Some of the features used in this section are still under development, while they are recommended and usable and we will try not to break them in future releases, some breaking changes might still happen if necessary to prepare for the Conan 2.0 release.


Available since: 1.59.0

This function might not be necessary when using Conan built-in integrations, as they already manage it, but can be useful if developing your own build system integration.

android_abi() function returns the Android standard ABI name based on Conan settings.arch value, something like:

def android_abi(conanfile, context="host"):
  return {
        "armv5el": "armeabi",
        "armv5hf": "armeabi",
        "armv5": "armeabi",
        "armv6": "armeabi-v6",
        "armv7": "armeabi-v7a",
        "armv7hf": "armeabi-v7a",
        "armv8": "arm64-v8a",

As it can be seen, the default is the “host” ABI, but it is possible to select also the “build” or “target” ones if necessary.

from import android_abi

class Pkg(ConanFile):
    def generate(self)
        abi = android_abi(self)