This is the reference page for premake generator. Go to Integrations/premake if you want to learn how to integrate your project or recipes with premake.

Generates a file name conanbuildinfo.lua that can be used for your premake builds (both premake 4 and premake 5 are supported). The file contains:

  • N groups of variables, one group per require, declaring the same individual values: include dirs, libs, bin dirs, defines, etc.
  • One group of global variables with aggregated values for all requirements.

Package declared vars

For each requirement conanbuildinfo.lua file declares the following variables. `XXX` is the name of the require. e.g. “zlib” for zlib/1.2.11@lasote/stable requirement:

conan_includedirs_XXX Headers’s folders (default {CONAN_XXX_ROOT}/include)
conan_libdirs_XXX Library folders (default {CONAN_XXX_ROOT}/lib)
conan_bindirs_XXX Binary folders (default {CONAN_XXX_ROOT}/bin)
conan_libs_XXX Library names to link
conan_cppdefines_XXX Compile definitions
conan_cppflags_XXX CXX flags
conan_cflags_XXX C flags
conan_sharedlinkflags_XXX Shared link flags
conan_exelinkflags_XXX Executable link flags
conan_rootpath_XXX Abs path to root package folder

Global declared vars

conan_includedirs Aggregated headers’s folders
conan_libdirs Aggregated library folders
conan_bindirs Aggregated binary folders
conan_libs Aggregated library names to link
conan_cppdefines Aggregated compile definitions
conan_cppflags Aggregated CXX flags
conan_cflags Aggregated C flags
conan_sharedlinkflags Aggregated shared link flags
conan_exelinkflags Aggregated executable link flags