Inspecting Packages

You can inspect the uploaded packages and also the packages in the local cache by running the conan get command.

  • List the files of a local recipe folder:

    $ conan get zlib/1.2.11@ .
    Listing directory '.':
  • Print the conaninfo.txt file of a binary package:

    $ conan get zlib/1.2.11@:2144f833c251030c3cfd61c4354ae0e38607a909
  • Print the from a remote package:

    $ conan get zlib/1.2.11@ -r conan-center
    import os
    import stat
    from conans import ConanFile, tools, CMake, AutoToolsBuildEnvironment
    from conans.errors import ConanException
    class ZlibConan(ConanFile):
        name = "zlib"
        version = "1.2.11"
        url = ""
        homepage = ""

Check the conan get command command reference and more examples.