Upload API


This feature is experimental and subject to breaking changes. See the Conan stability section for more information.

class UploadAPI(conan_api)
check_upstream(package_list, remote, enabled_remotes, force=False)

Check if the artifacts are already in the specified remote, skipping them from the package_list in that case

prepare(package_list, enabled_remotes, metadata=None)

Compress the recipes and packages and fill the upload_data objects with the complete information. It doesn’t perform the upload nor checks upstream to see if the recipe is still there :param package_list: :param enabled_remotes: :param metadata: A list of patterns of metadata that should be uploaded. Default None means all metadata will be uploaded together with the pkg artifacts. If metadata is empty string (“”), it means that no metadata files should be uploaded.


Get list of backup source files currently present in the cache, either all of them if no argument, else filter by those belonging to the references in the package_list