A file named conanbuildinfo.json will be generated. It will contain the information about every dependency and the installed settings and options:

  "deps_env_info": {
    "MY_ENV_VAR": "foo"
  "deps_user_info": {
    "Hello": {
      "my_var": "my_value"
      "name": "fmt",
      "version": "4.1.0",
      "include_paths": [
      "lib_paths": [
      "libs": [
      "...": "...",
      "name": "Poco",
      "version": "1.7.8p3",
      "...": "..."
  "settings": {
    "os": "Linux",
    "arch": "armv7"
  "options": {
    "curl": {
      "shared": true,

The generated conanbuildinfo.json file is a json file with the following keys:


The dependencies is a list, with each item belonging to one dependency, and each one with the following keys: - name - version - description - rootpath - sysroot - include_paths, lib_paths, bin_paths, build_paths, res_paths - libs - defines, cflags, cppflags, sharedlinkflags, exelinkflags

Please note it is an ordered list, not a map, and dependency order is relevant. Upstream dependencies, i.e. the ones that do not depend on other packages, will be first, and their direct dependencies after them, and so on.


The environment variables defined by upstream dependencies


The user variables defined by upstream dependencies


The settings used during conan install


The options of each dependency