Debugging packages

In order to run a debug session and step into the source code, the debugger needs to find the source files (or pdb files ones for Visual Studio), for Mac and Unix system the location of these files is stored inside the library itself.

Usually Conan packages don’t include these files and if they do, the path to the local cache might be different: in a typical scenario the packages are generated in a CI machine and the debug session will take place in the developers one, so the path to the sources won’t be the same.

The only rule of thumb is to compile the library we want to debug in the developer machine, and thanks to Conan this is straightforward:

conan install <reference> --build <name> --profile <debug_profile>

This command will trigger the build of the library locally in the developer’s machine, so the binaries will point to the sources where they are actually located and the debugger will find them.


Keep updated as we are investigating more integrated solutions using hooks and for the major IDEs, Visual Studio and CLion.