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Since Conan 1.9.0 the premake generator is built-in and works with premake5, so the following should be enough to use it:



We are going to use the same example from Getting Started, a MD5 Encrypter app.

This is the main file for it:

 #include "Poco/MD5Engine.h"
 #include "Poco/DigestStream.h"

 #include <iostream>

 int main(int argc, char** argv)
     Poco::MD5Engine md5;
     Poco::DigestOutputStream ds(md5);
     ds << "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz";
     std::cout << Poco::DigestEngine::digestToHex(md5.digest()) << std::endl;
     return 0;

As this project has relies on the Poco Libraries we are going to create a conanfile.txt with our requirement and declare there the Premake generator too:



In order to use new generator within your project, use the following Premake script as a reference:

 -- premake5.lua

 require 'conanbuildinfo'

 workspace "ConanPremakeDemo"
     configurations { "Debug", "Release" }
     platforms { "Win32", "x64" }

     filter { "platforms:Win32" }
     system "Windows"
     architecture "x32"

     filter { "platforms:x64" }
     system "Windows"
     architecture "x64"

 project "ConanPremakeDemo"
     kind "ConsoleApp"
     language "C++"
     targetdir "bin/%{cfg.buildcfg}"

     includedirs { conan_includedirs }
     libdirs { conan_libdirs }
     links { conan_libs }
     linkoptions { conan_exelinkflags }

     files { "**.h", "**.cpp" }

     filter "configurations:Debug"
     defines { "DEBUG", conan_cppdefines }
     symbols "On"

     filter "configurations:Release"
     defines { "NDEBUG", conan_cppdefines }
     optimize "On"

Now we are going to let Conan retrieve the dependencies and generate the dependency information in a conanbuildinfo.lua:

$ conan install .

Then let’s call premake to generate our project:

  • Use this command for Windows Visual Studio:

    $ premake5 vs2017  # Generates a .sln
  • Use this command for Linux or macOS:

    $ premake5 gmake  # Generates a makefile

Now you can build your project with Visual Studio or Make.

See also

Check the complete reference of the premake generator.