This new configuration mechanism is an experimental feature subject to breaking changes in future releases.

The global.conf file is located in the Conan user home directory.

Global configuration

  • core:required_conan_version = "expression" allows defining a version expression like “>=1.30”. Conan will raise an error if its current version does not satisfy the condition

  • core.package_id:msvc_visual_incompatible allows opting-out the fallback from the new msvc compiler to the Visual Studio compiler existing binaries

Tools configurations

Tools and user configurations allows them to be defined both in the global.conf file and in profile files. Profile values will have priority over globally defined ones in global.conf, and can be defined as:


[conf] = 16

Existing configurations:

  • allows defining a value from "Quiet", "Minimal", "Normal", "Detailed", "Diagnostic" for build using the MSBuild system, it could be with the or with the tools.cmake.CMake helpers.

  • argument for the /m (/maxCpuCount) when running MSBuild standalone or via CMake (overrides the general

  • defines the compiler version when using using the new msvc compiler.

  • number of processes to use for every build-helper.

  • argument for the --jobs parameter when running Ninja generator via CMake or Meson. (overrides the general

  • tools.gnu.make:jobs: argument for the --jobs parameter when running make (overrides the general

To list all possible configurations available, run conan config list.