Artifactory Community Edition for C/C++

Artifactory Community Edition (CE) for C/C++ is the recommended server for development and hosting private packages for a team or company. It is completely free, and it features a WebUI, advanced authentication and permissions, great performance and scalability, a REST API, a generic CLI tool and generic repositories to host any kind of source or binary artifact.

This is a very brief introduction to Artifactory CE. For the complete Artifactory CE documentation, visit Artifactory docs.

Running Artifactory CE

There are several ways to run Artifactory CE:

  • Running from a docker image. Just run:

$ docker run --name artifactory -d -p 8081:8081 -p 8082:8082
  • Download and run from zip file. The Download Page has a link for you to follow. When the file is unzipped, launch Artifactory by double clicking the artifactory.bat(Windows) or script in the app/bin subfolder, depending on the OS. Artifactory comes with JDK bundled, please read Artifactory requirements.

Once Artifactory has started, navigate to the default URL http://localhost:8081, where the Web UI should be running. The default user and password are admin:password.

Creating and Using a Conan Repo

Navigate to Administration -> Repositories -> Repositories, then click on the “Add Repositories” button and select “Local Repository”. A dialog for selecting the package type will appear, select Conan, then type a “Repository Key” (the name of the repository you are about to create), for example “conan-local” and click on “Create Local Repository”. You can create multiple repositories to serve different flows, teams, or projects.


Now, let’s configure the Conan client to connect with the “conan-local” repository. First add the remote to the Conan remote registry:

$ conan remote add artifactory http://localhost:8081/artifactory/api/conan/conan-local

Then configure the credentials for the remote:

$ conan remote login artifactory <user> -p <password>

From now, you can upload, download, search, etc. the remote repos similarly to the other repo types.

$ conan upload <package_name> -r=artifactory
$ conan search "*" -r=artifactory