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Conan can be integrated with Apple’s XCode in two different ways:

  • Using the cmake generator to create a conanbuildinfo.cmake file.

  • Using the xcode generator to create a conanbuildinfo.xcconfig file.

With CMake

Check the Integrations/cmake section to read about the cmake generator. Check the official CMake docs to find out more about generating Xcode projects with CMake.

With the xcode generator

You can use the xcode generator to integrate your requirements with your Xcode project. This generator creates an xcconfig file, with all the include paths, lib paths, libs, flags etc, that can be imported in your project.

Open conanfile.txt and change (or add) the xcode generator:



Install the requirements:

$ conan install .

Go to your Xcode project, click on the project and select Add files to


Choose conanbuildinfo.xcconfig generated.


Click on the project again. In the info/configurations section, choose conanbuildinfo for release and debug.


Build your project as usual.

See also

Check the Reference/Generators/xcode for the complete reference.

See also

Check the Tools section about Apple tools to ease the integration with the Apple development tools in your recipes using the toolchain as a build require.

See also

Check the Darwin Toolchain package section to learn how to cross build for iOS, watchOS and tvOS.