conan upload

Use this command to upload recipes and binaries to Conan repositories. For more information on how to work with Conan repositories, please check the dedicated section.

$ conan upload -h
usage: conan upload [-h] [-v [V]] [-p PACKAGE_QUERY] -r REMOTE
                    [--only-recipe] [--force] [--check] [-c]

Upload packages to a remote.

By default, all the matching references are uploaded (all revisions).
By default, if a recipe reference is specified, it will upload all the revisions for all the
binary packages, unless --only-recipe is specified. You can use the "latest" placeholder at the
"reference" argument to specify the latest revision of the recipe or the package.

positional arguments:
  reference             Recipe reference or package reference, can contain *
                        as wildcard at any reference field. If no revision is
                        specified, it is assumed to be the latest

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -v [V]                Level of detail of the output. Valid options from less
                        verbose to more verbose: -vquiet, -verror, -vwarning,
                        -vnotice, -vstatus, -v or -vverbose, -vv or -vdebug,
                        -vvv or -vtrace
  -p PACKAGE_QUERY, --package-query PACKAGE_QUERY
                        Only upload packages matching a specific query. e.g:
                        os=Windows AND (arch=x86 OR compiler=gcc)
  -r REMOTE, --remote REMOTE
                        Upload to this specific remote
  --only-recipe         Upload only the recipe/s, not the binary packages.
  --force               Force the upload of the artifacts even if the revision
                        already exists in the server
  --check               Perform an integrity check, using the manifests,
                        before upload
  -c, --confirm         Upload all matching recipes without confirmation