conan export

$ conan export [-h] [-k] [-l [LOCKFILE]] [--ignore-dirty]
               path [reference]

Copies the recipe ( & associated files) to your local cache.

Use the ‘reference’ param to specify a user and channel where to export it. Once the recipe is in the local cache it can be shared, reused and to any remote with the ‘conan upload’ command.

positional arguments:
  path                  Path to a folder containing a or to a
                        recipe file e.g., my_folder/
  reference             user/channel, or Pkg/version@user/channel (if name and
                        version are not declared in the

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -k, -ks, --keep-source
                        Do not remove the source folder in the local cache,
                        even if the recipe changed. Use this for testing
                        purposes only
  -l [LOCKFILE], --lockfile [LOCKFILE]
                        Path to a lockfile or folder containing 'conan.lock'
                        file. Lockfile will be updated with the exported
  --ignore-dirty        When using the "scm" feature with "auto" values,
                        capture the revision and url even if there are
                        uncommitted changes

The reference field can be:

  • A complete package reference: pkg/version@user/channel. In this case, the recipe doesn’t need to declare the name or the version. If the recipe declares them, they should match the provided values in the command line.

  • The user and channel: user/channel. The command will assume that the name and version are provided by the recipe.

  • The version, user and channel: version@user/channel. The recipe must provide the name, and if it does provide the version, it should match the command line one.

There is also a “recipe_linter” hook in the official hooks repository that can be activated to run automatic linter checks on the recipes when they are exported.


  • Export a recipe using a full reference. Only valid if name and version are not declared in the recipe:

    $ conan export . mylib/1.0@myuser/channel
  • Export a recipe from any folder directory, under the myuser/stable user and channel:

    $ conan export ./folder_name myuser/stable
  • Export a recipe without removing the source folder in the local cache:

    $ conan export . fenix/stable -k