This is an experimental feature subject to breaking changes in future releases.

Available since: 1.33.0

The QbsProfile can be used in the generate() method:

from conan import ConanFile
from import QbsProfile

class App(ConanFile):
    settings = "os", "arch", "compiler", "build_type"
    requires = "hello/0.1"
    options = {"shared": [True, False]}
    default_options = {"shared": False}

    def generate(self):
        tc = QbsProfile(self)

The QbsProfile will generate the following file during conan install command (or before calling the build() method when the package is being built in the cache): conan_toolchain_profile.qbs. This file will contain a qbs profile named conan_toolchain_profile.

conan_toolchain_profile.qbs will contain the definitions of all the Qbs properties related to the Conan options and settings for the current package, platform, etc. This includes the following:

  • Detection of compiler.

  • Based on the compiler set in environment variable CC.

  • Uses detected system compiler based on Conan setting compiler if environment variable CC is not set.

  • Detection of compiler flags from environment (as defined at


    • CFLAGS




  • Detection of sysroot from environment.

  • Detection of build_type from Conan settings.

  • Detection of arch from Conan settings.

  • Detection of compiler.cxxstd from Conan settings.

  • Detection of fPIC based on the existence of such option in the recipe.


Available since: 1.33.0

If you are using Qbs as your build system, you can use the Qbs build helper.

from conan import ConanFile
from import Qbs

class ConanFileToolsTest(ConanFile):

    def build(self):
        qbs = Qbs(self)


class Qbs(object):

    def __init__(self, conanfile, project_file=None)
  • conanfile (Required): Use self inside a

  • project_file (Optional, Defaulted to None): Path to the root project file.



Defaulted to: conan_toolchain_profile

Specifies the qbs profile to build the project for.



def add_configuration(self, name, values)

Add a build configuration to use.

  • name (Required): Specifies build configuration name.

  • values (Required): A dict of properties set for this build configuration.


def build(self, products=None)

Build Qbs project.

  • products (Optional, Defaulted to None): Specifies a list of products to build. If None build all products which have the qbs property buildByDefault set to true.


def build_all(self)

Build all products of Qbs project, even products which set the qbs property buildByDefault set to false


def install(self)

Install products.


A typical usage of the Qbs build helper, if you want to be able to both execute conan create and also build your package for a library locally (in your user folder, not in the local cache), could be:

from conan import ConanFile
from import Qbs

class HelloConan(ConanFile):
    name = "hello"
    version = "0.1"
    settings = "os", "compiler", "build_type", "arch"
    generators = "qbs"
    exports_sources = "src/*", "*.qbs"
    no_copy_source = True
    requires = "zlib/1.2.11"

    def build(self):
        qbs = Qbs(self)
        qbs.add_configuration("default", {
            "project.conanBuildInfo", self.build_folder + "/conanbuildinfo.qbs"

    def package(self):
        self.copy("*.h", dst="include", src="src")
        self.copy("*.lib", dst="lib", keep_path=False)
        self.copy("*.dll", dst="bin", keep_path=False)
        self.copy("*.dylib*", dst="lib", keep_path=False)
        self.copy("*.so", dst="lib", keep_path=False)
        self.copy("*.a", dst="lib", keep_path=False)

    def package_info(self):
        self.cpp_info.libs = ["hello"]

Note the qbs generator, which generates the conanbuildinfo.qbs file, to process dependencies information. Setting no_copy_source = True helps qbs to pick the right project file and not get confused by the generated files.

The hello.qbs could be as simple as:

Project {
    readonly property path conanBuildInfo

    references: conanBuildInfo

    DynamicLibrary {
        name: "hello"
        version: "0.1.0"
        files: "src/hello.cpp"
        cpp.cxxLanguageVersion: "c++11"

        Depends { name: "cpp" }
        Depends { name: "zlib" }