Tools for package creators

With some python (or just pure shell or bash) scripting, we could easily automate the whole package creation and testing process, for many different configurations. For example you could put the following script in the package root folder. Name it

import os, sys
import platform

def system(command):
    retcode = os.system(command)
    if retcode != 0:
        raise Exception("Error while executing:\n\t %s" % command)

if __name__ == "__main__":
    params = " ".join(sys.argv[1:])

    if platform.system() == "Windows":
        system('conan create demo/testing -s compiler="Visual Studio" -s compiler.version=14 %s' % params)
        system('conan create demo/testing -s compiler="Visual Studio" -s compiler.version=12 %s' % params)
        system('conan create demo/testing -s compiler="gcc" -s compiler.version=4.8 %s' % params)

This is a pure python script, not related to conan, and should be run as such:

$ python

We have developed another FOSS tool for package creators, Conan Package Tools to ease the task of generating multiple binary packages from a package recipe. It offers a simple way to define the different configurations and to call conan test. Also offers CI integration like Travis CI, Appveyor and Bamboo, for cloud based automated binary package creation, testing and uploading.

This tool enables the creation of hundreds of binary packages in the cloud with a simple $ git push.

  • Make easier the generation of multiple conan packages with different configurations.

  • Automated/remote package generation in Travis/Appveyor server with distributed builds in CI jobs for big/slow builds.

  • Docker: Automatic generation of packages for several versions of gcc and clang in Linux, also in Travis CI.

  • Automatic creation of OSX packages with apple-clang, also in Travis-CI.

  • Visual Studio: Automatic configuration of command line environment with detected settings.

It’s available in pypi:

$ pip install conan_package_tools

Read the in the Conan Package Tools repository.