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Conan Extension for Visual Studio

Thanks to the invaluable help of our community we manage to develop and maintain a free extension for Visual Studio in the Microsoft Marketplace, it is called Conan Extension for Visual Studio and it provides integration with Conan using the Visual Studio generators.

Conan Extension for Visual Studio in the Microsoft marketplace

You can install it into your IDE using the Extensions manager and start using it right away. This extension will look for a (or conanfile.txt) and retrieve the requirements declared in it that match your build configuration (it will build them from sources if no binaries are available).


Location of the conanfile

In version 1.0 of the extension, the algorithm to look for the (preferred) or conanfile.txt is very naïve: It will start looking for those files in the directory where the Visual Studio project file is located and then it will walk recursively into parent directories to look for them.

The extension creates a property sheet file and adds it to the project, so all the information from the dependencies handled by Conan should be added (as inherited properties) to those already available in your projects.

At this moment (release v1.0.x) the extension is under heavy development, some behaviors may change and new features will be added. You can subscribe to its repository to stay updated and, of course, any feedback about it will be more than welcome.

General Integration

Check the MSBuild() integration, that contains information about Build Helpers and generators to be used with Visual Studio.