conan remote

$ conan remote [-h]

Manages the remote list and the package recipes associated with a remote.

positional arguments:
                        sub-command help
    list                List current remotes
    add                 Add a remote
    remove              Remove a remote
    update              Update the remote url
    rename              Update the remote name
    list_ref            List the package recipes and its associated remotes
    add_ref             Associate a recipe's reference to a remote
    remove_ref          Dissociate a recipe's reference and its remote
    update_ref          Update the remote associated with a package recipe
    list_pref           List the package binaries and its associated remotes
    add_pref            Associate a package reference to a remote
    remove_pref         Dissociate a package's reference and its remote
    update_pref         Update the remote associated with a binary package
    clean               Clean the list of remotes and all recipe-remote
    enable              Enable a remote
    disable             Disable a remote

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit


  • List remotes:

    $ conan remote list
    conancenter: [Verify SSL: True]
    local: http://localhost:9300 [Verify SSL: True, Disabled: True]
  • List remotes in a format almost valid for the remotes.txt to use with conan config install, only need to remove the True boolean appended to disabled remotes (notice line for local one in the output):

    $ conan remote list --raw
    conancenter True
    local http://localhost:9300 True True
    # capture the current remotes in a text file
    $ conan remote list --raw > remotes.txt
  • Add a new remote:

    $ conan remote add remote_name remote_url [verify_ssl]

    Verify SSL option can be True or False (default True). Conan client will verify the SSL certificates.

  • Insert a new remote:

    Insert as the first one (position/index 0), so it is the first one to be checked:

    $ conan remote add remote_name remote_url [verify_ssl] --insert

    Insert as the second one (position/index 1), so it is the second one to be checked:

    $ conan remote add remote_name remote_url [verify_ssl] --insert=1
  • Add or insert a remote:

Adding the --force argument to conan remote add will always work, and won’t raise an error. If an existing remote exists with that remote name or URL, it will be updated with the new information. The --insert works the same. If not specified, the remote will be appended the last one. If specified, the command will insert the remote in the specified position

$ conan remote add remote_name remote_url [verify_ssl] --force --insert=1
  • Remove a remote:

    $ conan remote remove remote_name
  • Remove all configured remotes (this will also remove all recipe-remote associations):

    $ conan remote clean
  • Update a remote:

    $ conan remote update remote_name new_url [verify_ssl]
  • Rename a remote:

    $ conan remote rename remote_name new_remote_name
  • Change an existing remote to the first position:

    $ conan remote update remote_name same_url --insert 0
  • List the package recipes and its associated remotes:

    $ conan remote list_ref
  • In some cases you may want to list the packages that are not associated with any remote:

    $ conan remote list_ref --no-remote
    spdlog/1.8.0: None
    restinio/0.6.10: None
    opencv/ None
  • Also, you can list the remote association for different binaries of the same Conan package:

    $ conan remote list_pref zlib/1.2.8@
    zlib/1.2.8:f83037eff23ab3a94190d7f3f7b37a2d6d522241: conancenter
    zlib/1.2.8:e46341e9b52d3e4c66657dc8fb13ab6cdd5831c6: conan-local-dev
    zlib/1.2.8:9de3196f2439d69299f168e3088bbefafe212f38: conan-local-prod
  • If you want to know if any binaries of a Conan package have no remote association:

    $ conan remote list_pref zlib/1.2.8@  --no-remote
    zlib/1.2.8:a7480322bf53ca215dbba4db77ee500c7c51ee33: None
  • Associate a recipe’s reference to a remote:

    $ conan remote add_ref openssl/1.0.2u conancenter
  • Update the remote associated with a package recipe:

    $ conan remote update_ref openssl/1.0.2t local-remote
  • Enable or disable remotes (accepts patterns such as * as argument using Unix shell-style wildcards):

    $ conan remote disable "*"
    $ conan remote enable local-remote


Check the section How to manage SSL (TLS) certificates section to know more about server certificates verification and client certifications management .