conan export

$ conan export -h
usage: conan export [-h] [-v [V]] [-cc CORE_CONF] [-f FORMAT] [--name NAME]
                    [--version VERSION] [--user USER] [--channel CHANNEL]
                    [-r REMOTE | -nr] [-l LOCKFILE]
                    [--lockfile-out LOCKFILE_OUT] [--lockfile-partial]

Export a recipe to the Conan package cache.

positional arguments:
  path                  Path to a folder containing a recipe (

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -v [V]                Level of detail of the output. Valid options from less
                        verbose to more verbose: -vquiet, -verror, -vwarning,
                        -vnotice, -vstatus, -v or -vverbose, -vv or -vdebug,
                        -vvv or -vtrace
  -cc CORE_CONF, --core-conf CORE_CONF
                        Define core configuration, overwriting global.conf
                        values. E.g.: -cc core:non_interactive=True
  -f FORMAT, --format FORMAT
                        Select the output format: json, pkglist
  --name NAME           Provide a package name if not specified in conanfile
  --version VERSION     Provide a package version if not specified in
  --user USER           Provide a user if not specified in conanfile
  --channel CHANNEL     Provide a channel if not specified in conanfile
  -r REMOTE, --remote REMOTE
                        Look in the specified remote or remotes server
  -nr, --no-remote      Do not use remote, resolve exclusively in the cache
  -l LOCKFILE, --lockfile LOCKFILE
                        Path to a lockfile.
  --lockfile-out LOCKFILE_OUT
                        Filename of the updated lockfile
  --lockfile-partial    Do not raise an error if some dependency is not found
                        in lockfile
  --build-require       Whether the provided reference is a build-require

The conan export command exports the recipe specified in path to the Conan package cache.

Output Formats

The conan export command accepts two types of formats for the --format argument:

  • json: Creates a JSON file containing the information of the exported recipe reference.

  • pkglist: Generates a JSON file in the pkglist format, which can be utilized as input for various commands such as upload, download, and remove.