Graph API


This feature is experimental and subject to breaking changes. See the Conan stability section for more information.

class GraphAPI(conan_api)
load_root_test_conanfile(path, tested_reference, profile_host, profile_build, update=None, remotes=None, lockfile=None, tested_python_requires=None)

Create and initialize a root node from a test_package/ consumer

  • tested_python_requires – the reference of the python_require to be tested

  • lockfile – Might be good to lock python-requires, build-requires

  • path – The full path to the test_package/ being used

  • tested_reference – The full RecipeReference of the tested package

  • profile_host

  • profile_build

  • update

  • remotes


a graph Node, recipe=RECIPE_CONSUMER

load_graph(root_node, profile_host, profile_build, lockfile=None, remotes=None, update=False, check_update=False)

Compute the dependency graph, starting from a root package, evaluation the graph with the provided configuration in profile_build, and profile_host. The resulting graph is a graph of recipes, but packages are not computed yet (package_ids) will be empty in the result. The result might have errors, like version or configuration conflicts, but it is still possible to inspect it. Only trying to install such graph will fail

  • root_node – the starting point, an already initialized Node structure, as returned by the “load_root_node” api

  • profile_host – The host profile

  • profile_build – The build profile

  • lockfile – A valid lockfile (None by default, means no locked)

  • remotes – list of remotes we want to check

  • update – (False by default), if Conan should look for newer versions or revisions for already existing recipes in the Conan cache

  • check_update – For “graph info” command, check if there are recipe updates

analyze_binaries(graph, build_mode=None, remotes=None, update=None, lockfile=None, build_modes_test=None, tested_graph=None)

Given a dependency graph, will compute the package_ids of all recipes in the graph, and evaluate if they should be built from sources, downloaded from a remote server, of if the packages are already in the local Conan cache

  • lockfile

  • graph – a Conan dependency graph, as returned by “load_graph()”

  • build_mode – TODO: Discuss if this should be a BuildMode object or list of arguments

  • remotes – list of remotes

  • update – (False by default), if Conan should look for newer versions or revisions for already existing recipes in the Conan cache

  • build_modes_test – the –build-test argument

  • tested_graph – In case of a “test_package”, the graph being tested