Setting-up a Conan Server


This server is mainly used for testing (though it might work fine for small teams). We recommend using the free Artifactory Community Edition for C/C++ for private development or Artifactory Pro as Enterprise solution.

The Conan Server is a free and open source server that implements Conan remote repositories. It is a very simple application, used for testing inside the Conan client and distributed as a separate pip package.

Install the Conan Server using pip:

$ pip install conan-server

Then you can run the server:

$ conan_server
 Using config: /Users/user/.conan_server/server.conf
 Storage: /Users/user/.conan_server/data
 Public URL: http://localhost:9300/v2
 PORT: 9300
 Bottle v0.12.24 server starting up (using WSGIRefServer())...
 Listening on
 Hit Ctrl-C to quit.


On Windows, you may experience problems with the server if you run it under bash/msys. It is better to launch it in a regular cmd window.