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Install third-party packages:

After version 2.2.5, xmake supports installing for dependency libraries of conan package manager.

 -- xmake.lua

 add_requires("conan::zlib/1.2.11@conan/stable", {alias = "zlib", debug = true})
 add_requires("conan::openssl/1.1.1g", {alias = "openssl",
     configs = {options = "OpenSSL:shared=True"}})

     add_packages("openssl", "zlib")

After executing xmake to compile:

$ xmake
checking for the architecture ... x86_64
checking for the Xcode directory ... /Applications/Xcode.app
checking for the SDK version of Xcode ... 10.14
note: try installing these packages (pass -y to skip confirm)?
  -> conan::zlib/1.2.11@conan/stable  (debug)
  -> conan::openssl/1.1.1g
please input: y (y/n)

  => installing conan::zlib/1.2.11@conan/stable .. ok
  => installing conan::openssl/1.1.1g .. ok

[  0%]: ccache compiling.release src/main.c
[100%]: linking.release test

Find a conan package

XMake v2.2.6 and later versions also support finding the specified package in the Conan cache:


Test command for finding package

We can also add a third-party package manager prefix to test:

xmake l find_packages conan::openssl/1.1.1g

Note: It should be noted that if the find_package command is executed in the project directory with xmake.lua, there will be a cache. If the search fails, the next lookup will also use the cached result. If you want to force a retest every time, Please switch to the non-project directory to execute the above command.