a specific query.
                        Packages query: 'os=Windows AND (arch=x86 OR
                        compiler=gcc)'. The 'pattern_or_reference' parameter
                        has to be a reference: MyPackage/1.2@user/channel
  -r REMOTE, --remote REMOTE
                        upload to this specific remote
  --all                 Upload both package recipe and packages
  --skip-upload         Do not upload anything, just run the checks and the
  --force               Do not check conan recipe date, override remote with
  --check               Perform an integrity check, using the manifests,
                        before upload
  -c, --confirm         Upload all matching recipes without confirmation
  --retry RETRY         In case of fail retries to upload again the specified

  --retry-wait RETRY_WAIT
                        Waits specified seconds before retry again
  -no [{all,recipe}], --no-overwrite [{all,recipe}]
                        Uploads package only if recipe is the same as the
                        remote one
  -j JSON, --json JSON  json file path where the upload information will be
                        written to


Uploads a package recipe ( and the exported files):

$ conan upload OpenCV/1.4.0@lasote/stable

Uploads a package recipe and a single binary package:

$ conan upload OpenCV/1.4.0@lasote/stable:d50a0d523d98c15bb147b18fa7d203887c38be8b

Uploads a package recipe and all the generated binary packages to a specified remote:

$ conan upload OpenCV/1.4.0@lasote/stable --all -r my_remote

Uploads all recipes and binary packages from our local cache to my_remote without confirmation:

$ conan upload "*" --all -r my_remote -c

Uploads the recipe for OpenCV alongside any of its binary packages which are built with settings arch=x86_64 and os=Linux from our local cache to my_remote:

$ conan upload OpenCV/1.4.0@lasote/stable -q 'arch=x86_64 and os=Linux' -r my_remote

Upload all local packages and recipes beginning with “Op” retrying 3 times and waiting 10 seconds between upload attempts:

$ conan upload "Op*" --all -r my_remote -c --retry 3 --retry-wait 10

Upload packages without overwriting the recipe and packages if the recipe has changed:

$ conan upload OpenCV/1.4.0@lasote/stable --all --no-overwrite  # defaults to --no-overwrite all

Upload packages without overwriting the recipe if the packages have changed:

$ conan upload OpenCV/1.4.0@lasote/stable --all --no-overwrite recipe