conan build

$ conan build [-h] [-b] [-bf BUILD_FOLDER] [-c] [-i] [-if INSTALL_FOLDER]
              [-pf PACKAGE_FOLDER] [-sf SOURCE_FOLDER]

Calls your local ‘build()’ method. The recipe will be built in the local directory specified by –build-folder, reading the sources from –source-folder. If you are using a build helper, like CMake(), the –package- folder will be configured as destination folder for the install step.

positional arguments:
  path                  Path to a folder containing a or to a
                        recipe file e.g., my_folder/

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -b, --build           Execute the build step (variable should_build=True).
                        When specified, configure/install won't run unless
                        --configure/--install specified
  -bf BUILD_FOLDER, --build-folder BUILD_FOLDER
                        Directory for the build process. Defaulted to the
                        current directory. A relative path to current
                        directory can also be specified
  -c, --configure       Execute the configuration step (variable
                        should_configure=True). When specified, build/install
                        won't run unless --build/--install specified
  -i, --install         Execute the install step (variable
                        should_install=True). When specified, configure/build
                        won't run unless --configure/--build specified
  -if INSTALL_FOLDER, --install-folder INSTALL_FOLDER
                        Directory containing the conaninfo.txt and
                        conanbuildinfo.txt files (from previous 'conan
                        install'). Defaulted to --build-folder
  -pf PACKAGE_FOLDER, --package-folder PACKAGE_FOLDER
                        Directory to install the package (when the build
                        system or build() method does it). Defaulted to the
                        '{build_folder}/package' folder. A relative path can
                        be specified, relative to the current folder. Also an
                        absolute path is allowed.
  -sf SOURCE_FOLDER, --source-folder SOURCE_FOLDER
                        Directory containing the sources. Defaulted to the
                        conanfile's directory. A relative path to current
                        directory can also be specified

The build() method might use settings, options and environment variables from the specified profile and dependencies information from the declared deps_XXX_info objects in the conanfile requirements. All that information is saved automatically in the conaninfo.txt and conanbuildinfo.txt files respectively, when you run the conan install command. Those files have to be located in the specified --build-folder or in the --install-folder if specified.

The --configure, --build, --install arguments control which parts of the build() are actually executed. They have related conanfile boolean variables should_configure, should_build, should_install, which are True by default, but that will change if some of these arguments are used in the command line. The CMake and Meson and AutotoolsBuildEnvironment helpers already use these variables.

Example: Building a conan package (for architecture x86) in a local directory.
 from conans import ConanFile, CMake, tools

 class LibConan(ConanFile):

     def source(self):"git clone")

     def build(self):
         cmake = CMake(self)

First we will call conan source to get our source code in the src directory, then conan install to install the requirements and generate the info files, and finally conan build to build the package:

 $ conan source . --source-folder src
 $ conan install . --install-folder build_x86 -s arch=x86
 $ conan build . --build-folder build_x86 --source-folder src

Or if we want to create the conaninfo.txt and conanbuildinfo.txt files in a different folder:

 $ conan source . --source-folder src
 $ conan install . --install-folder install_x86 -s arch=x86
 $ conan build . --build-folder build_x86 --install-folder install_x86 --source-folder src

However, we recommend the conaninfo.txt and conanbuildinfo.txt to be generated in the same –build-folder, otherwise, you will need to specify a different folder in your build system to include the files generators file. e.j conanbuildinfo.cmake

Example: Control the build stages

Given a conanfile with this build() method:

def build(self):
    cmake = CMake(self)

If nothing is specified, all three methods will be called. But using command line arguments, this can be changed:

$ conan build . -c # only run cmake.configure(). Other methods will do nothing
$ conan build . -b # only run Other methods will do nothing
$ conan build . -i # only run cmake.install(). Other methods will do nothing
# They can be combined
$ conan build . -c -b # run cmake.configure() +, but not cmake.install()

Autotools and Meson helpers already implement the same functionality. For other build systems, you can use the following variables in the build() method:

def build(self):
    if self.should_configure:
        # Run my configure stage
    if self.should_build:
        # Run my build stage
    if self.should_install: # If my build has install, otherwise use package()
        # Run my install stage

Note these should_configure, should_build, should_install variables will always be True while building in the local cache. They can only be modified for the local flow with conan build.