Generates pkg-config files named <PKG-NAME>.pc (where <PKG-NAME is the name declared by dependencies in or in cpp_info.names["pkg_config"] if specified), containing a valid pkg-config file syntax. The prefix variable is automatically adjusted to the package_folder.


Available since: 1.28.0

If a recipe uses components, the files generated will be <COMP-NAME>.pc with their corresponding flags and require relations.

Additionally, a <PKG-NAME>.pc is generated to maintain compatibility for consumers with recipes that start supporting components. This <PKG-NAME>.pc file will declare the all the components of the package as requires while the rest of the fields will be empty, relying on the propagation of flags coming from the components <COMP-NAME>.pc files.

Go to Integrations/pkg-config and pc files/Use the pkg_config generator if you want to learn how to use this generator.