Tools are all things that can be imported and used in Conan recipes.


These tools are experimental and subject to breaking changes.


This is the current design for Conan 2.0, and these will be the supported tools. Only the tools documented in this section will be available in Conan 2.0.

Most of the utilities defined in “” will require very soon to define both the “host” and “build” profiles. It is very recommended to start defining both profiles immediately to avoid future breaking. Furthermore, some features, like trying to cross-compile might not work at all if the “build” profile is not provided.

The import path is always like:

from import CMakeToolchain, CMakeDeps, CMake
from import MSBuildToolchain, MSBuildDeps, MSBuild

The main guidelines are:

  • Imports must be in the form from import yyy, or from import xxx. Do not use from conan import tools nor from import zzz.

  • Everything that recipes can use belong to from Any other import is private implementation and shouldn’t be used in recipes (except from conan import ConanFile and from conan.errors)

  • Only documented tools with explicitly documented imports can be used in recipes. Do not use any other import not found in this section of the documentation, even if they are in the from namespace.